30 Of The Worst Animated Characters, According To Netizens

Published 2 months ago

Remember those carefree days of childhood when cartoon characters seemed utterly flawless? We’d laugh at their antics and immerse ourselves in their captivating storylines. But as we grow older, some of those character designs start to seem a bit… off. Some are so strange that even the best storytelling can’t make up for it. 

Brace yourselves, because we’re about to take a trip down memory lane and shine a light on some of the most cringe-worthy character designs from movies, shows, and anime. Prepare to have your childhood memories just slightly tarnished.

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#1 Spiderus From Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends

Image source: tjwalkr0


#2 Kid – Foodfight

Image source: Low-Injury-9219

Ducki (She/Her) 明明: This is like those $hit skibidi toilet animation

#3 Billy From Monster By Mistake

Image source: SnickersMcKnickers

#4 Buttercup From The Power Puff Girls

Image source: TiaMystic

#5 Cats – Live Action Movie

Image source: HairVarious1092

Luke Branwen: I’m amused by the theories that covid was a divine punishment for this.

#6 Jay Jay The Jet Plane

Image source: Lucid-Paralysis-696

#7 Fanboy & Chum Chum

Image source: Renderias

#8 Gakuen Handsome

Image source: Longjumping_Lion_496

#9 Teen Girl Wolf – Unstable Fables

Image source: BigGaybowser69

#10 Jonny – The Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest

Image source: Doodle_Brush

Hippopotamuses: Did he just look in a mirror?

#11 Squirrel Daredevil Dan – Foodfight

Image source: CoinSausage

#12 Groucha – Téléchat

Image source: 7yaX

Luke Branwen: This looks like that kind of weird $hit you find on the dark side of Youtube.

#13 Tika – Barbie Movie

Image source: brad2005rng

cat: the false eyelashes lol

#14 Tales In Mushroom Village

Image source: Toolnarrays

#15 Peppa The Pig

Image source: StarlightStardark

#16 Bigby Wolf – Unstable Fables

Image source: so_FISH_ticated

#17 Howie And Poodle – Almost Naked Animals

Image source: qzazq

#18 Bozz And Doody – Cubeez

Image source: Tunebird

#19 Globglogabgalab – Strawinsky And The Mysterious House

Image source: Juulsucc

Brian Jones: His name is the sound you make when you have a seizure

#20 The Problem Solverz

Image source: Heartmeanslove

#21 Joshua And The Promised Land

Image source: The_Snakes_Den

Red PANda (she/they): Everything about this movie is just a bit cursed ngl

#22 xxxHolic

Image source: GreatYamOfHope

#23 The Joker

Image source: HIV-Free-03

#24 Purple Monarch – Miraculous

Image source: Snoo-45969

#25 Becky – T.u.f.f. Puppy

Image source: Tili44

New Everywhere: It keeps alternating between looking like a nose and a hole aaaaahhh

#26 Sonic The Hedgehog

Image source: souleaterevans626

#27 Peppa’s Guinea Pigs

Image source: purple-kween

PhaseWitFact: Every character on Peppa Pig should be pictured here. That show has lazy sloppy illustrators pretending that they’re edgy.

#28 Kamichama Karin

Image source: Cake-OR-Death-

#29 Sid Phillips – Toy Story

Image source: DistributionLast5872

Red PANda (she/they): Okay but to be fair people were just learning how to animate and model stuff like that when that movie came out. The design did always kinda scare me as a kid though ngl

#30 Maury The Hormone Monster – Big Mouth

Image source: MDubbzee

3 possums in a coat: Is nobody going to talk abt the nose..

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