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People Share 20 Hilarious Names That Raise The Question “What Were The Parents Thinking?”

Published 5 months ago

There are many parents out there who strive to give their babies “unique” names, and in order to do so, some of them end up embarrassing their kids for life.

Turns out, there is even a Facebook group named “That Name is a Tragedeigh 2.0” dedicated to unusual names. With over 41K members, the community guides its members to ‘poke fun at awful names and naming culture’. In this online group, you’ll find all sorts of funny and bizarre posts about names and people mocking parents for naming their kids something horrible. Scroll below to see some of them.

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#1 Wednesdaigh

Image source: Tasha Wallace

#2 T-Boo

Image source: Berol Williams

#3 I Wonder How Long It Takes For People To Decide On The Wrong Spelling Of A Name. Like, Did This Mom Consider Nerveaugna And Roll The Dice To Settle On This Butchering? We’ll Never Know

Image source: Dave Diana

#4 No, Then?

Image source: Kaitlyn Harris

#5 Utterly Horrible

Image source: Sydney Spencer

#6 She Acts Like Larissa Is In The Same Category As Agnes Or Gertrude. And Karissa Was Right. There

Image source: Ashley Rader

#7 Have At It!

Image source: Jal Al

#8 Je M’appelle, Très Tragiques

Image source: Rex Bates

#9 The Fact That They Used The Same Middle Name Twice But Spelled It Differently ? Also, Who Names Their Kid After A Lemon (Cytryna Is A Lemon). And The 2nd Middle Name Of The 7 Y/O, What Is Going On?!

Image source: Mikayla White

#10 Bashton

Image source: Kori Sparks

#11 Surely This Is The Orderer Being Silly, But *this Group* Made Me Feel Like It Could Happen!

Image source: Leanna Lonsdale

#12 From An Etsy Ad

Image source: Abigail Marie-Corbin Beauchamp

#13 I Found Some!

Image source: Ahisjel Nicholle DuPerron

#14 Yikes

Image source: Josie Oxley Parkhurst

#15 I Thought I Was Reading A Post From Here For A Moment

Image source: Magen McCurley

#16 Beaux And Arrow

Image source: Group member

#17 My Nephew And His Wife Named Their Son: One Merlin Not A Joke, That Is His Name!

Image source: Jacquie Colgan

#18 A Spell

Image source: Alyssa Marie Lopez

#19 Eiladan

Image source: Ashten Majors

#20 Thanks, I Hate It

Image source: Alexandra Harris

Saumya Ratan

Saumya loves to explore beautiful, crazy, and wholesome stuff on the internet. She seeks to find something interesting in everything and strives to share her inspirations and explorations with people all over the world.

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