30 Times Coworkers Went An Extra Mile To Bring A Smile To People’s Faces

Published 2 years ago

A healthy workspace not only keeps people happy but also makes them work with more energy and efficiency. And the most important thing that makes a workspace healthy is the personality of coworkers. A single negative person can spread toxicity all around the office and a single positive person can lift everyone’s spirits up.

Today we have gathered a list of all the instances where office workers were pleasantly surprised by the way their colleagues behaved, and their stories are as wholesome as they can get. Check them out in the gallery below.

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#1 Wholesome Coworkers

Image source: maryclaireee7

#2 Tomorrow Is My Last Day At My Current Job And My Coworkers Knew I Liked Anime So One Of The Older Ladies Made Me An “Anime” Quilt

Image source: AccordianAttack

#3 I’ve Been Biking To Work In The Cold Every Morning, My Coworker Noticed And She Made Me This Scarf And Beanie

Image source: Then_Ad7687

#4 Today’s My Birthday. When The Clock Hit Midnight, The Security Guy Who I Barely Know And The Only Other Person On Site Turned The Corner And Surprised Me With This

Image source: Dumb_Reddit_Username

“I work 3rd shift monitoring the machines at a tourist attraction.
A great start to what could have been a lonely day.”

#5 The 66-Year-Old Receptionist Where I Work Prints Out Memes On Paper And Puts Them On The Wall

Image source: tokensbro

#6 The President Of Our Company Is A Giant Kid, So For His Birthday We Made His Office Into A Ball Pit

Image source: CivilRiceOnionRing

#7 My Office Has Been Working From Home For Weeks. I Had Sent Out An Email Asking That Anyone Who Has To Drop By The Office To Feed My Fish


“I went in today for the first time – someone made a log book. I’m crying.”

#8 I’m A Nice Colleague

Image source: Hijae

#9 My Coworker Is Having A Hysterectomy. So The Department Had A Food Day

Image source: tjackso6

#10 Wife Just Made Over 100 Truffles For Her Coworkers. Now She Gets To Go On The Train Into Boston With These. She’s The Best

Image source: reddit.com

#11 God Bless The Co-Workers

Image source: cnn

#12 Heartwarming

Image source: im_just_laur

#13 My 88-Year-Old Coworker Showed Me His Binder Of Love Poems He Writes. 2 Months Of Work And I Got My Coworker Published And Delivered His First Book

Image source: saxesun

#14 To Have A Boss Like This

Image source: clairewillett

#15 His Wife Called In To Sing Happy Birthday Over Video Chat

Image source: Eeenesto_

#16 New Friend/Coworker Of Mine Couldn’t Afford A New Computer. I Built A New One And Gave Him My Old One For Free. He Was So Happy He Asked Me To Take His Picture

Image source: JumpyyyKO

#17 My Cousin Worked At McDonald’s In Northern Ontario For Most Of His Life And Was A Manager There For The Majority Of His Career. He Passed Away Suddenly Last Monday

Image source: Jean_Marie_1989

“The 3 McDonald’s restaurants in that area flew their flags at half-mast in his honor. Such a beautiful gesture.”

#18 A Note From A Coworker During A Dark Time. It’s Been 3 Years And I Still Look At It When I Need A Pick-Me-Up

Image source: yodelaheehoo66

#19 Today Was My Boyfriend’s Last Day At His “Big Box Mart” Job. The Company Itself Did Not Acknowledge His Last Day, But A Coworker In The Bakery Made Him This

Image source: kmonizzle

#20 My Girlfriend’s Boss Makes Her Healthy Lunches Because She Has Fainting Spells

Image source: Metallschleifer

#21 My Hometown PD Threw This Brave Officer A Birthday Party. Happy Birthday, Max

Image source: everdayday

#22 A Coworker Of Mine With Down Syndrome Makes Me A Card Every Christmas

Image source: nickm78

#23 My Wonderful Colleague Is Having A Baby, So I Made Her A Zookeepers Baby Blanket

Image source: nixknits

#24 Happy Retirement To My Coworker That Always Brought Us Candy. Thanks For Always Being Awesome, Mark

Image source: Dabrina_Meah

#25 Co-Worker Checking In Due To Having The Weekend Away From My GF And Feeling A Bit More Of Top Of My Depression

Image source: geeitswill

#26 My Sister Is Fighting Cancer & It’s Been Absolutely Brutal. It’s Really Taken A Toll On Me & My Work Performance Has Dropped Significantly, I Feared I’d Get Fired

Image source: barelylunar

“Instead, my coworkers presented me with this care package to comfort my sister through chemo, a hand-painted card & a $750 donation.”

#27 I Work At A Small Family Owned Italian Restaurant And My Boss Let’s Me Study When We’re Slow So He Brought Me A Small Pizza And Said “Snack While You Study”

Image source: Erin Smith

“I worked a 12-hour shift today and he fed me three times and made me a sandwich to take home. He’s an angel walking among us.”

#28 I Took Care Of My Colleague’s Snail While She Was Gone And It Unexpectedly Had Babies. I Threw A Baby Shower For Her To Come Back To. Congrats, Loki

Image source: outofthedesert

#29 Today Is My Birthday. My Coworkers Know I’m On A Diet But I Told Them They Were More Than Welcome To Still Get A Cake For Themselves To Enjoy

Image source: itchypoopsarethebest

“Instead, this was waiting for me when I got to work. Truly made my day and was quite delicious!”

#30 I’ve Been Snapping Selfies On Unattended Phones At Work. Today My Coworkers Gave Me Photo Albums Of The Selfies They Found On Their Phones

Image source: TrailRatedRN

“One of the most heartfelt birthday gifts I’ve ever gotten.”

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