This Woman Hasn’t Cut Her Hair In Almost 30 Years And Some People Are Calling Her A Real-Life Rapunzel

Published 5 years ago

Don’t you sometimes dream about simply shaving your head completely bald? Just think about it – no more bad hair days, no more hair clogging your shower drain, and no more expensive haircuts. Also, just think about how much money you’d save without having to buy shampoo! And while it may sound like a dream for you and me, it probably sounds like a nightmare for Ukrainian woman Alena Kravchenko who has been growing out her hair since she was five years old.

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Image credits: alenuwka_longhair

The 34-year-old woman hasn’t cut her hair for almost thirty years and some people even began calling her the real-life Rapunzel.

Image credits: alenuwka_longhair

In a recent interview with Bored Panda, the woman said her mother instilled a love for long hair in her at an early age.

Image credits: alenuwka_longhair

Alena’s hair actually outgrew her own height but the woman isn’t planning on shortening it.

Image credits: alenuwka_longhair

“My love for my braid is so strong that for a second in my whole life I did not think about a haircut,” said the woman. “I can not see and cannot imagine myself with short hair or dyed in a different color!”

Image credits: alenuwka_longhair

It takes time and dedication to take care of hair this long but Alena is up for the task and even says it’s no chore for her.

Image credits: alenuwka_longhair

“It’s not hard for me with my hair, nor the constant care of them, it’s all a joy because this is part of me — my beauty and wealth!” says Alena.

Image credits: alenuwka_longhair

Alena only allows her hair to dry naturally and uses products to make it soft and shiny.

Image credits: alenuwka_longhair

“The main thing that I never do: I don’t dry my hair with a hairdryer, I don’t use curling irons, I don’t comb my wet hair (they dry naturally), it’s all taboo. I wash my hair once a week, use natural masks, various types of oils to nourish my hair; the main care is professional cosmetics. I definitely use dried fruits, nuts, and homemade cottage cheese,” revealed the woman.

Image credits: alenuwka_longhair

“In order to have long and beautiful hair, you just need to really want and love what you do,” says the woman.

People had a lot to say about Alena’s majestic hair

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