26 Wild, Sad, Or Chaotic Wedding Moments That Left Everyone Speechless

Published 6 months ago

Weddings are usually wonderful celebrations but with so many people gathered in one place and inebriated to boot, there’s bound to be a juicy fiasco or two that occurs. 

One Redditor by the name of ‘Professional-Owl-341’, got curious about these possible debacles that have taken place at these usually prestigious affairs. As usual, netizens did not disappoint in spilling the tea, so scroll to read some of the most unexpected scenarios in the gallery below. 

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#1 A thunderclap at the “if anyone objects” bit in the ceremony. Groom got caught cheating on the bride 2 months later.

Image source: StinkyWeezle, Redd F


Image source: amusingmistress, Melanie Rosillo Galvan

Groom got up during the reception to announce that they (both 18 yrs old) were already expecting a child. They had purposefully gotten pregnant so their parents would have to let them get married and the very religious parents were very ashamed and trying to keep it a secret. But after the groom so loudly announced it to everyone else, a brawl broke out between the families, each accusing the other’s kid of entrapping the other.


Image source: LaoBa, Anna Docking

My aunt was a justice of the peace and officiated a wedding where seven women were wearing bridal dresses. Not white dresses, full on wedding dresses with accessories. Turned out the bride was very shy and hated to be the center of attention, but also wanted to wear a bridal dress for her groom. Her friends promised to wear their bridal dresses if she would wear one, and so they did.


Image source: tizod, Pavel Danilyuk

Was invited to a coworkers wedding. My coworker was the bride and she was a really funny no b******t New York girl.

The priest who was supposed to officiate the wedding was an old family friend but he fell ill so they had to send out another priest to do the wedding ceremony.

The ceremony starts and the new replacement priest launches into this 15 minute long sermon about how, according to God, the woman is supposed to be subservient to the man. This is not the brides vibe at all and all of us are sitting there simply just stunned at what the priest was saying waiting for the bride to snap and punch the dude in the throat.

To her credit she just stood there and listened but you could tell she was furious.

I’ll never forget the scene immediately afterwards as the bride stood there crying and a bunch of family members had the priest basically cornered chewing his a*s out for ruining the wedding.


Image source: prolixia, Zetong Li

I was once invited to a Nigerian wedding held in the UK. I arrived at the church about 20 mins early and it was locked, no one there. After a few minutes, a couple of other guests arrived. After about half an hour, a guy arrived to unlock the church and a lady started to set up flowers.

*Easily* over an hour after the supposed beginning of the service, other guests started to arrive. Then the bride and groom. Then as the service went on, including well after the bride and groom had walked down the isle, guests continued to arrive and shuffle about the church taking their places, saying hello to other guests, etc.

At the end of the service we all had to drive about 30 mins to a reception elsewhere. We arrived there a good *two hours* before the wedding party.

After the event, the bride realised that she’d sent the same invitation to her English and Nigerian guests and asked what time we got to the church. Apparently guests are traditionally so late to Nigerian weddings that it’s usual to put a false start time on them, which in turn leads to everyone intentionally getting there well after the time they’re given.

However the real WTF moment was at the reception where the bride and groom danced as guests approached one by one to shower them with money “make it rain” style. Again apparently not unusual at a Nigerian wedding, but 100% not what I’d expected.

It was a great wedding, it just would have been handy to know when to get there.


Image source: purrcthrowa, Yoss Traore

Not particularly WTF but I thought it was hilarious. At our wedding, there was a LOT of booze, and an excellent time was had by all. A friend of mine (about 25F) had had a skinful, went upstairs to find a quiet bathroom to have a tactical vomit, came back downstairs and as she was half way down the stairs, she tripped, rolled quite gracefully down the stairs, continued rolling when she got to the bottom and stopped after a few yards when she bumped into my mother-in-law’s legs. My friend was lying flat on her back, and being the well-brought up girl she was, looked straight into my mother-in-law’s eyes and said “I’d just like to say what a wonderful wedding this is, and didn’t the bride look beautiful”. Then she passed out.


Image source: EdgyEmily, Al Elmes

After the toast the Bride said she had a surprise for everyone and started playing a video. They got married a year ago in secret only 2 people there knew about it and kept it a secret from everyone, even the parents didn’t know. The end of the video the Bride turns to the cameras and said “Surprise b**ches, you are at our 1 year anniversary”.

#8 They wanted their German shepherd in the wedding. He walked down by the bride and took a dump. Hilarious.

Image source: Most_Wonder_1871, Marcus Cramer


Image source: unnamedbeaver, Obi – @pixel8propix

Attended a wedding where they had hired private security to ensure the bride’s father and stepmom wouldn’t come in and disrupt everything. After security blocked them from going in I guess they decided to get drunk in the car, they then came back and proceeded to beat the security guards up with their empty liquor bottles.

Before the wedding I overheard the groom’s family calling the pride paranoid and selfish, and that she should have invited her dad. Obviously, they had never met him before…..


Image source: othybear, Priscilla Du Preez ??

I walked into the bathroom to take a break from dancing. The bride was sitting on the floor by herself, crying her eyes out. I stopped to talk to her, and apparently she didn’t want to get married but felt forced to because she and the groom had had sex once. She wasn’t pregnant but she felt she was obligated to marry him because of her religious views. We talked for at least fifteen minutes because I didn’t want to leave her alone (this was before cell phones were really a thing), and finally her grandma came into the bathroom and took over. I barely knew the bride, as the groom was a friend of my boyfriend’s and I was just a plus one. I got back to the dance floor and the groom was happily dancing with his groomsmen, completely oblivious to the fact that his bride was missing.

I ran into the groom about a decade later and he reported he was the proud dad of 4 kids and was still happily married. I hope for his wife’s sake that the marriage was a happy one and she wasn’t lying to him because she felt obligated to stay married.

#11 Groom smashes cake in the brides face, her dad immediately leads him outside and all you hear is a is a thump and a moment later dad walks back in.

Image source: likestotraveltoo, Kadyn Pierce

#12 Maid of honor told the bride she was pregnant, during the reception, with the groom’s child ? that led to the NEXT wedding where the groom is now marrying the former maid of honor and the ex-wife tells her that she is also pregnant with, you guessed it, the grooms child ?

Image source: tankgirl619, freestocks


I (34M) caught the garter and a 16 year old girl whom I did not know caught the bouquet. A bunch of the wedding guests were loudly pressuring me to get up under the girl’s dress and put the garter on her leg. She was maybe a little on the spectrum and didn’t understand what was going on for a minute, then when someone explained to her what the people were yelling at me to do she looked like she was going to faint from shock and horror at the idea of it. I was like ABSOLUTELY NOPE and gave the garter back to the bride. The “put it on her leg!!” contingent was mostly boomer age ladies. ?

Image source: anon

#14 At the reception the best man and groom were drunk and started fighting. Cops were called and the groom decided he would win a fight with the 6 foot 5 state trooper. They had to hog tie him after he kicked two other officers. I was the photographer doing a favor for a friend.

Image source: soldmyblood, Michael Förtsch


Image source: slinkylizard, Gabriella Clare Marino

I attended a wedding reception where the wait staff started to become generally distracting during dinner…they were sweeping the floors, spraying windows, creating more of a mess than anything. They would ask guests to move, interrupting their conversations and meal. They would clear away bottles of wine and champagne that hadn’t been finished, then quickly bring another, just to grab it away again. One of the waiters even sat down and poured himself a drink. It was confusing and a bit appalling, but not as much as it was amusing.

Turns out, they were the hired entertainment! It created quite a buzz of conversation once we had all processed what was happening. I’ve never seen anything else like it.


Image source: Schwarzes__Loch, Merylove Art

Male stripper in a leopard print thong was hired to provide entertainment at the wedding I was attending. Nobody paid any attention to him or tipped him. He got bored and sat by the buffet tables. I felt sorry for him and joined him for the remainder of the reception. We played many games of Tic-Tac-Toe.

I was 6 years old.


Image source: lonelady75, Joeyy Lee

Couple was conservative, evangelical Christian. The bride had always been a Christian, but the groom had converted sometime in his mid to late 20s. As such, the bride was a virgin and the groom was not.

Not a big deal.

Except every single one of his groomsmen brought it up during their speeches. Like, they felt the need to let everyone know that the groom had gotten laid before and now got to bang a virgin.

it was truly gross.


Image source: Villain-in-Training, Leonardo Miranda

A male relative of mine got married. His mother died a couple of weeks before the ceremony. His widowed father showed up to the wedding with his new girlfriend, who was wearing the dead mothers clothes. I mean the dress she picked out for the wedding, her shoes and jewelry. Our whole family was shocked. They spent the whole day telling everyone they saw that it would have been a shame to not use it, since it was such a happy coincidence that his late wife and new girlfriend shared the same size. Needless to say the groom loves his wife, but doesn’t like to talk about the wedding.


Image source: SupplyChainNext, Gabriel Barletta

This actually happened. DJd a rich family wedding. 400 person on their massive property. Under a huge tend. The the rich daughter married an indigenous Canadian gent. It was easily 45oC with the humidity that day. Got heat stroke setting up. Boss told me to finish or I was fired. Figured it was my last gig cause I was done at that point.

Seemed like nice enough guy. They looked like an adorable couple. Brides dad was a total condescending d**k to staff and me the whole day and evening.

Overall there was an obvious tension the entire night though. At some point someone on one family side said something to someone else about 1am and a massive brawl started. This wasn’t teens fighting but 45-50 year old white bankers throwing down with stacked farm working and reservation living people. It was wild.

You’re going to ask – did I cut the music? Eff no. I was fed up. felt like a*s, and saw an opportunity so I threw on Kung Fu fighting and watched this brawl go down. Multiple cop cars (7-10?) multiple arrests. Didn’t get paid. Don’t care. Worth it.

The rich dad may have gained a son but he definitely lost that fight and a few teeth that day.

EDIT: I was asked via DM what was said. Not sure who said something first but I do know after asking during tear down that punches were thrown when one of the brides uncles told the grooms brother something around the vein of “Why don’t you go back to the rez to huff a litre” – so incredibly racist s**t. I’d have thrown down at that point too if I were him. So. Ya. Rich a******s gonna a*****e.

EDIT 2: To confirm the hockey player who commented on the fight winners – Yea the banker boys got their asses BEAT son. Lemme telll ya. Son son son. Wooo boy.


Immediately after dinner half the reception (the bride’s family) got up en masse to go milk their cows. They were Amish or Mennonite. It occurred to me later that maybe they were really avoiding the dancing.

Image source: OutrageousStrength91


Image source: Scotsgit73, Lewis Ashton

A group of women shrieking with laughter as they tried to put their hands up the kilt of a seven year old boy ‘to see what’s up there’.

The Bride and some of her friends intervened and the women were physically removed from the wedding.

Edited to add: the women in question were arrested for it, after the one who was basically the ringleader was knocked out by the bride. They then spent the period from Saturday night until Monday morning in the cells.

#22 Maid of honor did a wide receiver dive trying to catch the bouquet and went right through the wedding cake.

Image source: JoeyMaddox, nikki gibson

#23 During the father daughter dance- father was grabbing the daughters a*s. I was in utter disbelief

Image source: theheartandthebrain, Becerra Govea Photo


Image source: ll1037j, Aidan Hampson

Seen it twice. At the reception, the older, unmarried sister of the bride or groom has to dance in a hog feeding trough by themselves in front of everyone, because their younger sibling got married before them. All the family, friends, guests gather around them to laugh and heckle. We couldn’t help but feel bad for them, especially the poor big sister who was a little on the heavier side. Sorry about your self esteem, I guess!


I was a bridesmaid in my sisters wedding, and I was robbed during the ceremony.

A homeless guy came into the church right before the ceremony started and stole my purse from the dressing room during the ceremony.

The guy actually returned to the scene of the crime with my purse, but took off when he realized we were looking for him. My dad, in his tux and fancy shoes, ended up chasing the guy and inadvertently herded him towards the cops who were responding. Turns out he had a ton of warrants for domestic violence, so off to jail he went.

Word got around at the reception and all the relatives were slipping me cash to make up for what the guy stole. I ended up profiting from being robbed!

Image source: UnstuckTimePilgrim


Image source: moonrulesnmbr1, Dylan de Jonge

At my wedding, one of the caterer attendants decided to take my husband and his groomsmens offer of a few swigs of whiskeys before the ceremony on the side of the building. The attendant was younger (at least 21 but not much older) and was drunk af. He then got fired and decided to join our reception party and get more drinks, he jumped in front of all the guys to catch the garter. I was really upset at the time, but I found a candid photo of the moment he caught the garter , and he did a whole a*s air kick and was so disheveled it made me laugh.

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