20 Christmas Sweaters That Are Hilariously Ugly

Published 2 years ago

We are all in the cozy Christmas spirit now! And that coziness would not be complete without ugly sweaters! Yes, no matter how many awesome sweaters you own, you probably have one or two ugly Christmas sweaters hidden in your closet that you might be too ashamed to wear. However, not everyone is ashamed of them.

Some people really enjoy wearing and flaunting their ugly Christmas sweaters. Some folks even take it to another level and organize ugly sweater competitions! Because why not! Check out some of the ugliest and most hilarious Christmas sweaters in the gallery below.

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#1 Just Two Crazy Cat Ladies Getting Festive

Image source: missangiesplace

#2 Made My Own Holiday Sweater For My Company Party

Image source: thinkdeep

#3 My Friend Wore This To An Ugly Sweater Party

Image source: hedgehog15

#4 Y’all Liked My Chest Nuts Sweater Last Year. So Here’s This Year’s Mistle Toe

Image source: mrspetie, mrspetie

I made this for a friend’s ugly Christmas sweater party last night. Literally glued nuts to my chest… It was worth the first-place prize of a Taco Bell gift card.

#5 I Ordered A Custom Ugly Christmas Sweater

Image source: jbenz

#6 Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest You Say? I Crocheted The Entire Thing With No Idea How You’re Actually Supposed To Make A Sweater. I Won

Image source: FoxInKneeSocks

The longer you look at it, the more you see and the better/worse it gets!

#7 Amazing Novelty Christmas Sweater

Image source: Imalwaysgrump

#8 When There’s “An Ugly Christmas Sweater -Day” At The Office… Go Big Or Go Home

Image source: MissBellevue

#9 I Made My Pregnant Wife A Snow Globe Sweater For Her Company Christmas Party

Image source: thebilldozer_69

#10 Friend’s Christmas Sweater

Image source: mdr28

#11 This Ugly Christmas Sweater

Image source: spoa69-4ever

#12 I’m Starting A New Trend. I Will Get Rid Of My Ugly Christmas Sweaters And Going With Tree Skirts

Image source: Minner227

#13 My Ugly Christmas Sweater For Work Christmas Party. It’s Glorious

Image source: fc196mega

#14 My Bonus Son Needed An “Ugly Christmas Sweater” For A Party Tonight. Fingers Crossed He Likes It (I Can’t Stop Laughing)

Image source: imuandurme

#15 Christmas Sweater Time. This One Isn’t Ugly

Image source: cynd.dy

#16 My Sister Made A Sweater Of A Reindeer Puking Christmas

Image source: pruittmckean

#17 Perfect For Those Office Sweater Parties

Image source: plainrocktweets

#18 What Do You Think Of My Christmas Sweater?

Image source: fabmol

#19 Best Ugly Sweater For Couples

Image source: chandlerriggs

#20 It’s The Season For Ugly Christmas Sweaters And I Found This One-Of-A-Kind Jingle Balls Sweater At My Favorite Store Goodwill. Handmade And Hilarious

Image source: riseandshinerevivals

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