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30 Times Vandalism Was Mild, Funny, And Wholesome

Published 4 months ago

People vandalize streets, vehicles, and signboards for many reasons – some do it to express their dislike towards something while others do it just to give the passerby a smile. Whatever the reason be, sometimes acts of vandalism can be mild and funny.

Turns out, there is a subreddit called r/MildlyVandalised that collects and shares funny, wholesome, polite, and interesting acts of vandalism spotted on the streets. Scroll below to see some of their best posts. And if you want to see more such pics, check out our previous article here.

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#1 The City Says It Will Take At Least 7 Years To Construct A Bike Lane So We Drew One In Chalk Connecting A Big Trail With Some Neighborhoods To Show How Easy It Could Be. Paint Coming Soon

Image source: hikerjukebox

#2 This Little Piggy

Image source: jennypentland

#3 I Found This Gem Somewhere In Hartford, Cn Last Week

Image source: Buuuuuus

#4 Tough Choice!

Image source: TondalayaSwartzkopf

#5 No Signs Were Posted

Image source: No-Suggestion-9482

#6 Fun!

Image source: Consfez

#7 Dog Waste Bin In Britain This Morning

Image source: Make_the_music_stop

#8 Awesome Find In Durham

Image source: frenchcat808

#9 Good Soldiers Follow Orders

Image source: Roy_McCoy08

#10 Glasgow City Centre

Image source: Physical_Parsnip_535

#11 This Is A Great Idea

Image source: crabnox

#12 Believe!!!!

Image source: FriendshipElegant401

#13 There Should Also Be A “Say Open Sesame“ On The Restroom Door

Image source: CoopedUp1313

#14 Thwaites

Image source: comics0026

#15 My Sponge Is Shy

Image source: Reandr12

#16 Result!

Image source: Major_Lee_Garsol

#17 Uno Reverse Card On Mild Vandalism

Image source: lootheman

#18 Some Of The Old Tiles In The Underpass Fell Off

Image source: piratesushi

#19 Tiny

Image source: Jizzle_Sticks

#20 Kind Citizen Marked The Mute So You Don’t Have To Listen To The Commercials While Pumping Gas

Image source: ishwari10

#21 I May Have Chuckled When I Saw This At The Grocery Store, But Still Trashy. This Would Be About $2

Image source: 420_Blaze_It_Aagz

#22 Beware Of The Falling Cactus

Image source: Shpander

#23 A Tribute To Bruce Wills Found In My Office Area

Image source: Skud_NZ

#24 No Playing Dice With Squirrels

Image source: _062862


Image source: Amourofzedoute

#26 “Dark Forces Are Coming…”

Image source: UDAFX_MK_85

#27 Classic

Image source: Amourofzedoute

#28 Anti Abortion Ad On Public Transit

Image source:

#29 Who You Gonna Call?

Image source: HaphazardFlitBipper

#30 I Certainly Would

Image source: rickdagless666

Saumya Ratan

Saumya loves to explore beautiful, crazy, and wholesome stuff on the internet. She seeks to find something interesting in everything and strives to share her inspirations and explorations with people all over the world.

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