24 Chain Restaurants People Refuse To Eat At Anymore

Published 8 months ago

There are a lot of options available for eating out but not all of them are ideal for various reasons. Though some restaurants and diners are still quite popular, many people have been left questioning why especially when the service and food leave much to be desired. 

Redditors gathered online to share the restaurants they absolutely refuse to eat in anymore and what caused the change of heart. Scroll below to check out which popular establishments have destroyed their reputation and fallen out of favour with the public.

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Image source: Weak_Hovercraft1, wikimedia

Jimmy Johns. Owner of chain into exotic animal trophy hunting big time. Why go out of your way to kill a giraffe or something?

Addendum: You can google this info for proof. Tons of pictures of him and his “trophies“ all over internet.


Image source: nekosaigai

There’s a small restaurant in my area that was at the forefront of lockdown denial, vaccine denial, and mask denial during the pandemic and lockdown. They forbid their employees from wearing masks, required only those who were vaccinated to wear masks, would refuse service to anyone vaccinated or wearing masks, and the owner was leading protests and giving interviews about ending the lockdowns, against mask mandates, and against the vaccines.

So, I refuse to go there, as do a lot of other people now. Which is a shame because it was one of my favorite restaurants pre pandemic, but given how hard they fought the health department on covid response, it made me wonder what else they’ve been ignoring or hiding on the health front.


Image source: Queequegs_Harpoon, Mike Mozart

I hope this doesn’t come off as snobbish, but the honest answer is any chain restaurant. I’m fortunate enough to live in a region packed with independent restaurants, and I prefer to spend my money at local businesses. It’s not a hard choice to make money-wise, either, as mediocre chain eateries don’t charge mediocre chain eatery prices anymore. If I’m going to spend $18 on a plate of chicken alfredo, then I’m not going to do it at f*****g Olive Garden.


Image source: Additional_Cry_7047, Mike Mozart

Hooters because come on. The whole theme is “[Breasts]! Someone’s [breasts]! We also serve food.” I just can’t bring myself to go there, even when people rave about the wings. And I freaking love wings! In this day and age, Hooters should not be a thing. It’s gross.


Image source: Wolfman01a, iStrfry , Marcus

KFC. I dont know why but I get sick an hour later every time.

Churches doesn’t do this.

Popeyes doesn’t do this.


Image source: amyria, wikimedia

Subway – because of food poisoning & there are better sub places in our town.

Golden Corral – food has always been subpar & I always felt sick after leaving…and not due to overeating.


Image source: wyoflyboy68, Nicholas Eckhart

Panera Bread, extremely overpriced, bland food.


Image source: Jfonzy, Nelson Ndongala

Applebee’s – was a fry cook there.


Image source: Soup_and_Rice, Tony Webster

Noodle & Company and Chili’s
I honestly don’t know what I am supposed to order in either of these restaurants. They got so many things and they all suck

Oh and Pizza Hut because their pizza sucks


Papa John’s. I’ve had better pizza from the freezer section of grocery stores.

Denny’s, because they’re overpriced and the food goes through me faster than a worm through mud.

Pizza Hut. Way overpriced for what you get. I miss the old days where you could actually sit in the restaurant and have your pizza fresh from the oven, instead of half cooled.

Boston Pizza barely avoids my list, but only because I LOVE the perogie pizza and their $5 personal pizza day.

Image source: MamaKit92


All the ones in my area that caved to the selfish anti-science nutjobs and opened for indoor dining when our state health department told them to stay closed. If they don’t give a s**t about spreading disease, they aren’t f*****g getting my money.

Image source: No-Two79


Image source: atomicskier76, brewbooks

Potbelly subs, ruths chris and all of the others whose f**kwad leadership stole PPP money from the small businesses it was actually intended to support (i give no shits if they gave it back when caught)


Image source: zoinks690, Batu Gezer

Will pass on BK. It’s always been the participation trophy of fast food.

Wendy’s has gone downhill severely, especially the wait times (I might be overly critical because I worked there one summer)


I wish restaurants actually showed their kitchen on their CCTV on a large screen up front in the reception and restaurant area. Very few actually do like Japanese restaurants.

Image source: BrushNovel9003


Image source: Mrshaydee, Chris Potter

Chick Fil A. That is just too much bigotry for a s****y chicken sandwich.


There’s a restaurant group in my city owned by a predator. He’s had several charges levied against him and even more allegations, and if you meet him you immediately know they’re all true. Through money, best/sleaziest lawyers, witness intimidation, threats of defamation suits, etc he has managed to avoid any meaningful repercussions. Won’t step foot in any of his restaurants.

Image source: SCirish843


Image source: Crow_eggs, wikimedia

I worked at Domino’s for three days when I was 17. Only job I’ve ever quit on the spot and the only restaurant chain I refuse to eat at.

When you make the pizzas, you pick the toppings out of the tubs and sprinkle them on the base, which sits on a bunch of metal bars over a big metal tray. Periodically you remove the tray, pick the stray toppings out, and put them back in the tubs. So far so logical, right? Third day I worked a close shift and the manager told me to tip the tubs of toppings into the big bags of toppings in the fridge. Asked him when we threw the bags away, and he said “when they’re empty.”

Nope nope nope nope nope. Nasty, nasty bastards.


White castle. When you see roaches laying dead in the soda dispenser or under tables you can kinda assume what the kitchen is like.

Image source: spytez


Image source: Benjazen

Any owned by MAGAs, because traitors get nothing and like it.


Image source: Ardothbey, johncatral

Golden Corral. Walked into one once in Florida. A small kid walking past the food bar was putting his hand in every tray he passed. Out we go.


Image source: Scotch_Whiskie, Jay Wennington

I stopped eating at all restaurants. because the prices went up, portions went down and quality went to s**t.


Image source: NamedForValor, Visual Karsa

I don’t *refuse*, as I love their breakfast, but I won’t eat Mcdonalds for lunch or dinner because it’s never not made me immediately sick afterwards.

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