20 Times The “Workers Strike Back” Online Community Proved How Tired Of Capitalism People Are

Published 1 year ago

It’s no secret that corporations exploit workers under poor labour conditions and with minimal safety precautions. This issue is is a global problem that is not exclusive to just developing nations but also affects first-world countries such as the US. With so much rampant capitalism, where the few benefit from the exploitation of the masses, it’s no wonder that the “Workers Strike Back” has become a popular movement online. 

This subreddit has been recently gaining traction, amassing a community of over 140K people, ironically placing it in the top 1% of leading subreddits on the platform. A far cry from the usual humorous content available online, this community aims to support workers, critique capitalism and share the harsh realities of workplace conditions and economic inequalities.

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#1 Capitalists Don’t Create Value, Workers Do

Image source: Nick__________

#2 How Jeff Bezos Made It To Space In One Picture

Image source: Nick__________

#3 Billionaires Are Anathema To Humanity

Image source: PlanetofFinks

#4 Stop Blaming Minorities For Your Woes

Image source: DavidYankovich

#5 We’re Living In Dystopia

Image source: pickwick

#6 Excellent Question!

Image source: InternetHippo

#7 Going On Strike Is Always A Good Thing!

Image source: davenewworld_2

#8 Warren Buffett Is Making Billions And Rail Workers Still Can’t Get Any Paid Sick Leave

Image source: GunnelsWarren

#9 Well, Are They Wrong?

Image source: BelleAriel

#10 A Job Is Little More Than Just Us Trying To Survive!

Image source: WishMage

#11 Ohhhh So When We Do It It’s An Issue. Cool Cool Cool * Starts Unionizing *

Image source: ADignifiedLife

#12 Berlin Knows How To Send A Message

Image source: WonderfullWitness

#13 Identify The Real Enemy

Image source: joshfoxfilm

#14 Charlie Kirk Btfo

Image source: Elbrujosalvaje

#15 No, No, They’ve Got A Point

Image source: BelleAriel

#16 Ask The Right Question

Image source: thatquietsong

#17 The Difference Between Corporate Malfeasance And Terrorism

Image source: JohnnyAnarchist

#18 Because It Isn’t

Image source: JohnnyAnarchist

#19 Well This Is Definitely True

Image source: existentialcoms

#20 Fired For Kicking An Empty Box

Image source: MorePerfectUS

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