20 Times This Online Group Shared ‘Unusual Art’ And Blew People’s Minds

Published 1 year ago

The internet has become a treasure trove of creativity, allowing artists from all walks of life to showcase their work and connect with a global audience.

The ‘Unusual Art‘ group is an exciting community of art lovers with a unique taste and it has gained significant popularity for its collection of mind-bending and unconventional artworks. Today, we have collected pics of some fascinating things shared on the online group that pushes the boundaries of traditional artistic expression.

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#1 “Experiment”. Oil On Canvas, 40×60 Cm

Image source: osapavlova

#2 Made From Recycled Skateboards By Disabled Skater (Me)

Image source: mobiusmaples

#3 I May Have Ruined Christmas Lunch By Saying That I See A Dinosaur In My Brother-In-Law’s Expensive Painting. Now It’s All That Anyone Can See. Do You See It Too?

Image source: MonkeyMan504

#4 When Death Fell In Love With Life, Graphite And Colored Pencil On Paper, Sergey Zagarovski, 2021

Image source: AspiringOccultist4

#5 Carved Avocado Pits Art , Me , 2019

Image source: monday_maybe

#6 Woman With Schizophrenia Drew What She Saw On Her Walls

Image source: QuantumAna

#7 Tower Of Souls, Scott Dow Of Corry Pa

Image source: BerkshireMtnSculptor

#8 Sunset Sailing

Image source: starwaterbird

#9 Bicycle Chain Sculpture, By Me

Image source: Pink_Sock_Bandit

#10 Moonrise, Phyllis Shafer, Oil On Canvas, 2015

Image source: AspiringOccultist4

#11 Dance Of The Dandelion, Salvador Dali, Oil On Canvas, 1944

Image source: AspiringOccultist4

#12 Sis, Get Out The Way I Wanna See The Rainbow, By Marie Ève Richard, Oils 2022

Image source: marieeverichard

#13 Artwork By Lizz Lopez

Image source: AspiringOccultist4

#14 My Over The Garden Wall Fanart, Ballpoint Pen

Image source: ArtofDecay

#15 For A Minute There I Lost Myself By Gaia Alari

Image source: ceally

#16 Happy Little Accident. Blender Collision Simulation Acted Weird And I Got This Result By Accident

Image source: zebvisionx

#17 [oc] I Paint These Eerie Cats!

Image source: Ashbreeze

#18 “Fig” The Trash Frog

Image source: Sugarfox_art

#19 Möbius Ship

Image source: reddit.com

#20 Artist Unknown. Found This In A Box In The Basement

Image source: SamW20910

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