20 People Who Discovered And Shared Mushroom Treasures In This Online Group Called “Mycology”

Published 2 years ago

Have you ever found some interesting species of mushrooms while foraging around your neighborhood? If yes, then you might consider sharing your treasure with the subreddit “Mycology: mushroom hunting, fungi, cultivation”.

As you might have guessed, the online community is dedicated “For the love of fungi: hunting, foraging, cultivation, images, research, questions & general discussion”. Check out some images from its wonderful collection in the gallery below.

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#1 My Favourite Find From Last Fall

Image source: Spiderjello

#2 Lactarius Rubidius Growing Out Of Fox Skull

Image source: Ghost25

#3 Found On Walk!

Image source: karmicdivine

#4 Found These Pinecone Fellas While On A Walk!

Image source: sideswipecrackpipe

#5 “In Zambia, One Mushroom Feeds A Family For Days. This Is Termitomyces Titanicus. Also Found In West Africa, The Largest Edible Fungus In The World”

Image source: aphricanguy

#6 Beautiful Fungi In My Own Back Yard

Image source: plip420hi

#7 Found Mushrooms In The Desert Of Wadi Rum – Jordan

Image source: shamaly

#8 I Found These Tiny Guys In Some Mulch This Morning. Google Lens Is Not Helping Me Identify

Image source: LadyDeadpool89

#9 Giant Reshi !

Image source: PhillyFarmerDave

#10 My Daughter Loves Mushroom Hunting And Found These Tiny Ones On An Acorn Cap

Image source: TuxedoFloorca

#11 High On Mushrooms. Thought You’d Enjoy It

Image source: reddit.com

#12 A Heroic Lift

Image source: pinedads

#13 The Gift Of Autumn

Image source: RobPesto

#14 I Saw God Today And She’s A Mushroom

Image source: Happykayak

#15 A Massive Boletus Edulis (King Bolete) On The Oregon Coast

Image source: chi-black-ian4

#16 Finally Decided To Break In One Of My Foraging Baskets I Made Over The Winter

Image source: brachiomyback

#17 Camouflage Helped Me Sneak Up On It

Image source: cg_9000

#18 Mt Hood. October 11th

Image source: createandconfuse

#19 Lions Mane Found On My Parents Property. Any Reason Not To Eat It?

Image source: breezy88

#20 I’m 99% Sure It’s Safe And Delicious, But Can You Beautiful People Please Confirm

Image source: nvr_fd_away

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