25 Unsettling Truths That Are Withheld From Society At Large

Published 3 weeks ago

These days, it seems like every dinner conversation and friend hangout there is that one person who turns it into a discussion of conspiracy theories and world secrets. The internet has fuelled this never-ending discussion even more as little by little more information comes to light about things that the general public once knew very little about. But the majority of people may not be so aware of these developments. 

Recently, a thread on Reddit went viral after someone innocuously asked, what things are not as they are often believed to be by the general public. Scroll below what netizens had to say on the subject, as much was revealed about certain truths that tend to get rejected by society. 

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#1 Personal finance. Why are high school kids forced to take three years of math and chemistry but don’t understand how a loan works?

Image source: LessImprovement8580, Karolina Grabowska

Strings: THIS!!!

#2 That we are currently eyebrows deep in a mass extinction event, and we should be much more concerned than we currently are.

Image source: robaroo, Yasemin Atalay

It’s not anywhere on the news. insects are dying off at an alarming rate. so is sea life, and other life that depend on it. are you seeing less squirrels? what about lady bugs or dragon flies? i can’t remember the last time I saw either of those. Butterflies… almost non existent in my area but i used to see them all the time growing up. crows… they used to be annoyingly everywhere, not as much any more. no one is mentioning how things we used to see all the time are slowly disappearing.

#3 The amount of radiation and pollution that all governments are collectively allowing corporations to create. There’s a reason cancer and other diseases have been on the rise for 70 years. Plastics, oil, carbon monoxide, things we know about, and things we don’t know about.


#4 The reason a bunch of billionaires around the world started making doomsday bunkers all around the same time.

Image source: MattRedd_it, Sami Aksu

That to me seems like no coincidence and people who are that rich are definitely in inner circles of people that would know when something is coming and I feel is the reason these people started making these luxurious bunkers.

#5 Where all the single socks go.

Image source: Imaginary_Office7660

#6 Criminality by the wealthy. It’s massive.

Image source: ToYourCredit, RDNE Stock project

#7 How much the US relies on prison labor and how our for profit prison system synergizes with giant cartels. How much punishment is designed to encourage repeat offending on purpose. Just a few minor offenses can lead to becoming jobless, then homeless, etc.

Image source: TheLunarRaptor, RDNE Stock project

#8 There were some pretty horrific crimes not being told to the public when I was police. It wasn’t really in the public interest for anyone to know outside of law enforcement and the judicial system etc. Some were either so indiscriminate and terrible and some would just cause too much panic.

Image source: skibba25, Rosemary Ketchum

#9 A lot of under the table quid pro quo stuff in politics. Not necessarily with each other, but if I do this, company X donates some more and if media Y says this, I let some information leak.

Image source: zeekoes, Wikimedia Commons

#10 The food and drink industry’s role in promoting the fat acceptance movement.

Image source: Ambitious_Scientist_

#11 The unfathomable amount of wealth that is off the books and hidden by the wealthy and/or dictators.

Image source: OldMastodon5363, Pixabay

#12 The degree to which the people in charge have no idea what they’re doing and are basically just winging it.

Image source: andrewclarkson

#13 How horrifying our justice system is.

Image source: Goat_Williker_, KATRIN BOLOVTSOVA

#14 The fringe right and fringe left are not an accident. They are molded and encouraged to grow. Money and power interests want to keep the general public divided because it is easier to control a divided people. Think about how easy it is to get someone behind a cause or point the finger at the other side, that’s how you get votes. Why do you think there’s only 2 political parties in the USA?

If we were actually united, we could get rid of money in politics, get rid of trash politicians that just want to get reelected and don’t care about then welfare of the people.

Image source: Puzzleheaded-Let-880

#15 Military technology at the top level is definitely several decades ahead of what we’re even aware exists. All the technologies and sciences that you can think “I wonder if the military will find a way to use that” are definitely either already in prototype stage, being actively developed, or are already in limited production.

Image source: Robotic_space_camel, Specna Arms

Bonesko: My spouse’s grandfather was an engineer that worked for the military in Area 51. While he never divulged any juicy details, he did say was technology was about 30 years ahead of what the public was aware of.

#16 How much recycling is actually just thrown away.

Image source: Niminal, mali maeder

#17 The true extent of the Catholic Church’s abuse/coverups of abuse.

Wow a lot of people liked this one. I wanted to acknowledge that while my point about the Vatican stands, the Roman Catholic Church is not the only religious community that, even just through tradition piety or shame, has to deal with people with religious authority abusing minors. This is of course abhorrent regardless of the source and anyone guilty of this should be locked up forever. I just wanted to play fair here.

Image source: NewJerrrrrrsyBoy

#18 ?The cruelity of factory farm breeding and the toll on the animals.

Image source: NaturalCover7912

#19 Most information regarding the urgency towards climate change.

Image source: powerhouseofthiscell, Frederik Sørensen

#20 The cover-ups and abuse related to charitable contributions.

Image source: Acceptable-Spirit600

#21 What absolute disarray the public school system is in. Unless you work in a school, you cannot even fathom how horrible it is. From insane behaviors to kids receiving diplomas and only being able to read at a first grade level, it is beyond broken.

Image source: Honest_Sector_2585, Tima Miroshnichenko

#22 Acts of terror they catch, before completion.

Image source: CooltownGumby, David Henry

#23 How unhealthy and unfit both the presidential candidates are to run for office.

Image source: Ruthless4u

#24 The amount of pharmaceutical residue is a pollution no one talks about that’s in our water ways and oceans.

Image source: Schmoahawk, Yogendra Singh

Yes, states do their best to reduce other containments such as nitrates, mercury, trace metals and nasty bacteria. All of the d***s Americans consume and then get flushed into the sewers are not monitored. Smallmouth bass were developing male testes as well as female ovaries in the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania. Most likely culprit was pharmaceutical residue from birth control pills found in the water. It all winds up in the ocean and it really makes you wonder about how safe our seafood really is to consume.

#25 What happens with all our personal data that is taken from us on a daily basis.

Image source: OddRepresentative958, Lukas

Head_on_a_Stick: It’s used for advert targeting, which is almost useless. The bubble will burst soon.

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