40 Heartwarming Snaps Of Rescued Animals Photographed In Their New Homes

Published 2 weeks ago

It’s always better to adopt than shop. With so many abandoned animals out there, you will likely find the perfect furry companion to suit your lifestyle. Plus you’ll have given another living being a second chance, a place to call home and that precious feeling of safety. 

It’s certainly enough to perk up anyone’s spirit seeing those special moments. So scroll below to check out a heartwarming collection of pictures of rescued animals finally finding peace in their fur-ever homes. 

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#1 Cute And Funny Adopted Cat

Image source: Affectionate-Try7342

Kirsten Kerkhof: Ah, the infamous Orange Braincell at work.

#2 Behold, For Here Is Gertrude

Image source: imnotalesbianiswear

Gertrude was adopted 2 weeks ago! she’s 9 and is the sweetest cat i’ve ever had. she’s my first cat that belongs to ME!! and i’m so happy!! she’s gonna be my ESA for college since i have horrible struggles with sleeping and have debilitating anxiety. she’s got some health issues, but i’ve always dreamt of having an older cat that i can give my love to till the end of their days. she loves cuddles, getting wet food (especially as an award after her meds!), and is so calm. she loves getting attention

#3 I Have Been Adopted (By A Cat)

Image source: jintganish

It’s me.: This sage master sees potential in you. Pay attention and learn from his wisdom.

#4 Just Adopted A Calico

Image source: jewnanaaa

#5 35 Year Old Named Paris!

Image source: Hollywizzle311

I just wanted to introduce this sub to my newly adopted 35 year old Blue Fronted Amazon, Paris. Apparently his owner only has a couple of months to live and he was being fostered. Poor guy. I have an African grey already. They’re checking each other out from a distance! Any advice or tips anyone has would be appreciated. This is my first time really with two very intelligent parrots!

#6 Kiara, Our Newly-Adopted German Shepherd/Border Collie. She Is So Sweet And Has Adjusted Super Well To Our Home. She’s Just A Fantastic Dog

Image source: photoman12001

#7 I Adopted This Stray Cat Mother And Daughter And Have A Very Shy Baby. Please Bless This Family

Image source: Valuable_Quarter_883

#8 After A Long Day Of Being A Menace He Always Needs Cuddles & Purring

Image source: sailormars_bars

My sweet newly adopted boy has been here for just over 2 weeks, and every night he just plops down on top of me and purrs, no petting required. He had no fear when we brought him home, it’s like he just knew he was home and immediately settled in.

#9 I Present To You Indico, He Is A Puppy That I Rescued From A Shelter. He Came Home All Hurt And Skinny

Image source: Sativa2424, Sativa2424

sbj: What a transformation, Well done you!

#10 Adjusting To A New Home

Image source: Inner_Rooster642

LakotaWolf (she/her): Adjusting? Look at the look in pupper’s eyes. Pupper loves you already and knows they are home forever :)

#11 My Bb Dexter ??❤️

Image source: glazedandconfused_33

Adopted this Dalmatian / Cockapoo cutie from Warrior Dog Rescue in Minnesota. Absolutely in love!

#12 My First Fosters!

Image source: cubch0o

#13 Hello

Image source: Logical_Function6162

#14 Hello, My Name Is Peaches

Image source: SarahCBear

And I need to be extra feisty to keep up with my two big brothers (who are also just bigger smol cats). My foster mom who found me in an engine says I’m 8 weeks old – my forever mom and the vet disagreed. (My hooman is OP’s brother who gave permission to OP to post.)

#15 Meet Stormy!

Image source: nxxrose

Today I adopted a female birb named Stormy. She was found on a stormy day in someone’s back yard, which is how she got her name. So far she is very calm, but I can tell she is nervous from being in a new environment. I’m glad that Spike was being so nice and gentle with her though. Anyone have any advice or tips for helping a new additional bird feel more comfortable? Thank you!

#16 Meet Kevin! Great Dane / Giant Schnauzer Mix

Image source: beerkmansworld

#17 I’m Incredibly Pleased With My Decision To Have My Adopted Cat Tattooed

Image source: playful_egg22

lasagne of death: A cattoo!

#18 A Homeless Dog Gave Birth In My Compound. I Will Adopt All Of Them

Image source: Interesting-Click-12

#19 Meet Boaty! (15)

Image source: iris__lu

I realize I haven’t posted on this subreddit yet. This is our adopted senior boy, his name is Boaty. His owner was an older lady and she sadly passed away, which resulted in her son taking Boaty and immediately bringing him to a shelter to surrender him and suggested they euthanize him because “he’s failing.” (how can people be so mean?!) The shelter was like “… no well just keep him here thanks.” Boaty is in good health, he just has a IBS and hyperthyroidism, which is really easy to take care of. He’s the sweetest boy. He takes lots of naps and loves to cuddle, he even gets along with our other cat. His favorite thing rn is supervised sunshine time lol.

#20 After Almost 10 Years Without A Dog We Just Adopted This Angel

Image source: glc_2814

#21 New Family Member!

Image source: JGamer17

Just adopted this sweet little girl yesterday from a foster animal rescue. She’s about 2.5 months old. Very playful and full of energy. She joins my 4 year old male cat. Looking forward to giving her a fun, safe, and happy life!

#22 Meet My Adopted Boy!

Image source: Wenchpie

#23 First Time Fostering!

Image source: tinafeysbiggestfan

#24 Y’all I Think I Just Got Adopted By A Cat

Image source: killer_icognito

#25 We’ve Been Meaning To Adopt A Cat And Then My Wife Found This Guy In A Parking Lot

Image source: FilthyChangeup55

lasagne of death: “Finally! My own human :3”

#26 Just Adopted This Little Dude. Can’t Think Of A Name…wife Likes “Mango”

Image source: TheAwkwardGamerRNx

#27 Pete ?

Image source: abigailllllllll

#28 Adopted My Dog From A Rescue In Cypress – He Came Home On Sunday And Is Still A Sleepy Little Boy

Image source: fietsvrouw

MoMcB: Amazing, when they finally know they are home and safe, how much they sleep for a while. My cat slept for days, only waking for food.

#29 My New Bestie

Image source: Floralwolf

#30 This Is Ivy. A 1 Year Old Hahns Macaw

Image source: IvyTheMacaw

#31 After Years Of Waiting For My Own Baby, I Adopted Oro This Weekend ❤️

Image source: handsonak22111

#32 I’m A Dog Mom Again!

Image source: ContractSensitive225

It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve adopted her. I named her Ophelia Penelope ? She came from the shelter and they didn’t know anything about her as she was a stray. She’s under 2 years old.

#33 Adopted A Senior Cat From The Shelter

Image source: tobae

#34 Our New Void, Spooky!

Image source: acl299

#35 Rescued And Fostered These Guys At 2 Weeks Old. They Just Got Adopted Today. I’m So Happy & Sad At The Same Time

Image source: johnpaulgeorgeringoo

#36 Adopted These Boys Today

Image source: fluffy_stingray

#37 Got Our First Void ! Midnight Aka (Mimi)

Image source: FrostiGator

#38 My Orange Girl Tabby. We Adopted Her So Our Current Cat, Pebbles, Can Have A Sister

Image source: tristanabella

#39 We Adopted And Weren’t Sure, But Apparently She Belongs Here! This Is Today After A Trip To The Dog Bar

Image source: LindsayDuck

#40 Literal Friday Cat! What Would You Do For Mr. Handsome Eyebrows??

Image source: amytski7

We got this micro kittah 2 days ago. They say Fuzzball is 8 weeks…but Oldman Eyebrows still kinda crawls and slinks away. Swirly-fur Void will eat out of our hands but basically trembles unless he’s wrapped up in a blanky.

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