20 Of The Most Admired People In The World, According To Members Of This Online Group

Published 2 years ago

When people are famous, their positive and negative traits are highlighted more due to the constant media coverage. Many celebrities are even getting canceled these days, but some special ones hardly have any haters.

Do you know anyone who hates Keanu Reeves or Bob Ross? These people are just so adorable that people can’t seem to dislike them. When someone asked on Reddit, “Who do you think is the most universally liked person in the world?”, people started listing some interesting names. Scroll below to find out about other people’s opinions and add your own answer in the comments below!

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Image source: HaganenoEdward

“I would say Keanu Reeves, but he’s so awesome, he goes beyond being the most universally liked.”


Image source: destro23

“Rowan Atkinson? I bet Mr. Bean plays well all over the world. Hundreds of millions of people could love that dude and never even hear him say a peep. Eliminates a lot of potential controversy.”


Image source: escaped_prisoner

“Betty White”


Image source: roseetheOG69

“Robin Williams”


Image source: AssignmentOpen6112

“AssignmentOpen6112 said:
Dolly Parton.

MortisSafetyTortoise replied:
Giving free books to millions of kids and using a part of your fortune to open an amusement park with the sole purpose of giving people jobs will do that.”


Image source: ntsmmns06

“Bill Murray. I mean c’mon…has the guy ever let us down.”


Image source: Complete-Bit-6382

“Complete-Bit-6382 said:
Morgan Freeman”


Image source: Thebigvader

“That one Russian commander who decided not to nuke America, which would’ve led to probably the entire world getting destroyed, anybody who knows of him should like him.”


Image source: ManyGeeseAtOnce

“Steve Irwin”


Image source: eigthdayoftheweek

“Paul Rudd”


Image source: bpm918

“I was thinking david attenborough”


Image source: rmicheler

“Bob Ross”


Image source: Kenigma_79

“Mr. Rogers

I challenge anyone to find a single negative thing that guy ever had anything remotely to do with.”


Image source: obi-jawn-kenobi

“Dalai Lama”


Image source: PappyMcSlappie

“Snoop Dog hands down.”


Image source: IsleBeerDoug

“Matthew McConaughey. Conservatives love him because he is conservative. Liberals love him because he’s a great actor who is not offensively conservative.”


Image source: Modjitune

“Modjitune said:
Tom Hanks

redvinebitty replied:
Yep, I’ve lived in two foreign countries, where people would b**ch about American movies and all things American ad nauseam, until Hanks showed up. “ooh, Tom Hanks”, the universal remark.”


Image source: asuna_kagurazaka

“Chadwick Boseman. As a superhero I think he garnered worldwide attention. Whatever country you came from Black Panther was able to be reached to millions of viewers and became fans.

A lot of the mentioned people in this thread are only famous in the US.”


Image source: capitanpolk

“Brendan Fraser”


Image source: Nickzino

“Nickzino said:
Dwayne johnson

Tendies-Emporium replied:
Not sure how this isn’t a top vote. Even for people that don’t like his movies or acting in particular, I’d say they’re generally aware of all the charity and stuff he gives away to deserving people, and has been completely scandal free as far as I know. Beyond that, he is always smiling and speaks in a way that people enjoy listening to, both his voice and manner of communicating. Highly likeable guy.”

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