Woman Returns A Dead Christmas Tree On January 4th, And The Shop’s Reaction Will Make You Upset

Published 7 years ago

Now that the Holidays are over, the season of refunds for unwanted gifts is hitting the shops. And while returning a sweater that is two sizes too big for you is one thing, dragging your stripped-down Christmas tree back to the shop you got it from is a way more brazen move.

The woman pictured below strode into the local Costco on January 4th and demanded a refund for her (obviously used) Christmas tree. She insisted on getting her money back because – surprise surprise – the tree was dead. No wonder this bold claim displeased the eye-witnesses, who just had to document the incident to prove it actually happened. Scroll down to read how the story ended and check out the comments it received.

More info: Facebook (h/t)

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Some people couldn’t believe what they’ve seen

But some witnesses confirmed stories like these are legit


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