35 Times Pets Won The Genetic Lottery And Ended Up With Unique Features

Published 7 months ago

Genetic mutations are natural occurrences that can lead to a variety of traits and characteristics in living organisms. In the world of pets, these mutations sometimes result in unique and rare features that set certain animals apart from the rest. From distinctive coat patterns to unusual physical attributes, these mutations can capture the attention and curiosity of pet enthusiasts and researchers alike.

Let’s explore some of the rarest genetic mutations ever spotted in pets, showcasing the fascinating diversity that can arise within the animal kingdom.

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#1 Here’s A Pic Of My Chonky Rottweiler, Kaiser. He Was Born With Gigantism So He Was Absurdly Large As A Puppy And Is Still Large

Image source: WraithKLM

Astrophile : “Sorry but we really need a banana here….”

#2 Meet Cinnamon. She Was Born With Ears That Look Like Cinnamon Rolls

Image source: klpack11

sbj : “Look at her face! She’s a heartbreaker”

NapQueen : “Oh, stop, I can’t handle the cuteness!!”

#3 Jinx Has Unusually Large Eyes And Feet – He Was Once The Mayor Of Hell, Michigan

Image source: bigfootjinx, bigfootjinx

Ricardo Ferreira : “This cat has seen some s h i…”

Don Golosso : “Can we agree this cat needs to be renamed to octopussy?”

#4 This Is My Handsome, Cross-Eyed Cat, Gus

Image source: MrQuickLine

Astrophile : “Gus is gorgeous!”

#5 My Friend’s Cat Bianca Has Thumbs

Image source: ruleroflemmings

NapQueen : “Please say you have bought her special little cat mittens…..”

#6 This Is Mr. Poppins. He Has No Teeth

Image source: William_George

Brightly : “His little face 🥰”

#7 My Beautiful Albino Ragdoll

Image source: basedjamie, basedjamie

Emma Stahl : “i did not know cats could be albino because they can be naturaly white. But i know now. Her eyes are so pretty!”

#8 Our New Highlander Kitten… Polydactyl On All Four Paws And Curled Ears. We Love Our Unique Little Kitty

Image source: South_Texas_Shooter

Multa Nocte : “Wow! What an unusual but gorgeous kitteh!”

#9 I Met A 14-Year-Old Dog With Vitiligo This Morning

Image source: smokestacks

glowworm2 : “This was Rowdy. He passed away in 2017. He was basically the ambasador of vitiligo, helping children with the same condition to embrace it.”

#10 This Is Beaux Tox. He Was Born With A Facial Deformity

Image source: boredpanda.com

sturmwesen : “You know those ancient paintings of animals where the perspective is off…?”

#11 Injury At Birth Left Rae With Only The Right Ear. As She Grew, It Migrated To The Top Of Her Head, Making Her A Unicorn

Image source: goldenunicornrae, goldenunicornrae

Astrophile : “Oh what a cutie pie! I wonder if she can hear?”

LakotaWolf (she/her) : “Yes, she can! I wondered the same thing, so I investigated. Apparently this pup’s name is Rae (“ear” spelled backwards) and her mom was too rough trying to remove her placenta when she was born, so her mom accidentally injured her and one ear had to be removed. No one expected the ear to move to the top of her head! But the “ear migration” did not affect her hearing, nor does it discomfort her in any way, according to her owners. So, she is the goodest magical golden unicorn girl who can hear just fine!”

#12 This Is Mitch. He Has An Extra Vertebrae, So His Tail Is Extra Long. He Carries It On His Back Like A Squirrel

Image source: TankArchives

Mark : “Elegant kitty”

Roan The Demon Kitty : “I can just imagine this cat strutting, showing off that amazing tail x3”

#13 The Absolute Ears On This Bunny

Littlemiss : “Dumbo in rabbit form 🤣”

#14 It’s A Very Weird Webbing In My Cat’s Eye (The Vet Has Checked It, Nothing Harmful)

Image source: NoPay8943

Cursed Girl : “Looks like a glass crack”

#15 I Met A Dog With 2 Noses At Work

Image source: cainneigh

Cursed Girl : “It kinda looks like mine, but with two noses.”

#16 Frankenkitten The Four-Eared, One-Eyed Cat From Victoria, Australia

Image source: frank_n_kitten

Astrophile : “So cute though! 😍 I wonder if all 4 ears would work or if the extra ears are just external bits?”

dayngerkat : “So I had to find out more about this little guy. His eye was removed due to being deformed and infected. He got his name from the stitches after surgery. The extra 2 ears are “pinna” and have no internal parts, so he can’t hear extra out of them. He has dental problems and will need surgery when he gets older. Poor little guy. So much pain, but living the life now!”

#17 Maximus Has Some Crazy Whiskers

Image source: Felspawn

HTakeover : “Can’t fool me, those are going to grab my face & eat me.”

#18 My Cat Olaf Has Heterochromia (One Green Eye, One Blue Eye) And When Photographed With A Flash On He Only Gets Red Eye In His Blue Eye

Image source: darkecho1900

Enlee Jones : “I had a cat like that once with one brown eye and one blue eye. Deaf as a rock. Dumb as a stump. I miss that little booger.”

glowworm2 : “Olaf has Christmas eyes!”

#19 My Cat’s Fangs Are So Long His Mouth Doesn’t Close All The Way

Image source: LilacTeax

Wendy Forrest : “Might need to be filed shorter in time. My cat did as he couldn’t eat properly.”

Gunter the Penguin : “vampire kitty”

#20 This Is Heidi. She Has Vitiligo

Image source: vinkulelu

jade s : “Looks like a superhero mask. Very cool.”

#21 If You Never Saw One, Here Is An Albino Raccoon

Image source: Orion117

Liss Reins : “Without the pattern, it looks like a possum”

#22 My All-Black Cat Had Five All-White Kittens

Image source: ChoseSinWon

rullyman : “Ah, someone forgot to replace the toner cartridge”

Abhinc. : “Father’s name is “Snowball”.”

#23 My Friend Ran Into This Cat Today. Never Seen This Combination Before

Image source: IsaBreeza

Astrophile : “The cute nose is the cherry on top”

#24 My Dalmatian Is The Size Of A Corgi. He’s The Only One From His Litter To Have Chondrodysplasia (Canine Dwarfism)

Image source: dogememes_dinoruby

NapQueen : “You got the best puppy from the litter :)”

Ricardo Ferreira : “Dalmatian, funny size”

#25 First Time In My Life I Saw A Horse With A Mustache

Image source: UniqueUsername_orNot

PolymathNecromancer : “I say, old chap!”

#26 Meet Quasimodo, The Dog With The Short Spine. Even If You’re Different You Can Still Enjoy Life

Image source: QuasiTheGreat, QuasiTheGreat

Astrophile : “Aw he’s so cute! I hope that condition doesn’t cause too much discomfort :(“

#27 Met This Unique Gentleman At A Petting Zoo This Weekend

Image source: CarrfromKC

Tabitha : “Curly-Horned Unicorn?:

#28 A Black Vitiligo Kitty

Image source: eskidefter, cileklilipstick

PolymathNecromancer : “He (she?) Looks like a snowstorm”

Duckie Measles : “Name her Blizzard:)”

#29 Meet Mochi, Our Adorable Rescue Kitty With Three Legs, No Ears, And No Tail

Image source: mochi.boston, mochi.boston

Littlemiss : “That poor cat has seen things. May Mochi have a a better life than they started off with.”

#30 A Permanently Startled Rescue Cat Shocks Social Media With His Sweet, Expressive Face

Image source: fedja_kot, fedja_kot

seana lammers : “Such a cuteeeeee”

#31 My Friend’s Cat Has A Comically Long Tail

Image source: captainwalnut

Astrophile : “Why did I actually laugh out loud 😂 that is indeed comically long”

#32 Scrappy, A Cat With Vitiligo

Image source: seniorscrappy

Jillio : “I think he’s gorgeous”

#33 Blaze, The Vitiligo Labrador

Image source: blazethedog

Astrophile : “Tie dye lab!”

#34 A Highlander Came In Today. 24 Toes In Total

Image source: rupkin

Multa Nocte : “That’s a serious amount of toe beans!”

#35 This Beautiful Dachshund With Vitiligo

Zoey Rayne : “Cutie looks like someone poured flour on him. :) <3”

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