20 Photos From People Who Were Too Rough On Their Dolls And Ended Up With A “Weird Barbie” Of Their Own

Published 9 months ago

Most of us had a Barbie or two growing up. The beautiful perfect doll that was always immaculately dressed up. But it seems like according to a new TikTok trend, many people recall how in true kid fashion, they had a great time butchering their Barbies in some form or another in the name of playing. 

Similar to the dishevelled “Weird Barbie” in Gerwig’s blockbuster that has been played with a little “too hard”, these dolls stand out from the rest and clearly resonated with many who have obviously done the same to their own dolls. From cutting their hair into wacky styles to changing their clothing options or enhancing them with superpowers, a child’s imagination knows no bounds and the results can be horrifyingly entertaining as shown below. Now folks are wondering, have they essentially doomed Barbieland to house these Frankensteinesque Barbie dolls forever?

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