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30 Of The Most Wholesome Tributes To Queen Elizabeth II From All Around The World

Published 9 months ago

The passing away of Queen Elizabeth II last Thursday left the world in shock, awe, and in mourning. News all over the world never missed reporting about Her majesty’s death. Politicians and common people alike expressed their condolences and paid their tributes through whatever channel they could.

Below, we scoured the Internet for the most wholesome tributes left online for the Queen. From the cutest artworks to politicians’ tweets, this list will make you feel touched as well!

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Image source: the.corgi.yoshi


Image source: paddingtonbear


Image source: ZelenskyyUa


Image source: cheerful_4


Image source: TheRoyalistsUK


Image source: brfootball


Image source: TheTweetOfGod


Image source: ALBIONFANTV



Image source: murphys_sketches


Image source: ASoberLady


Image source: PaulBrandITV


Image source: savvydragonart


Image source: American_RF_Fan


Image source: eltonofficial


Image source: paulmccartney


Image source: velvetdynasty


Image source: TreasChest


Image source: figureitoutart


Image source: MajorDcps


Image source: sturdyAlex


Image source: uniquehawaii


Image source: Me_nef8


Image source: OzzyOsbourne


Image source: TIME


Image source: ReeseW


Image source: Melany Stephenson


Image source: StandWithUs


Image source: PaulBrandITV


Image source: NASA


Image source: barackobama


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