The Artist That Created The “Good Boy” And “Black Cat” Comics Is Back With A Heartbreaking Comic About An Elephant

Published 4 years ago

Jenny Jinya is a German artist who you should know pretty well by now. She’s the same artist that created the “Good Boy” and “Black Cat” comics and this time she’s back with another heartbreaking comic – this time it’s about a tourist ride elephant.

Even though the artist’s comics are rather morbid, you have to agree that she manages to get the point across perfectly. This time she illustrated the sad life of tourist ride elephants, who are taken from their mothers while they are still young and “training crushed” into submission.

See the heartbreaking comic below, and don’t forget to check out more of Jenny’s comics here, here and here.

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German artist Jenny Jinya has released a heartbreaking comic about a tourist ride elephant

Image credits: Jenny Jinya

In an interview with Bored Panda, Jenny said she created the comic after coming across a photo showing a tied up baby elephant that was being tortured by “trainers”. The artist believes that fewer tourists would support these “attractions” if they knew how the animals are tortured to become submissive. After publishing the comic, Jenny received numerous messages from people who had ridden animals in the past an had no idea how they were trained.

Image credits: Jenny Jinya

Image credits: Jenny Jinya

Image credits: Jenny Jinya

Image credits: Jenny Jinya

Image credits: Jenny Jinya

Image credits: Jenny Jinya

Image credits: Jenny Jinya

The artist admits that conducting research for her comics is always depressing and she sometimes has tears running down her cheeks when she’s sketching out the storyboard.

Jenny thinks there are many reasons why people exploit animals with profit, poor education and crooked mentality being just a few of them. However, she believes that supporting shelters, educating people and signing petitions can go a long way.

Image credits: Jenny Jinya

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