20 People Revealed Things That May Save One’s Life One Day, As Shared In This Online Group

Published 2 years ago

People don’t like to think of the worst-case scenario. However, you’ll never regret being prepared for it. We never know when the people we know or we will end up in a dangerous or potentially life-threatening situation. Nonetheless, it’s always better to remain calm (easier said than done) and not let the panic take over. How one can prepare for it, one may ask? There’s no special physical preparation. Well, potentially, there is, and it costs money. However, the least one can do is read and learn about it. Of course, if your mind doesn’t go completely blank at the moment of potential threat.

Recently, Reddit user brandon061416 raised a very practical question

in the Ask Reddit community. They asked, “What is a little-known fact that can save you from a life-threatening situation?” And many people jumped on the thread to deliver some potentially lifesaving tips. Hopefully, one may never have to use them, but it’s valuable information. Do you have any similar tips or advice you’d like to share? Leave them in the comments!

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#1 Know Where The Exits Are

Image source: OPENUPTHISPIT666, Markus Tacker

Know where the exits are.

#2 If Someone’s Drowning, Use Something To Reach Out For Them To Grab Onto

Image source: GooseNYC, Rebecca Siegel

Unless you have training don’t try to rescue someone drowning by swimming to them, use something to reach out for them to grab onto. They will grab onto you out of fear and not let go and you may drown with them.

#3 Make Eye Contact With People In Sketchy Places

Image source: ALTITUDE10K, madaise

People commonly say not to make eye contact with people in sketchy places. However, eye contact takes away the element of surprise, which is often an attacker’s first weapon/advantage.

#4 If The Tornado Looks Like Its Not Moving Its Headed Right For You

Image source: anon, Aiko, Thomas & Juliette+Isaac

If the tornado looks like its not moving its headed right for you

#5 Don’t Pull Out The Knife, If You’re Lost, Stay Put And Don’t Panic

Image source: Sethrial, Johan Neven

A couple of different things for different situations.

If you’re stabbed and the knife is still in, don’t take it out. It’s plugging a wound and stopping you from leaking.

If you’re stuck outside in the cold, especially if you’re lost, stay in place and try to stay out of the wind. Stationary people are easier to find. Also, no matter how warm you suddenly feel, keep your clothes on. Your body flash-processes glucose in a last-ditch effort to keep warm right before you freeze to death, and it can make you feel unbearably hot if you’ve been freezing for the last couple of hours.

Above all else, if you can’t remember anything else, “calm people live. Panicked people pass away.”

#6 Don’t Jog With Loud Music Playing On Your Headphones/Earbuds

Image source: funsized_, Tony Alter

Don’t jog with loud music playing on your headphones/earbuds. Many people pass away from not being able to hear cars etc

#7 If The Cops Invite You To Come Down To “Talk” Say No

Image source: GooseNYC, My Photo Journeys

One more…

If the cops invite you to come down to “talk” say no. The minute they tell you they are taking you, shut up other than you want a lawyer. Even if you are 100% innocent. Period. There are no gray areas to this.

#8 If You Get Abducted, Scatter Some Of Your Belongings

Image source: booksoverppl, Heather Holmes

In the case of an abduction, your best bet is to scatter some of your belongings, like an ID, on the ground. The possibility of tracking you down becomes that much greater that way.

#9 Never Use Cruise Control In A Rain Storm

Image source: GlitzBlitz, Mark Doliner

Never use cruise control in a rain storm.

#10 If You Think You May Be Having A Heart Attack, Take An Aspirin

Image source: Simply827, Tauralbus

If you think you may be having a heart attack, take an aspirin. Actual aspirin, like Bayer.

Edit: many people are pointing out to chew it so it’s faster acting. Sorry for leaving that part out.

#11 Never Put Something In Someone’s Mouth If They’re Having A Seizure

Image source: GoodbyeFeline, Presidencia de la República Mexicana

NEVER put something in someone’s mouth if they’re having a seizure. Try to turn them on their side, and place something soft like a jacket or pillow under their head while they have a seizure. If it lasts five minutes or longer call an ambulance. Source: 20 years of epilepsy.

#12 A Hug Can Be A Temporary Cure For Depression

Image source: Trick_Enthusiasm, Peter Harrison

A hug can be a temporary cure for depression. Especially from someone that loves the depressed person. It’s saved my life so many times.

#13 If Someone Is Coming At You In A Threatening/Kidnapping Vibe, Pull Out Your Phone And Say “Facebook Live”

Image source: TheInfamousKt, Never Edit

Tell your daughters: if someone is coming at you in a threatening/kidnapping vibe, pull out your phone and say “Facebook Live” and there’s a good chance they’ll walk away… Since it’s “Live/streaming”. You don’t have to actually fidget to get FB Live up and streaming, just say that you are. (please do if you’re capable). It saved my 38-year-old cousin from getting kidnapped while out walking her dog. She learned it from a 14-year-old girl (friends with her parents) who was also almost kidnapped.

#14 To Have A Safer Sleep In The Car Loop Your Seatbelt Through Your Door Handle Loop And Click It In

Image source: AceQuality_, UpSticksNGo Crew

If you have to sleep in a car, you can loop your seatbelt through your door handle loop and click it in for extra security.

Learned that from a truck driver

#15 Never Let Them Take You To A Second Crime Scene

Image source: caravaggio_was_metal, George Redgrave

Never let them take you to a second crime scene: If they’re trying to abduct you, and you let them, the kidnapping becomes murder 99% of the time. Fight like hell no matter what.

#16 Turn All The Lights Off If You Suspect Someone’s Outside Your House At Night

Image source: Huskerdu42, Ben Lovell

If you think you hear someone outside your house at night, your instinct will be to turn all the lights on. You should in fact turn them all **off** for two reasons: First, with the lights off he can’t see where you are or what you are doing. Second, you know your way around your house in the dark way better than he does, and if he gets in, this works to your advantage.

#17 If You Have A Weapon, Know How To Use It

Image source: thelesserdaughter, Björn Hansson

A lot of people find it appealing to have a weapon on them and that’s a personal choice I won’t go into lol. If you choose to, whether it’s a knife, or a gun, or pepper spray, KNOW HOW TO USE IT!!! You will be amazed how quickly your knife can be turned on you if you don’t know what you’re doing with it.

I also heard a piece of advice that is sad, but probably effective IMO. If you’re getting robbed or attacked or whatever, don’t just scream or yell for help. Scream and yell “help my child!” Yes even if you don’t have a kid. That’s more likely to draw someone’s attention, especially if you’re a man calling for help. Hope this helps someone.

#18 Do Not Add Water To A Grease Fire

Image source: louwish, Patrick

Do NOT add water to a grease fire. (Not little known but it makes sense to repeat it giving how bad consequences can be for those who don’t follow this advice).

#19 If You Think You’re Being Followed While Walking Outside, Pretend To Get A Call

Image source: burgundian_bananas, Ashlee Martin

If you think you’re being followed while walking outside, pretend to get a call and respond ‘normally’ and say something along the line that you’ll meet soon. In the same scenario if you approximately know the person is slightly further behind and you round a corner.. run like an idiot to a more crowded or safer place. Go into a shop, bus, a group of people..hell even ring someone’s doorbell if you have to and ask to call the police.

Absolute worst case scenario if it’s in the middle of the night and nobody is out..and someone is following you..smash/kick someone’s car so it sounds a loud alarm..it could scare the stalker off.

#20 If Bees Attack You, Run Away

Image source: XYZ-Wing, Charles Haynes

In the **extremely** unlikely event you are attacked by a swarm of bees, most adults can typically just outrun them, especially if you run into the wind. Do not stop running, some bees will chase you for up to a quarter mile. Do not try to hide underwater, they will wait for you to come up for air.

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