30+ Puns That Are So Bad They’re Actually Good

Published 6 years ago

A good pun can make you smile, but a bad one can make your day. People rewriting history, admiring two feet of snow, and worrying about the state of low prices are all listed below. And if you scroll down, you will see that all those things we’ve just mentioned might look a little different from what you’ve expected…

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#1 Spotted A Mama Cat Gently Carrying Her Child Today

Image source: Schwoopty

#2 A Stable Relationship

Image source: reddit.com

#3 Clinton Hiding In The Bushes

Image source: micah397

#4 Layover At The Airport

Image source: lukasplus

#5 Black Man Beaten By Police On NYC Sidewalk

Image source: jagershotzz

#6 Screenshot

Image source: MashLuke

#7 Found Some Amazing Indian Writing

Image source: Dolomite2001

#8 UFO Caught On Tape

Image source: One_good_eye

#9 When You Ask For A Half Pint In Ireland They Take It Literally

Image source: burghquay

#10 Periodic Table

Image source: reddit.com


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