“Crying”: 25 Things That Are Not As Bad For You As People Think

Published 2 months ago

Navigating through the flood of wellness trends and health advice online can be overwhelming. With viral trends like intuitive eating and intense workout plans popping up on platforms like TikTok, it’s easy to feel unsure about what’s truly beneficial for your health.

One Reddit user, Soren-J, decided to cut through the confusion by asking the AskReddit community a simple question: “What is actually healthy but people think is not?” The responses highlighted a variety of practices and habits that often receive unwarranted criticism in the realm of wellness.

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#1 Doing literally nothing to decompress. Sometimes one just needs to breathe and look out a window.

Image source: Merrill1v, Dương Nhân

#2 One thing I’ve noticed as a nanny is that people don’t think it’s okay for their infant/toddler to chill in their crib alone after a nap. It’s actually really healthy and good for them to chill alone in their cribs after they wake from a nap, especially if they aren’t distressed about it! The parents will run to get them the moment they pop their eyes open, which eventually makes the kids start crying when they wake, because they expect someone to get them the moment their eyes open. These are also the babies that won’t let you out of their sight for a moment.

Image source: fayriegodmother, Kelly Sikkema

But the ones who are able to chill alone for 10-20 minutes from the time they are really small, usually just roll around and babble to themselves for 10-20 minutes before they get upset. And the kids who can chill alone are usually really chill during wake times too, and don’t freak out when you leave the room.

It’s perfectly healthy for your kid to be by themselves even as babies.

#3 Sunlight.

Image source: TacoBellFourthMeal, Tuğba

There are specific times of the day where the UV days aren’t as damaging.

You need vitamin D, you need sunlight. Just don’t be lying out there for 3 hours tanning/burning.

#4 A man expressing his feminine side occasionally without feeling “gay” about it.

Image source: One_Song80, Timur Weber

#5 Taking care of your mental health is not a weakness, it is a strength to recognize your problems and learn to overcome them.

Image source: OliviaMandell, SHVETS production

#6 Spending time alone.

Image source: wineblues2, Sora Shimazaki

#7 Shocked that no one has said potatoes. They’re one of the healthiest foods we know of – packed full of nutrients and vitamins, and carbohydrates. They’re nearly enough to live off of entirely on their own.  It’s the oil we cook them in that’s the unhealthy part .

Image source: pusheenforchange, Polina Tankilevitch

#8 Have a mental health day off from work.

Image source: Moon_Jewel90, Andrea Piacquadio

#9 Nuts. Specifically unsalted nuts. Many ppl think they’re not healthy because they only look at calories, but they’re high in healthy fats, fibers, vitamins, so good to eat one or two hands per day of them (sure, not the whole bag at once ;-)).

Image source: Few_Understanding_42, Keegan Evans

#10 Maintaining work boundaries. A lot of oldies and bootlickers would immediately gang up on you and call you lazy and have poor work ethics for even thinking about working only during your paid hours and utilizing your PTOs.

Image source: Puzzleheaded-Lie186, Marc Mueller

#11 Living life without religion.

Image source: Campbell__Hayden, Adriaan Greyling

#12 I keep hearing more and more people say that eating fruit is ‘bad’ because ‘sugar’. No, eating sweets made of processed ingredients is bad, fruit (as with everything, in moderation) is good. Fibre, vitamins and minerals, nutrition in something that just grows out there. Good. Eat fruit.

Image source: Klumber, Jonas Kakaroto

#13 Having boundaries, saying no.

Image source: YourCatGinger, Monstera Production

#14 You know what, I’m going to say it. Calories. Everyone acts like calories are the worst thing in the world, but they’re just the numerical amount of energy a food gives you. There’s nothing inherently bad about calories.

Image source: Macaroon_Low

#15 Vaccines , but that is just a small parcel of people with 3 neurons. .

Image source: adisarterinthemaking, Mathurin NAPOLY / matnapo

#16 Frozen fruits and vegetables. The modern flash-freeze technique preserves almost all of the nutrients and they are always picked when they are in season, so they are as nutritious as their fresh in-season counterparts, and more nutritious if it is not the season.

Image source: Apprehensive-Tip4987, Dana DeVolk

#17 Silence. We’ve gotten so used to noise pollution, real silence has become anxiety inducing. Silence improves sleep, helps your brain process what you’re learning, reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, the list goes on.

Image source: thatnameistakenalso, Ivan Oboleninov

#18 Admitting when you’re wrong.

Image source: jk013x, Yura Timoshenko

#19 Saying no to certain social events even if you have the time to attend.

Image source: GlitteringBaby553, SHVETS production

#20 Genetically modified foods.

Image source: LikeALittl3Dang3r, Deniz Altindas

#21 Admitting when you don’t know something. It’s okay to not have the answer. Too many people would rather b******t an answer, than accept what they don’t know.

Image source: HumpsyDumpsy, Polina Zimmerman

#22 Crying.

Image source: Sudden-Let8709, Fa Barboza

#23 Drinking coffee – it’s loaded with antioxidants and has been linked to a lower risk of several diseases.

Image source: Turnthisupsidedown, SnapbyThree MY

#24 Slightly yellow teeth.

Image source: canigetachezburger, Marek Studzinski

#25 Having a balance of being both negative and positive. Too much positivity is bad. You need to have a balance.

Image source: Journey217, Keenan Constance

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