25 Controversial Opinions About Weddings People Shared Without Fear

Published 4 weeks ago

Weddings, with their intricate traditions and societal expectations, often seem immune to criticism. Yet, buried beneath the layers of tulle and tiers of cake lies a plethora of opinions that many hesitate to voice aloud. However, when one brave soul asked, “What is your unpopular wedding opinion?” a floodgate of unfiltered thoughts and unconventional perspectives opened up.

From the unconventional to the downright controversial, this candid exchange revealed a spectrum of sentiments that challenge the status quo of matrimonial celebrations. Scroll below to read some of them.

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Image source: Same_Independent_393, Asad Photo Maldives

Summer is the worst season to attend a wedding.


Image source: Wendyroooo, Miguel Á. Padriñán

Vendors that own their business and set their own prices have no business expecting tips.


Image source: BrooklynBride27, Masood Aslami

I don’t really care about pics! I want some, of course. But I don’t need 8 hours of someone following me around taking pics of everything. And I’d rather spend time with guests and have candids then spend tons of time taking pics.

I still remember a bride on here who essentially missed her entire wedding bc she was taking pics…getting ready, 1st look, cocktail hour, then left dinner to do golden hour pics, then did more bridesmaids pics…she didn’t talk to all her guests bc she was busy with pics!!!


Image source: Lava_Lemon, Rene Asmussen

I’ve never enjoyed a wedding favor unless it was edible. I don’t want anything with your name engraved on it. Favors are almost always a waste of money.


Image source: yungMED, Lukas

Stretching yourself financially and having a wedding outside of your means is a terrible way to start your marriage.


Image source: redredredwild, Vladimir Konoplev

Speeches should be more like toasts. 60 seconds or less, done by three people or less. I can’t handle the cringe of speeches longer than that.


Image source: deadgirlshoes, Alina Levkovich

Doing a million pre-wedding events. Engagement party, bachelorette party, bachelors party, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner… bro just get married, why are you stalling??


Image source: KSwe117, iam luisao

Having a bridal party isn’t worth it.

I’m going to have my best friends there on that day, but I don’t need to put them through the headache of spending a lot on a dress, walking down the aisle alone, and throwing me parties (bridal and bachelorette).

I just want them to show up, chill, laugh, drink, eat, dance, and have a good time.


Image source: LittleOrangeCat, Asad Photo Maldives

Justifying having a wedding on a weeknight or in a remote (but cheaper to you) location as “If people love you, they’ll make the effort to come.”

Just because I don’t want to spend over $1k on flights and hotels to to attend a destination wedding don’t mean I don’t love the bride and groom. It means I’m prioritizing how I spend my money and limited vacation time.


Image source: mycatdeku, Filipp Romanovski

If you wouldn’t buy dinner for them any other time then don’t invite them to the wedding.


Image source: evolutionofafoodie, Gayani Anuththara

Getting legally married before the wedding and not telling anyone is perfectly acceptable. I don’t understand why people are so against this here.


Image source: anon, Jonathan Borba

If family doesn’t reach out to the couple (or at least their related half) at least once a year (some folks require more im just putting somethingout there), they don’t get an invitation. You aren’t entitled to an invite just bc you’re the aunt or the grandpa. Act like you care.


Image source: mother_of_doggos35, Taha Samet Arslan

I don’t really like kids as ring bearers/flower girls, especially way-too-young ring bearers and flower girls. If they can’t make it down the aisle to do the thing on their own, what’s the point? I also don’t think it’s cute when they cry/have a meltdown because they can’t handle it, like why are they being put a situation they clearly can’t emotionally handle? It just makes me feel bad for them!! I thought about having my dogs do those jobs for me, but decided against it because I didn’t think it was a good situation for them, and I genuinely wonder if some of these small kids have ever gotten the same consideration.


Image source: kmeghan, chasinghlife

Clear acrylic signs on an easel are so hard to read just get a normal sign.


Image source: autumnflowers13, Pavel Danilyuk

I don’t care if guests of my wedding wear outfits that’s have white in it. Unless you are showing up in a 100% white hall gown, your floral midi dress is fine.


Image source: itiswineoclock, Breno Cardoso

I think it is unfair to put so much pressure on the bride to have her father walk her down the aisle and do a big father-daughter dance. Not every bride has a close relationship with their father.


Image source: anon, Rick Rosenthal

Wedding favours aka fancy garbage.


Image source: hentaihoneyyy420, Mermek Avitia

Mother of the bride dresses do not need to be so god damn ugly. Mature doesn’t mean bulky, over done and covered up as a nun in church. Like yeesh i see everyone selling the same ugly dress it’s almost offensive.


Image source: ConsistentCheesecake, Jay jay Redelinghuys

I’m not sure if any of these are genuinely unpopular, but I think these are my wedding opinions that are the most controversial/I know not everyone agrees:

1. When you invite people to a wedding you should see yourself as hosting guests and behave accordingly. Yes it’s your day! But you are also hosts.

2. I feel like it’s become very trendy to criticize certain aspects of wedding planning as being excessive because it’s “only one day,” and my opinion is that a wedding is for many people a once in a lifetime cultural and social milestone worthy of celebrating, and no one should feel bad about planning an expensive event just because the event is one day long.


Image source: LilBennedy, Chapin Jones

The chokehold that rhymes have on wedding signage kills me. No hate if you’ve done them, but they give me an ick.

“No need to pick a side, you’re all loved by the groom and bride.”

“A little treat for your dancing feet. Take some shoes and bust a move.”

“Blow bubbles of good wishes as we exit as Mr. and Mrs.”

And just… most signage being entirely unnecessary. We don’t need 800 signs giving us instructions in a hard to read cursive font on clear acrylic sheets.


Image source: MysteriousDirt2, Rene Asmussen

I love kids but from my experience they will ruin your wedding ceremony and steal the show.


Image source: Sea-Professional-594, Tim Mossholder

I don’t like veils. It feels antiquated.


Image source: LadyOfHouseBacon, Taylor Thompson

The push for personal vows – some people just aren’t comfortable sharing their raw emotions like that, or maybe they’re not great with words. We umm’d and ahh’d for a long time as to whether to do personal vows or not – my husband is ASD and found it to be a very intimidating prospect. I was fine either way, and we ended up writing short little speeches for each other (he wanted to in the end), but while we were deciding, any one we told were HORRIFIED that we might just be using *gasp* generic vows written by the *gag* celebrant.


Image source: TigerzEyez85, Wayne Fotografias

Getting ready pictures are stupid and I don’t know why they became a thing. Why would I want pictures of myself and my bridesmaids in bathrobes? Why would I want pictures of the groom tying his shoes? We hired our photographer for 8 hours, and she was baffled when I told her that we’re not doing getting ready photos. “But…don’t you want a picture of your mom zipping up your dress?” Um, no, I prefer to get dressed in private. I’d much rather have pictures of us at the actual wedding, when we’re all dressed up at the beautiful venue. We’ll look much better at that point ?

Besides, hair and makeup would have to finish an hour earlier if we wanted to do getting ready pictures. As it is, we had to be ready 2 hours before the ceremony for the first look and family/bridal party photos. Now we’re expected to get ready even earlier just to take bathrobe pictures in a hotel room? Those are not pictures I’m going to frame or put in an album.


Image source: Sciurus_Aberti, TranStudios Photography & Video

Wedding dress trains are THE WORST! It’s like lugging around a big brontosaurus tail all night.

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