35 Rarely-Seen Images That Might Change The Way You See The World

Published 8 months ago

Imagine gazing upon a seemingly ordinary grain of sand, but this time magnified 300 times to reveal a breathtaking world within its tiny confines. The intricate patterns, colors, and textures that emerge when you take this close-up journey will leave you in awe of the beauty hidden in the smallest of places.

Dive headfirst into this realm of fascination, where the internet’s vastness is distilled into moments of wonder and enlightenment. Check out some of the most fascinating things in the gallery below.

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#1 How A Zoo Feeds Their Baby Hornbills

Image source: Petr Hamernik, Zoo Praha

VonBlade :  “We don’t know who they’re kidding but I’ll keep eating the food”.

#2 Ex-World Champion Cyclist Janez Brajkovic Leg After A Race

Image source: janibrajkovic

Vinay Pai : “Looks like those muscles had an emergency meeting and decided to segregate their duties.”

ADHORTATOR : “He definetely never skipped leg day!”

#3 This Cat I Met Today Has Sauron’s Eyes

Image source: butterfly-the-dick

Gimme that Cash : “If I saw this cat, there would be a report of catnapping on that day.”

#4 Supercell In Wyoming, USA

Image source: CryptoExodus

Robert T : “Or a marshmallow elephant coming to stomp on you.”

#5 The Local Nursing Home Is An Indoor Town. There’s A Movie Theater And A Pub

Image source: ParzivalsQuest

Xenon : “I saw an article about this place years ago, it’s such a fantastic design. Infinitely better than a depressing institution looking place.”

scag$y : “Awesome! This should be the norm. Why shouldn’t elderly people still enjoy life? They’re still people and it will come to us all one day (barring unfortunate accidents, of course!).”

This place is called “Doverwood Village”. It’s a skilled nursing facility located in Hamilton, OH. Senior residents receive 24-hour medical care while also getting the rehabilitation care they need, which can include range of motion exercises, gait and balance training and individualized exercise programs. The movie theater shows movies 2x each day. An old one and a new one.

#6 Customer Came In And Let Me Take A Picture Of Her Hands That Had 6 Fingers On Each

Image source: Designer_Drugz

ADHORTATOR : “I had to look twice….”

#7 This Shower Formed Naturally Inside A Cave

Image source: Bandolerow

Gimme that Cash : “ALIENS!!!”

#8 This Is What Some Grains Of Sand Look Like When Magnified 100 To 300 Times

Image source: Gary Greenberg

Xenon : “These are fantastic!! Pretty wild to see all the shapes and colors. Some you can tell their origen, like ground down seashells. People always tend to think of sand as being uniform and boring, far from it!”

Gary Greenberg introduces himself as a scientist, author, teacher and photographer who combines his passion for art and science by exploring the hidden dimensions of nature. “The secrets of nature are visible everywhere. Yet, they remain secrets until they are revealed,” he wrote on his website.”The miracles of nature are tangible, and they can be seen directly through the microscope. The magnificence of nature lies in its consciousness. When we commune with nature, we become conscious of our connection with the universe.”

And he knows what he’s talking about. Greenberg invented the high-definition 3D lenses that he takes his pictures on, resulting in 18 U.S. patents under his name. He was a photographer and filmmaker until age 33 when he moved from LA to London and earned a Ph. D. in biomedical research. This has given him a unique appreciation for biological and scientific curiosities and for the optical macro photography technologies he would need to document them.

The sand composition can vary drastically depending on where it’s from, but this grain is from a beach in Hawaii, where Dr. Greenberg is located.

#9 Translucent Blue Tang

Image source: beesbuzzlots

Edward Finger Hands : “Put him back in the water!”

#10 An Extremely Rare Melanistic Serval

Image source: MrBonelessPizza24

Garthus Andicus : “Is that a cat a dog or a deer?”

#11 Saw A Snail Today While I Was Outside And Its Shell Is Crystal Clear

Image source: reddit.com

80 Van : Definitely thought that was a door handle.

#12 Sun Through A UV Lens

Image source: Nathalia Alzate / SDO

Walter Brameld : “It’s surprising, to me anyway, that in such a massive object, where you would think gravity would absolutely dominate, magnetism has such a large effect.”

A suite of NASA’s sun-gazing spacecraft have spotted an unusual series of eruptions in which a series of fast puffs forced the slow ejection of a massive burst of solar material from the sun’s atmosphere. “Looking at the corona in extreme ultraviolet light we see the source of the puffs is a series of energetic jets and related flares,” said Nathalia Alzate, a solar scientist at the University of Aberystwyth in Wales. “The jets are localized, catastrophic releases of energy that spew material out from the sun into space. These rapid changes in the magnetic field cause flares, which release a huge amount of energy in a very short time in the form of super-heated plasma, high-energy radiation and radio bursts.”

#13 This Little Transparent Guy Landed On Me In The Ecuadorian Amazon

Image source: neighma

Xenon : “Aptly named Glasswing Butterfly.”

#14 A Blonde Squirrel On My Old Mail Route

Image source: hoobgooblin

catmom3 : “Looks like someone is feeding him….he’s chonky.”

#15 My Friend’s Blind Cat Soren Has Amazing Eyes

Image source: DemonreachDaycare

Angwen (they/them) :) : “They look like beautiful globes of aurora borealis”

#16 This Purely Golden Bee Landed On My Car Today

Image source: EliteDangerous72

Let’s Be Kind : ” Why did I read this as “Coronavirus honey bee” ?”

This bee is most likely a Cordovans honey bee. It has a color mutation that inhibits black

#17 Blue Bees Exist (Blue Carpenter Bee)

80 Van : “Or is it actually gold and white?”

Riley Quinn : “As with the legendary katipō, the blue carpenter bee is all about the females. It’s the females who sport that brilliant blue pubescence (yep that’s what the fuzz is called), and the females alone wield a stinger. The males are stinger-less, and have a more subdued, brown or greenish fuzz. — Australian Geographic”

#18 The Baby Vest

Image source: natrasharomanova

Robert T : “Very glad to hear that you don’t just yeet them out of the window!”

Cora Han : “Reminds me of an OLD DOS game called “Bouncing Babies” where the hospital is on fire and the babies are thrown out the window. You play a duo of firefighters who “catch” the babies on a trampoline and bounce them over to an abulance, returning before the next baby goes splat.”

#19 A Curly-Haired Horse

scag$y : “You can’t fool me. That horse is wearing a onesie.”

The exact origin of the Bashkir Curly Horse is one of the greatest mysteries of the horse world. Horses with curly coats are most certainly an ancient breed. They have been depicted in art and statuary in early China as far back as 161 AD. There has been evidence of their presence in South America and Europe. There is evidence that Curlies have been in North America since the early 1800’s.

#20 The Blue Java Banana, Which Is Said To Have The Same Consistency As Ice Cream And A Similar Flavor To Vanilla

┃Cheesychexy┃ : “*slams credit card*take my money”

#21 A Purple Grasshopper Found In My Garden

Image source: prnlc

#22 Rocks On The Lake Baikal

Image source: Елена Вторушина

Rocks on the lake Baikal get heated from the sunlight every now and then and melt the ice beneath. After the sun is gone, the ice turns solid again thus creating a small stand for the rock above. It is called the Baikal Dzen.

#23 This Bicolor Sunflower I Grew

Image source: VonClawde

#24 Time Lapse Photo Of A Beehive

Image source: King_Toad

#25 This Tulip Has A Leaf That Has Half Morphed Into A Petal

Image source: melvaer

#26 This Is What A “Split Lobster” Looks Like. This Coloring Occurs Once In Every 50 Million Lobsters

This split-colored lobster displays a condition known as gynandromorphy, meaning it is half male, half female. In this case, the blue side is the female side, and the brown side is the male side.

#27 One Of The Oldest Rocks In Existence, The Murchison Meteorite. It’s 4,600,000,000 Years Old, And Likely Existed Before The Earth Itself Had Completely Formed

Image source: bpoag

Interestingly, it also contains amino acids, the chemical building blocks of DNA.

#28 There’s A 1 In 20,000 Chance Of An Albino Doe Giving Birth To An Albino Fawn. I Spotted Such A Pair On A Recent Camping Trip

Image source: lo-key-glass

#29 This Is A Music Typewriter: How Music Was Typed Before Computers

Image source: Mass1m01973, Mass1m01973

Marketed in the 1950s, it sold for about $255 (about $2,415 in today’s money). Keaton was trying to create something that would print characters precisely on staff and indicate exactly where the next character would be printed to ensure accuracy, and ended up with a circular keyboard which gives the typewriter its distinct look.

#30 This Mutated Daisy

Image source: SuperBlowball

#31 This Sea Slug, Which Looks Like A Leaf, Can Go Without Eating For 9 Months, Because It Can Photosynthesize Just Like A Plant While Basking In The Sun

Image source: Patrick J. Krug

#32 This Funky Little Ribbon Cloud Outside My Plane Window

Image source: LordofHares

#33 My Grandparents Clock Measures Time On A One Week Scale Instead Of A 12 Hour One

Image source: creezewe

#34 This Teal Cicada I Saw

Image source: Grass_Danimals

#35 This Blue Jay Still Has Half Of Its Baby Feathers

Image source: CanadianGrown

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