25 Things That Are Rarer Than You’d Think

Published 10 months ago

The vast and diverse realm of Reddit is a treasure trove of knowledge, experiences, and insights. On this platform, users from all corners of the globe come together to discuss everything under the sun. When someone recently posed the question, “What is far more rare than people realize?” on Reddit, the responses were nothing short of fascinating.

Let’s delve into the intriguing world of Reddit to explore some of the rare phenomena that Redditors revealed. Scroll below to see some interesting answers from the thread.

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Image source: The_Town_of_Canada, stein egil liland

Northern lights.

The amount of people I’ve heard say:

“We’ve come all this way, what time do they come on?” Is staggering.


Image source: TheJadedSF, Pixabay

Solid brown fur cats, apparently it’s some kind of recessive gene in them.


Image source: Worried_Place_917, Peter Zulauf

Blimps. I live in northeast Ohio near the Goodyear hangar. We see them all the time. I had to pull up a list, that northeast Ohio has 3 out of 4 operating Goodyear blimps named Wingfoot 1 2 and 3; Only maybe 12 are operating anywhere in the world, with a total of 25 existing at all. But we see them all the time at Wingfoot lake disc golf course. Edit: Helium filled semi-rigid airships.


Image source: Tacoma__Crow, Huy Phan

We have a male tortoiseshell cat. Cat people tend to know they’re quite rare but others probably don’t.


Image source: rebeccaparker2000, Andrea Piacquadio

An honest politician.


Image source: reginapinsley, Monstera Production

A stable, loving, peaceful domestic life.


Image source: whiskey_formymen, James Wheeler

Absolute silence and being in a place where no man made light exists.


Image source: Winoforevr1, Anna Shvets

Bit of peace and freaking quiet.


Image source: Planegirlie, Elena Leya

The percentage of people with eating disorders that are underweight (5% of suffers).


Image source: hstarbird11, Ariel Paredes

Critical thinking skills.


Image source: fractiousrhubarb, Pixabay

Deaths from nuclear power.

Pollution from coal power kills more people *every day* than nuclear power has in its entire history.


Image source: HarlowLeChat, cottonbro studio

Kids getting kidnapped by random strangers in public. My parents always acted like every adult on the street was a potential abductor and that child kidnapping was rampant, but I never knew anyone who actually got kidnapped and the statistics really don’t back up their level of anxiety. I’m in my mid-twenties now, and they still act like I’m gonna get attacked by some rando on the street at any moment. Based on personal experience and statistical evidence, I am much more afraid of violence from those I am close to than I am of strangers.


Image source: StIdes-and-a-swisher, LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Man to man compliments I remember about my 7th grade year. It was probably 1994. Me and my friends started telling each other we love you man. Being good friends with a other dude and telling them you love them. That is more rare then anything. We got obnoxious. We just kept telling each other bro I love you. No bro I love you more. No bro your the f*****g man more then me. It was so silly, but still today I think about it and smile. I still miss and love my boys. I try to compliment men and tell them they are killing it s much as I can. Any compliment is amazing. I usually do some dumb s**t like. Damn bro your killing it.


Image source: Kleenliven, Jopwell

Common sense.


Image source: IAmTheBornReborn, Agung Pandit Wiguna

Having loving and supportive parents and a good home life growing up.

I think this Stereotype is pushed a lot by Hollywood and TV, because writers tend to be people who’s creativity was nurtured by their supportive parents and they write what they know.

It’s why almost every family on TV lives in a picturesque suburbia, maybe with a pool, two loving parents and a comfortable life.


Image source: No-Fishing5325, Lisa Fotios

Clean water.

My son and I have been discussing this lately. He is a chemical engineer and works exclusively with water. Many of the studies he has been published on also have to do with clean water and forever chemicals. Water is a huge issue that is becoming bigger everyday and normal people are forgetting about it.

Flint Michigan is in year 9!


Image source: quietkodiac, Netflix

Serial killers.


Image source: Dapper_Candidate_642, Andrea Piacquadio

The time that you have with your close ones before it passes away.


Image source: Schwarzes__Loch, Ivan Samkov

People who have the patience and desire to accommodate the needs of the disabled.

Ask me how I know. :(


Image source: PMmeYourCattleDog, Oleksandr P

Affordable housing.


Image source: FoxMeetsDear, Rafael Barros

Empathy. When people want to and are able to understand the experience of another human being, without projection of own ideas and experiences onto others.


Image source: ZealousidealWealth88, mododeolhar

Good, honest friends who don’t have ulterior motives. The ones that genuinely enjoy your company and friendship. Hold onto them!!!


Image source: Fitandfriendlydude, Ben White

Humility and an understanding that we’re sometimes the victim and sometimes the perpetrator. No one is ever just one or the other.


Image source: GrockleKaug, Elina Fairytale

People who remain friends with you once you leave school.


Image source: PhillipTopical, Josh Willink

People in genuinely happy, healthy, well adjusted relationships.

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