People Share 20 Privileges Not Many Of Us Realize We Have

Published 3 years ago

Taking a hot shower every day, sleeping in a comfy bed, or something as simple as getting a glass of water whenever we want – there are certain things we’re so used to, we start taking them for granted. However, not everyone can enjoy the same luxury as we do.

Someone on Reddit recently asked people to share some privileges that most people don’t realize are privileges, and received numerous eye-opening answers. See some of the best ones in the gallery below and make sure to take a moment to appreciate what you have, as you never know when you can lose it.

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Image source: Man-X98

Not knowing what war actually is like


Image source: xXKillerRabbitXx

Affordable healthcare.


Image source: weekendweeb

Being able to hold the hand of your partner in public without harassment or the fear of something bad happening to you.


Image source: professional_amatuer

Waking up and just being able to see. What’s that like? No glasses, no contacts. Just wow.


Image source: soccer_trekkie

Feeling safe in your own home. Not worrying about rats, mice, roaches, bed bugs, bricks being thrown through windows, violence outside, break ins.


Image source: booklovinggal19

Living without constant physical pain. The idea that most people just exist without nonspecific pain is baffling to me.


Image source: llcucf80

Being able to walk alone, especially at night, without any worry at all.


Image source: hoppenstedts

A hot shower every day


Image source: pressonshop2020

Sleeping through the night


Image source: averyfragilegirl

Having a bed. When I was ages 8-11, my siblings and I had to sleep on the floor because we lived in a tiny one-bedroom apartment.
I remember turning twelve and finally getting to sleep in my own bed after three years of not having one. It was euphoria.


Image source: IdaBaldwin

Being conventionally beautiful

It gets you more than dates. It influences prison sentences; attractive people are less likely to get convicted, and more likely to get lighter sentences when they are convicted.

Job interviews, assessments of intelligence and academic performance are all biased to favour good looking people. They are also more likely to benefit from kindess from strangers


Image source: Mardanis

Being in countries where you are able to speak insults to, openly criticise or question authority without going to jail


Image source: CDC_

Having a family that loves you. I grew up in a pretty loving family. It was somewhat dysfunctional, to be sure, but my mother loves me as does my sister. So did my grandparents. We were always a close family and we helped each other when possible. We were always supportive too.

I went to school with people whose parents couldn’t have [cared] less about them. I mean straight up, just didn’t give a [damn] if their kids lived or died. If your parents actively tried to keep you off drugs and off the streets and were emotionally supportive and not abusive, count your blessings.


Image source: gozba

Fresh water from the tap. Imagine living in rural Africa. Or Flint, Michigan.


Image source: anonymous

Having an emotionally mature parent.


Being able to live with your parents past the age of 18

Image source: anonymous


Image source: Tarantulette

Having pets. So many people discard them like they’re playthings over the most mundane reasons.


Image source: jesusislord67

Being healthy instead of disabled and chronically ill.


Image source: sumitsaxon

Being a person of average height.


Image source: Famasitos

Having friends.

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