30 Examples Of Great Sense Of Humor Displayed By Women Who Never Fail To Entertain Their Partners

Published 2 years ago

Someone who has a good sense of humor is always fun to be around. If your partner is a funny person and knows how to make you smile, then you probably know the positive effect of humor in relationships. Take Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively for example – their relationship has been going strong for more than 10 years now and we all know that their bonding is heavily based on the great humor they share with each other.

Some women go the extra mile and use their witty and creative ideas to keep their relationships happy and fun. So, if you feel like your relationship has become boring for some reason, you might consider trying some of the ideas listed below to bring that spark back in your relationship. And if you want to see some posts about funny boyfriends and husbands, check out our previous posts here and here.

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#1 My Girlfriend Just Told Me “Come Here! The Toilet’s Smoking!”

Image source: Jamarcus_Mankrik

#2 Husband Said I Can’t Buy Anymore Plants Because There Isn’t Any Room. Check And Mate

Image source: murrene

#3 Sleepy Girlfriend

Image source: bishilarious

#4 I Won

Image source: torii_somerss

#5 My GF Proposed To Me Today

Image source: LakotaV420

#6 Wife Is Breastfeeding And I’m In Bed

Image source: jonathan-dough

#7 When I First Told My Wife I Loved Her, She Replied With “That’s Dangerous”. When We Married A Year Ago She Snuck This Inscription Into My Ring

Image source: frad_darsh

#8 She’s A Keeper

Image source: beagz

#9 Some Wives Be All Sexy And I Be Like

Image source: kelsey.lovley

#10 My Friend’s Birthday Gift To Her Husband: A Fantastic Painting Of Their Derperman Pinscher

Image source: jread

#11 Yes, This Is Actually How I Told My Husband We Were Pregnant Again

Image source: wavesandlilacs

#12 My Wife Took This Unflattering Photo While I Was Cleaning The Living Room

Image source: ActingLikeTheFunPolice

#13 Wife Modified A 5-Year-Old Birthday Card For My Brother’s 35th

Image source: luke_and_coley

#14 GF Proposed That I Should Take A Pic Of Her In The Bath Today. Not What I Expected, But Turned Out Pretty Cool Anyway

Image source: Grothorious

#15 My Son Was Born Today. I Am Away, But My Wife Sent Me This. I Am Beyond Excited

Image source: YoungOrthodox95

#16 My Wife Decided To Dress Up As Me For Halloween

Image source: jlblessingjr

#17 My SO Falls Asleep On The Couch Pretty Frequently, I Usually Take A Pic And Set It As His Phone’s Background. Tonight I Figured Out How To Change The App Icons

Image source: EskiBean

#18 My Husband Wanted A Sweet Treat. I Made Orange Rolls. To Keep It Interesting, One Of These Has Nacho Cheese On It

Image source: asparagustus_gloop

#19 Wife Said I Look Like Hopper. I Can’t Unsee It

Image source: NonviableCody

#20 My Wife Sent Me This Picture While I Was At Work To Tell Me My Jacket Was Depressed

Image source: maxbrickem

#21 Friend Had A Vasectomy And This Is The Cake That His Wife Made For Him

Image source: jetery

#22 My Boyfriend Probably Won’t Ask Me To Pick Him Up From The Airport Again

Image source: ATLbritta

#23 A Friend’s Note To Her Husband This Morning

Image source: Tweetystraw

#24 My Wife Dressed Up For Her Birthday During The Lockdown. This Is The Result Of Watching The Tiger King, Boredom And A Lot Of Whiskey

Image source: whiteboyscared

#25 Every Year I Get My Boyfriend A Cake For His Birthday. This Year I Asked What Type He Wanted. He Said “I Don’t Care”

Image source: shesafireball

#26 My Wife And I Have Been Competing To See Who Can Make The Fanciest Hot Dog. Her Entry:

Image source: r00__

#27 Got Blackout Drunk Last Night. My Girlfriend Helped Me Remember What Happened

Got Blackout Drunk Last Night. My Girlfriend Helped Me Remember What Happened

Image source: chadneidt

#28 Girlfriend’s Idea Of A Theme For My 25th

Image source: rockinbobdole

#29 My Wife Hid This In Our Backyard And Waited Days For Me To Discover It

Image source: ajcpullcom

#30 I Photo Copied My Husband’s Phone And Left It On His Desk And He Tried To Pick It Up And Now I Wish I’d Filmed It

Image source: Hev60

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