These 20 Offices Were So Bad It Resulted In A Mass Exodus

Published 1 year ago

Workplace cultures are usually influenced by the leader and if that person is a good manager then usually business runs pretty smoothly. We understand that working for someone else generally means you end up doing things according to someone else’s rules and if you don’t agree, you find another job which works for you. But to have an entire team under you quit in a mass resigning means something is radically wrong with that manager. 

While for the most part, humans are pretty resilient what can break the proverbial camels back? Redditors came through with their answers and honestly some of these employees should probably have gotten out sooner. Scroll below for a read on job experience that were so bad, the whole team quit in one go. 

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Image source: Inner_Art482, Adam Winger

Oh fun one. Our salon lost our manager to having a new baby and becoming a SAHM. It was sad to see her go. So our DM comes in and says he’s hiring from within the salon. He’s been looking at our sales , client retention and what not to pick.

Meanwhile for a month or so we had no manager. So Becky took the role on and did great. ( We still had paperwork and orders that needed done) She set up a cleaning schedule. She fixed a lot of simple issues that our old manager just didn’t see issues with. Our schedule was written out for the entire month . Basically she stepped up and put in a lot of work she didn’t get paid to do. Becky also had a really bad back. Was 45 and did hair for 27 years. If anyone needed to manager it was her. Her client list had gone down a bit, but she was still very busy.

Tara had worked their six months at this point. And Tara was not a team player. She would put your sales commission on her account accidentally. She would say things like she’s paid to do hair not clean. Not to mention, she weight shamed everyone. Skinny fat in between. She found hurtful things to say about everyone. But she would be loud and laugh and be goofy. So we kinda just rolled out eyes and moved on . She was 23 and had a decent client list and remained ” busy” . But here’s the thing. She wasn’t busy. Her friends would come in, hang out and whatever. Sure, she would do a wash and blowdry. But that’s $20. No cutting no coloring. When her actual clients came in, she would do their hair and after they left, her and her friends would laugh about them. Our old manager had to tell her if her friends aren’t there to get their hair done they don’t need to hangout.

So DM comes in and sees all these clients / friends waiting on Tara. His dumba*s thinks that Becky overstepped her role and Tara should be managing.

The best part. We all looked at each other and started packing our bags. 6 people walked out. Tara crying that this isn’t fair she earned this and we are just jealous bit**es. We went as a group and rented spots at a different salon. The old one shut down a month later. Because we take our clients with us. And washing your friends’ hair doesn’t keep the salon a float.


Image source: sarahsuebob, Kampus Production

Boss relied on the old “you’ll never be able to get a job somewhere else, and certainly not a better one” gaslighting tactic to keep us. One of us did find another, better job somewhere else. Everyone else was gone within 6 months.


Image source: D**kLickingGoodness, Vanessa Garcia

Boss man told workers hell fire them for discussing wages, someone left a copy of the federal law protecting our rights to discuss wages on his desk, he gathered everyone into his office where he pinned the papers to a wall and shot them with his shotgun and then says anyone who discusses wages will be next. Wel all left and someone called the anonymous police line about a shooting at the place.


Image source: FunSuffering, Caleb Woods

Boss touched peoples kids at take your kid to work day.


Image source: missthatisall, Andrea Piacquadio

Teenage Coworker asked for two days off because she’d found herself pregnant. Manager said that she was just reading her body wrong and wasn’t pregnant. Called her into work the day after her abortion.


Image source: fourfingersdry, Edmond Dantès

I had a boss that colluded with some new hires and family members to vote out the union. We lost our pension, benefits, and guaranteed rates overnight. They only needed 40% to pass. Everyone who voted to keep the union quit within a month.


Image source: backstabber81, Hunters Race

Boss said that we wouldn’t have paid Christmas vacation (after doing it for 5 years), the issue is that he announced it two weeks before Christmas when a lot of people already had travel plans – That and removing Christmas bonuses.

A bunch of people quit over that, some I know are job hunting and ready to leave.


Image source: amileinmyshoez, Andrea Piacquadio

They hired a manager who was vicious. Then did not stop her behavior. And long term employees just quit one by one. I held on longer than most. At my exit interview, they asked why I was leaving and I just said her name. Finally two years later they let her go but by that time they had an entire turnover of staff.


Not all at once, but in very quick succession.

A coworker, whose brother owned the business and no one liked, got promoted to supervisor. Took him about 20 minutes before he started abusing his power, ordering people to do extra hours to cover his shifts and s**t like that.

About 6 weeks later, basically the entire staff had found new jobs and quit.

Image source: AchtungKarate


Image source: jippyzippylippy, Jason Goodman

They called in a consultant. This guy’s “brilliant” idea was to totally switch business models and go from selling one type of product (which we had tons of clients willing to buy and were making great money) to selling a completely different product and turning all of our production staff into salespeople. After the announcement:

Day 1: three people left

Day 2: four more left

Day 3: it was down to me and the two owners, I lasted another week and then left.

Company went under in about 3 months.


Image source: Crystalsghosts, Justus Menke

Boss binge watched us on the security cameras and came back to us with the findings.


Image source: apocalypticradish, Dianne

Landscaping company. We were already stretched to the breaking point because the owner would never hire enough help. Then he decided it was a perfect time to take a new project…over two hours away from where anyone lived. Multiple people quit after this announcement. I stayed for another few days and then quit.

A few weeks later, he was calling everyone and begging us to come back because the property owners were furious with him over the work not even being started. I told him I’d already gotten a new job. He swore at me and hung up lol


Image source: Lunaciteee, Pixabay

Management who came in at noonish, checked some shots then left at 3-4pm announced that all artists would be required to work 12 hour days for the next few weeks because they took on too many contracts at once. A few people said “f**k it” and quit, that cascaded into more and more people quitting since they realized they’d be expected to finish their shots too.


Image source: The_Rural_Banshee, Marten Bjork

CEO announced to the company, amid concerns of being overworked, that other people have it worse and ‘if you don’t like it you can leave’. So everyone left.



Image source: cooldart61, Edmond Dantès

Our boss.

Multiple issues: trying to make us work while on vacation, underpaying us for car mileages, refusing to help with training, lying about being at the office when she was at home, ect

What made us all leave was when she denied leave for our coworker who’s dad had died unexpectedly. She asked for even just one day for the funeral and my boss refused.

We covered for our coworker for the week but then all put in our notice.

The higher ups finally figured out something was wrong for us ALL to resign and they fired her.

They begged us to come back, but if they’re that blind to what’s happening, it’s not worth it.


Image source: eli_ana35, Edgars Kisuro

we had a really really toxic manager (F 36) who wasn’t fit to be manager, would talk trash on her employees & got banned from working at VS. one time, the store flooded & we were waiting to hear back from her as to when the store was repaired. she had terrible (hardly any) communication, so she didn’t tell half the staff. one full time employee (F 41) stopped by 3 days after reopening & asked why she wasn’t notified. the manager told her “you’re a big girl, you should’ve figured it out yourself”. we all quite like beads falling off a broken necklace after that.


Image source: EarhornJones, Jonas Leupe

I led an IT team that supported a new version of a proprietary application. The team was a mix of corporate employees and contractors.

Most of the customers who used out app were located in the Western hemisphere, so while we provided 24×7 support, the vast majority of customer issues were during the typical North American work day.

We had a couple of contractors who liked working overnights, so they covered the evenings, and did a handoff every AM.

This worked very well. So well, in fact, that our corporate overlords decided that the app should be expanded globally. We noted that the current team couldn’t handle the additional support load without more team members.

Instead of doing that, management decided that we should just move a bunch of people from the day shift to the night shift. Since no one liked this idea, management implemented a mandatory “rolling” schedule, in which you might work 9-5 one week, and 3-11 the next. There was no predictability, and personal preferences/needs were not taken into account at all.

I pointed out to management that this would make our well-seasoned support team unhappy, and would technically violate the contract that the contractors were working under (which specified work hours).

Nobody in management thought that this was a problem.

I immediately wrote letters of recommendation for everyone on my team, and started applying for other jobs. In about two weeks, I had a better job lined out, and gave my notice.

Within about a month, all of the contractors had been moved to other contracts (with different companies) when they reported the contract breach to their handlers, and about a half dozen of the long-serving corporate folks had found other jobs, like I did.

Support for the app got moved to India, and my understanding is that the dealers (the people who used the app) staged something of a revolt, and the app had to be shut down and reverted to a previous version that cost the company a lot more money to maintain.


Image source: AnnoyingDiods, Wance Paleri

Record profits are made. The ceo an managers get raises ” lunch brakes will now only be 10 min and there will no longer be free food. We did good but not good enough so no raises for yall this time ” 10+ people walk out to never return


Image source: youngmindoldbody, Ketut Subiyanto

Private company (1924-1988) single owner dies of old age. Family sells Connecticut based company to French corporation.

French company says we are moving you guys 500 miles north to New Hampshire. You can move yourself at your own expense, and have equivalent pay for 1 year after which it may be readjusted.

They were expecting about 125 people to relocate with them; they got 3.

They got desperate, but in the end all they could get was people promising to stay until the Connecticut site closed, for an additional 6-month bonus at the end. (I took this, I was the last one, signing papers with HR on the loading dock and driving away with a few nice checks.)

EDIT 1: for those interested I met and spoke with old Bern himself in ’87 while he was touring our test lab. His comment was (more or less) these guys need new equipment, which was spot on.

EDIT 2: No part of Connecticut is 500 miles from New Hampshire. More like 250 miles, if that.


I worked as desk clerk for my dorm building freshman year of college and came back during my sophomore year knowing we got a new housing director. Notably in our contract it stated we were allowed to do homework or watch tv/listen to music during shifts (one earbud only) as long as you were still checking cameras, sorting packages, helping students as they came to the desk, and checking people in of you worked a night shift. These tasks usually took around an hour of your shift (excluding shifts between 10pm-2am on weekends when students would constantly be coming back from parties and having to check in). The new housing director for the building I worked in decided that even though we all signed contracts saying these things were allowed it didn’t mean we should be doing them.

After about a week she started giving out warnings for doing anything besides homework during shifts. Then a few weeks later she decided that not even homework was going to be tolerated. Me and the other girl who I shared night shifts with and who worked after me during day shifts had both started looking for other jobs after the first rule change because not doing anything but the desk duties for 4 hours was a huge waste of time and was also the only job in the city still paying minimum wage. We both agreed that if we weren’t going to be allowed to do nonwork related things we may as well find better paying jobs that at least have tasks for us to do during our shifts. Once we got accepted for a new jobs her at a hardware store and me at a grocery store we immediately put in our 2 weeks and left.

A few weeks later I ran into a guy who I had worked with the semester before and he asked if I still worked for the dorm building. I told him I had quit a few weeks ago and he told me that he had also just found a new job and that about half of the staff for that building and the other one the new director was in charge of had quit within the past month.

So basically going back on the rules we agreed on in our contracts resulted in the loss of half the desk clerks for the buildings.

Image source: butterflies112233


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