30 People Who Are Shaming Their Awful Boss’ Poor Leadership Qualities

Published 1 year ago

Having a job can require us to put our own life on hold to ensure our deliverables are met according to urgent deadlines or we may change our plans on our off-day to cover during a short-staffed situation if we are approached by our superior in an appealing way. After all, part of adulting is realizing that we all need our jobs to earn money and pay bills. 

However, when you have to deal with an irrational boss it can really grate on even the most patient employee’s part. Especially when you are generally a good employee and for some reason, your bosses tend to think that means they can walk all over you. Take a look at some of the most annoying encounters employees had with awful bosses and how they dealt with it in corporate style. 

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#1 Please Note The Timestamps. Any Suggestions On How To Deal With This Outrageous Unfairness?

Image source: KaiaKween

#2 Very Inappropriate Joke

Image source: SnooTangerines5364

#3 Terrible Boss Regretting

Image source: 42words

#4 I Just Found Out I’m The Single Lowest Paid Paramedic At My Ambulance Company, Despite Having The Most Experience By Several Years

Image source: ForkySpoony97

#5 My Store Manager Yelled At Me Because I Can Barely Afford To Eat

Image source: LowerFreedom

#6 My Fiance Called In Sick. Her Boss Called 911 And Told The Police She Was On Drugs. Is This Legal?

Image source: BlueMANAHat

#7 My Boss Thinks I Should Skip Seeing My Probation Officer And Go To Jail So He Can Have A Day Off. He Thinks My Labor Should Be More Important Than My Freedom

Image source: cunnyslam

#8 After Helping Them On Short Notice Many Times, I Finally Learned That My Day Off Is My Day Off

Image source: lilant702

#9 A 15-Year-Old Kid Was So Tired From The Workload That He Just Fell Asleep On His 10-Minute Break. After Boss Saw That, He Said: “Make Sure He Doesn’t Get Paid For That”

Image source: Bjork_Bjork

#10 My Boss Wouldn’t Let Me Go To Turn Off My Headlights, Even Though You Could See It Through The Window That They Were On

Image source: ItzSurgeBruh

#11 Stop Stealing My Electricity

Image source: muttmutt2112

#12 Boss Gave Me Cash And Called It A Bonus. Months Later, He Took It Out Of My Paycheck

Image source: eg_rif_ykkur_i_bita

#13 That’s Just Awful

Image source: Randry66

#14 My Boss Asked Me If I Could Change The Day I Put My Dog To Sleep

Image source: lai_lette

#15 No Compassion At All

Image source: iamgeorgimusic

#16 Boss Changed Her Mind Very Fast

Image source: hopechyann

#17 The Fire Exit At My Job Has Been Blocked Like This For Months, And My Boss Threatened To Fire Me After He Saw Me Taking This Photo

Image source: loltyIer1

#18 I Got Fired For Telling The Boss “How To Do His Job” When All I Did Was Say, “We Can’t Obstruct A Fire Escape”

Image source: Sudden_Chard8860

#19 I Felt Sick, So I Did A Test For Covid. My Boss Responded With This

Image source: Zestyclose_Ask_7912

#20 I’m Still In Shock

Image source: ScooterBobb

#21 Recently Posted At Work

Image source: Appropriate-Train-57

#22 I Walked To Work In A Thunderstorm, But My Boss Forgot To Tell Me We All Have Today Off

Image source: Radiskull97

#23 My Boss Screwed The Only Window At Our Office Shut, So It’s Impossible To Get Fresh Air

Image source: SloBearZ

He wanted to save money by not using the heater, which we never use cause it’s so hot in here anyways, so he decided to screw it shut. This can’t be legal. Right?

#24 The Employer Doesn’t Let Workers Use The Air Conditioner As A Heat Wave Comes Rushing In

Image source: CentralGaming1

#25 My Boss Actually Wrote This On My Last Check

Image source: TopShelf_Bim

He didn’t give a 2-week notice, was very inconsiderate, and quit for no reason. Vegan who likes cancer, not meat, coward. He got free rides to work for five months. Self-centered and never amount to anything!

#26 Boss Fired Me For Taking Approved Vacation Time. After That, He Denied My Unemployment. Three Weeks Later, I Got Asked To Sign A Non-Disclosure Agreement

Image source: breakyourfac

#27 I Messaged My Boss That There Was A Small Leak, And He Told Me To Put A Bucket Under It. A Few Hours Later, The Ceiling Tiles Collapsed During A Rush

Image source: slimecounty

#28 This Is How My Mom’s Employer Shipped Her $2000 Work Laptop

Image source: Lithium321

#29 My Boss Texted Me In The Middle Of The Night

Image source: imgur.com

#30 My Boss Called Me In Early, And Said The Line Needs To Be Cleaned Up. He Set Up The Line This Morning And Made All This Mess

Image source: thelegendofsam

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