Newly Designed Logo For 2020 Tokyo Olympics Emblem Gains Popularity Online

Published 9 years ago

I can’t remember any of the Olympic logos. But Japanese Twitter user vivakankan might have made one that will stick in my memory. Olympic logos are an important affair, since they need to make the show distinct, reflect the location, and look good in branding. The official Japanese logo, designed by Kenjiro Sato, looks like a shampoo brand, and has been accused of plagiarism.

Kankan, a Japanese designer and illustrator now living in Spain, had a better idea. His logo is in the shape of a traditional Japanese fan, used in theater or on hot days. It’s like a half of the Japanese flag’s sun, a recognizable symbol of Japan, bursting into a cloud of Olympic colors.

There’s even a snazzy animated version to boot!

More info: | twitter

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Current logo by Kenjiro Sato:


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