Woman Dresses Up In Funny Costumes When Walking Her Dog To Cheer Up Her Neighbors (8 Pics)

Published 4 years ago

Now that we’re spending so much time at home, many of us began treating every little chance to go outside as a special occasion. Australians, for example, are dressing up in funny costumes while wheeling out the bins and dancer Clare Meardon from West Cornwall,UK, decided to try something similar by dressing up in all sorts of hilarious costumes when taking her dog Hendrix out for walks.

In an interview with Bored Panda, the woman said it all started as a way of cheering up her friends who were having a tough time. And even though it started as a joke, we’re pretty sure Clare’s neighbors are anxious to see what more creative costumes the dancer will come up with.

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Dancer Clare Meardon started dressing up in funny costumes taking her dog Hendrix for walks

Image credits: Caters

Hendrix shared his own thoughts about Clare’s costumes

Image credits: Caters

Clare said she comes up with the ideas for her costumes when going for “normal walks” with her husband Aidan in the morning. The woman added that she only goes for walks right outside her house to keep in line with government guidelines.

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Clare gave some advice to people who want to remain fit during the quarantine. “Keep it light. Don’t take life too seriously. Get up and do it, you’ll feel better if you do something physical or productive as soon as you get up,” said the dancer. “Even 10 minutes of light exercise first thing will boost your mood and endorphins and make you have a better day.”

Image credits: Caters

“We are all responsible for our own health and well-being, we are just here to give you a helping hand along the way. We are posting short clips and doing live workouts on our Facebook and Instagram, whether you want a 1-minute plank or a full hour of Pilates, dance, stretching or fitness, we have it all,” continued Clare. “You deserve to feel amazing. All our workouts and videos are being done for free. We just want to share some fun and fitness for all during this difficult time.”

Image credits: Caters

In an interview with Caters News, Clare said she runs a dance school therefore she has a lot of costumes that she makes herself. “We were meant to be having a show in July, so I’d taken them all home to fix ahead of that. I was mending the Eve costume, and because it’s a stretch fabric it is actually much easier to work with while you are wearing it, so I put it on,” said the dancer.

One day she dressed up as a ballerina, wearing pointe shoes and a tutu skirt

Image credits: Caters

It was at that moment that Clare realized it could be a great opportunity to take some funny photos. She send the pictures out to her friends and one of them dared her to take Hendrix out for a walk in the costume.

Image credits: Caters

“When she said that, how could I not? After I posted the first clip online, people said watching it was the highlight of their day and I realized just how much of a bad time a lot of people must be having at the moment and how everyone needed something to laugh about,” said Clare.

Image credits: Caters

The next day Clare dressed up as a ballerina and walked around in her pointed shoes. “The hype just built and built from there to post a new video each day!” said the dancer.

She also dressed up as a unicorn

Image credits: Caters

Image credits: Caters

“Laughter is the most important medicine for everyone, now more than ever. For me, mental health is as important as physical health.” said Clare. “You can have a fantastically fit body, but if your head is full of negativity, you aren’t healthy.”

Hendrix is also involved in all of Clare’s costumes

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Although he’s having some mixed feelings about it

Image credits: Caters

This is where Clare creates all of her costumes

Image credits: Clare Meardon

Clare explained that all of her costumes represent a prat of her personality. “The superhero costume came from a desire to ‘be fierce’ and remind women they can be whoever they want to be—they can be sexy and sassy and funny and ridiculous all at once,” explained the dancer.

People loved Clare’s hilarious costumes

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