40 Unhinged Signs Spotted In Public

Published 1 month ago

Signs are everywhere in our daily lives, from the streets we drive on to the trails we hike. Whether it’s a notice about road closures, job openings, or warnings about wildlife, we encounter signs constantly. But have you ever noticed that some signs stand out more than others? 

Some are straightforward and practical, while others are quirky, bizarre, or just plain puzzling. That’s where the Facebook group ‘Signs‘ comes in. It’s a place where people share photos of all kinds of signs they come across, from the mundane to the hilarious.

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Image source: Glen Knox

Johnny ro: good take on Hemingways short story


Image source: Glen Knox

Auntriarch: You’d be amazed. There’s a court case going on in England at the moment, trying to get a pig farm closed down because it’s smelly and noisy. (The farm was already there when the complainant bought the house)


Image source: Mike Gohl


Image source: Mike Gohl

Did I say that out loud? (he/him)cis/het: It’s dead good there, no one ever leaves.


Image source: Glen Knox


Image source: Mike Anthony


Image source: Glen Knox


Image source: Quentin Netterberg

Mark: teowhyaoaaeac


Image source: Glen Knox


Image source: Road Rage


Image source: Glen Knox


Image source: Glen Knox

Auntriarch: And a partridge in a pear tree 🎶


Image source: Mike Gohl

Wang Zhuang: I’ll take the fritter with jitters, please


Image source: Passagem de Ano


Image source: Glen Knox


Image source: Passagem de Ano


Image source: Glen Knox

#18 I stood there for 30 minutes – NOTHING

Image source: Still Game


Image source: Glen Knox

Mark: *Outraged Australian noises*


Image source: Glen Knox


Image source: Solomon Erichsen


Image source: Passagem de Ano

Did I say that out loud? (he/him)cis/het: Don’t kink shame me!


Image source: Shirnette Smith


Image source: Mike Gohl


Image source: Mike Gohl


Image source: Kathleen Grace

Mark: Let me at Cathy, I need to hear about the ferrets


Image source: Modern Rock MixTape

a piece of toast: Should have been “Swiss dreams”


Image source: Glen Knox


Image source: Mike Gohl


Image source: Gryphon Chandler


Image source: Glen Knox


Image source: Stacy Lindabury

#33 For the unfrozen type bring own bucket

Image source: Glen Knox


Image source: Passagem de Ano

giku T: well, u’ve been warned


Image source: Passagem de Ano


Image source: Nate Ryder


Image source: Mike Gohl


Image source: Passagem de Ano

flower petals: If you haven’t read this before, it might blow your mind: if you look at the beak of a duck, it kinda looks like a dog’s head! Once you’ve seen it, it’s hard to unsee..


Image source: Midwest Tool


Image source: Mike Gohl

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