35 Times People Celebrated Wholesome Christmas And Shared Their Joy With The World

Published 6 months ago

The holiday season is a time for joy, love, and togetherness, and social media platforms are buzzing with heartwarming content that embodies the true spirit of Christmas.

From touching stories to adorable photos, these Christmas posts go beyond wholesome, capturing the essence of the season and spreading contagious cheer to audiences worldwide. Check out some of the most heartwarming Christmas posts in the gallery below.

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#1 Apparently, I Got Piglets For Christmas. I’m So Excited

Image source: rossionq1

#2 A Coworker’s Relative Got This Pup Without Consulting The Wife And Couldn’t Keep It, So I Swooped In To Take Him In. First Family Dog, And My Wife And Daughter Are Ecstatic

Image source: reddit.com

#3 Lovely Of Him

Image source: ahmedhankir

Nitka Tsar : “That‘s so kind of him! I hope his colleagues made an effort to find out when his most valued holidays are and do the same for him!”

#4 Side Note: “My Fiancée And I Have Been Together Since 2014. Her Dad Has Always Been The Best. Tonight, Just Confirmed It”

Image source: KateAustin

Chilli : “this is so sweet”

#5 Someone In My County Set Up A Christmas Tree By Her Wildlife Camera And Caught These

Image source: mama_c6

Black Cat : “Gorgeous photos of wild animals wondering what the heck is that?”

#6 This Is My Father-In-Law. My Mother-In-Law Spends Thousands Of Dollars Every Year Buying Different Items So My FIL Could Give Away Gifts At Hospitals, Churches, Schools, And Shelters

Image source: Cabbagetoe

Mark : “Mrs. Claus is also an important part of Operation Christmas”

#7 Michael Esmond Paid Off 36 Families’ Utility Bills. He Found Out Who Was At Risk Of Having Their Power Turned Off. He Spent $4,600 Making Their Holidays A Little Less Stressful

Image source: DanielleApoNews

Rebelliousslug : “THIS is incredible!!”

#8 My Dad Retired Last Year From The Post Office And Became A Professional Santa During The Holidays. I May Be Biased, But I Think He’s The Best Santa I’ve Ever Seen

Image source: bellsmob84

#9 Our First Family Christmas Card – Never Been Happier, Never Been More Exhausted

Image source: Jwalla83

Rebekah : “So sweet.”

#10 I Love My Grandma So Much. She Took Me In, 15 Years Ago, And No One Makes Me As Happy As She Does. We Had The Best Christmas This Year

Image source: Faris-Hilton

Rebekah : “Great smiles.”

#11 Best Santa Ever

Image source: Misty Wolf

I whispered to Santa: “He is blind and autistic and is very interested in Santa.” He said: “Say no more” and immediately got down on the floor to greet my little man.
He talked to Matthew for a long time. Let him feel all over him. Told him to pull his beard, feel his hat, and talked about his red suit.
Then Santa said have you ever felt a real reindeer. Santa then carried him over to the display area. And had Matthew pet the taxidermy reindeer they had set up. It was great. My heart was full seeing Matthew so interested.

#12 If My ICU Patients Forget For Just A Few Minutes That They’re Stuck In ICU Over Christmas, Then It Is All Worth It

Image source: tessellating

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My! : “Oh, Christmas hair, oh Christmas hair…”

Samantha : “That is some seriously big festive hair on the thoughtful Nurse :)”

#13 This Woman Brings A Bag Of Hats To The Shelter Every Year, Which She Knits From January To December

Image source: Pueblo Cooperative Care Center

Bored something : “What a kind heart ❤”

Flora Porter : “A very kind act, and crocheted rather than knitted, judging from the photo.”

#14 My Father Has Early Onset Alzheimer’s. I Brought My New Dog Home For Christmas This Year, And He Said, “I Know I’m Going To Forget A Lot, But I’m Going To Remember This Dog For A Long Time”

Image source: constipated_giraffe

Auntriarch : “I can say nothing, except enjoy and record”

#15 Workmate Knows I’ve Been Finding The Last Few Months Very Tough Financially. I’ve Only Known Him For Six Months, But He Got Me A Bag Full Of Things. This Guy Filled My Cupboards

Image source: d10x5

#16 My Cat Lucy Is 20 Years Old, And I Want Her To Live Her Best Life, So We Drove Around To See Christmas Lights Tonight. I Think She Enjoyed It

Image source: Lucy1967

#17 I Didn’t Get Any Christmas Presents This Year Except From My Landlord. He Has No Idea How Much I’m Struggling, And It Was The Best Gift For Me

Image source: Neogalik

“Chris, I figured the best Santa gift for you would be, taking off half the January rent. So just pay $440 at the end of this month. -Jee”

#18 This Amazing Santa

Image source: reddit.com

While my girlfriend was getting chemo, we ran into Santa, who was also getting a dose. After visiting the kids in the hospital, he was going to go to his job at the mall. He’s trying to bring joy and holiday spirit to those around him while fighting to live.

#19 This Man, Jeff Snowball, Walked Into B&M Store Wallsend Today, Spent £130 On Toys, Put Them All Straight Into The Cash For Kids Drop Off Trolley, And Walked Out Again. Such A Hero

Image source: Cash for Kids North East

We just happened to be in the store at the same time and chased him across the car park for a photo! In his words: “No kid deserves to get nothing at Christmas.” It’s people like Jeff and the thousands of others who donate gifts that make all the hard work worth it. Thank you so much.

#20 This Amazing Woman Helping Out Not Only A Patient But His Dog Too

Image source: Adult Day Healthcare at The Grand at Rome

After this dog’s owner was hospitalized, our resident was forced to give his dog to the Rome Humane Society. When our RN Jennifer heard about it, she immediately went there and adopted his dog so that she could bring him to visit while he completes his rehab.

#21 These Wholesome People

Image source: dmtry

Every year, my company hands out Christmas wishlists for kids who wouldn’t otherwise get anything. This year, my team picked out 3 brothers asking for an Xbox 360 games and accessories. We figured we could do better than that and put this together for them.

#22 I Missed My Connecting Flight And Was Crying By Myself When These Two Complete Strangers Came Up To Me And Helped Me Cheer Up

Image source: cchibear

We chatted while waiting for our plane and played card games. Thank you so much, Matt and Levi. Truly great guys. Happy holidays!

#23 This 10-Year-Old Sweetie Had Been In The Shelter Since May, But On Christmas Eve, I Was Able To Give Her A Forever Home

Image source: prettiestpooper

A little backstory on this sweet girl for anyone interested. Her name is Duchess, and she was surrendered in May, where she bounced to a few different shelters. The shelter I adopted her from doesn’t know the complete story, but her previous owners have had her for 10 years. She grew up with asthma, and the reason for giving her up was “too many animals.” She’s probably going to require an inhaler in the future, but she purrs louder than an engine, and I’m beyond excited to have her in my family.

#24 I Recently Lost My Brother, And I Made These Pieces For My Family Out Of A Part Of A Christmas Tree He Chopped Down Last Year

Image source: areyouthree

#25 Every Year On December 1st Someone Puts A Knitted Hat On Top Of The Post Box At The End Of My Road. This Year’s Is The Best So Far. It Looks Very Cute

Image source: reddit.com

#26 I Adopted 3 Dogs From The Shelter This Year And Decided To Give Them The Best Christmas I Possibly Could

Image source: InLynneBo

#27 It’s Finally Done. I Crocheted And Knitted Pretend Food For My Niece As A Christmas Present. She’s Almost Two. I Think We Are Going To Have A Great Time With All Of This

Image source: funundrum

#28 If You Are Alone Or Have Nothing To Do On Christmas Day, Pop Into Meet & Deep News For A Mince Pie And Some Christmas Cheer. You Don’t Have To Buy Anything. We Just Want To See You

Image source: Meet & Deep News

#29 My German Shorthaired Pointer Got A Sibling For Christmas

Image source: CallMePeat

#30 My Fiancé And I Foster Dogs. For Christmas This Year, She Announced That We Were Adopting This Guy. He’s The Cutest

Image source: MrMcGrumbles

#31 I Gave Mom A Blanket Made From My Dad’s Shirts. This Is Her First Christmas Without Him Since He Passed In January 2021

Image source: Mrsbingley

#32 My Teenage Daughter Painted A Picture For Christmas. She Knows I Love McLaren, F1, And Lando. The Effort She Put In Really Means The World To Me

Image source: OhhLead

#33 In March, My Wife And I Built An Apartment In Our Home For A Ukrainian Family. Tonight, We Celebrate Christmas As A Family With Them And Their Friends

Image source: IamRasters

#34 Wonderful News

Image source: JohnAda10163823

#35 87-Year-Old Friends Got Together For The 64th Year In A Row To Bake Christmas Cookies. They Have Never Missed A December, Even Through Babies And Blizzards

Image source: rneducator

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