25 Of The Worst Cheating Stories People Have Come Across

Published 4 months ago

When we start a romantic relationship, the idea of our partner being unfaithful is often the furthest thing from our minds. Unfortunately, it happens more frequently than we might realize. A study conducted in 2020 examined trends in extramarital cheating from 1991 to 2018, revealing an increase from 14.63% in 1991 to 16.48% in 2018. Another survey found that 46% of respondents admitted to having an affair while in a monogamous relationship.

While these statistics indicate that cheating is relatively common, it doesn’t make the experience any less heart-wrenching. Seeking real-life stories, a Reddit user posed the question, “What’s the worst cheating story you’ve ever heard?” Brace yourself, as you’re about to encounter some pretty upsetting tales of individuals betraying their significant others.

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Image source: concernedoldersiss, Marcelo Leal / unsplash (not the actual photo)

My bio moms best friend was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. We moved her, her husband and her daughter in. My mom slept with her husband and got pregnant so they put her in a nursing home to die all alone just so they wouldn’t have to deal with the consequences. She was hours away as well so her daughter who was 10 at the time was unable to visit her.. she died alone because she went to her “best friend” for help

I don’t speak to bio mom anymore. After her friends death, she showed off her brand new car with the life insurance money (she married her husband). At the time, her dead best friend also had a 19 year old daughter who was homeless with a toddler. I felt so f*****g sick sitting in the car listening to her brag about how nice it was and how she finally got the car she deserved..

Some people are disgusting

Edit to add: more backstop that just makes this story absolutely vile

My bio mom is a counselor and the way she even met this best friend of hers was through the daughter who was 19 with a toddler. They met when said daughter was 13. My bio mom was her CASEWOKER for mental health support. She crossed a huge professional boundary doing this. On top of that, she came into this girl’s life to HELP her and ended up hurting her so f*****g badly. Her mom who passed wasn’t the only victim here. My bio mom was also married, there’s other children involved etc. SO many people were hurt by this, it’s truly sickening.

Tbh, during my bio moms pregnancy her mom actually also got stage four lung cancer. She died within 7 weeks and never met bio moms baby. I kinda feel like it was her fault in a sense. I truly believe karma can and WILL get you through loved ones.


Image source: NoeTellusom, Christina @ wocintechchat.com / unsplash (not the actual photo)

I was an IT contractor for the Department of Defense (NMCI for those curious).

We got a keyword alert on an email conversation. Then more. Same folks involved.

So we went and checked out the email and the email thread – turns out it was a Senior Chief, who was talking to nearly a half dozen women under his chain of command that he was having affairs with, multiples of which were pregnant with his children. He, of course, was married – having 4 kids with his wife.

What started out with a “hey, you’re not supposed to discuss that on regular email” investigation turned into a massive scandal, wrecking multiple marriages and turned into a whole lot of meetings with his VERY angry CO.

Don’t do stupid s**t on company email. And REALLY don’t do stupid s**t on DOD servers.


Couple was together for 8 years, both working at sea on the same ship for 8-11 week trips, bought the house and heading towards marriage, kids etc etc

Start a 11 week trip and noticed something wasn’t right

Girl had f****d another crew member on the trip off and wanted to be with them, guy had to watch the start of the new relationship while on a floating prison and due to his qualifications couldn’t leave the ship

Source: Me… I am that guy

Image source: sidewaysickness

#4 My friend was partying with her boyfriend and some other people.  Her boyfriend f****d another girl on the same couch as her, while she was passed out.  She woke up part of the way through it and just didn’t know what to do.

Image source: Kind_Of_A_Dick, Marvin Meyer / unsplash (not the actual photo)

#5 This girl in high school cheated on her boyfriend with the guys that bullied him. And then she got bullied by all their girlfriends.

Image source: The3rdPedal23, Devin Avery / unsplash (not the actual photo)

#6 One of my wife’s cousins died of cancer after a 30 year marriage. When her husband was clearing out her home office he found a box with diaries, receipts, letters, hotel keys, etc… detailing the hundreds of times she cheated on him with random guys throughout their whole marriage, going so far as to take their daughters to meet ups and gaslighting them about what was happening.

Image source: panachi19, Nathan Dumlao / unsplash (not the actual photo)


Image source: casino_night, Sacha Verheij / unsplash (not the actual photo)

Not me but my best friend. He was madly in love with a woman and wanted to marry her. They lived together and were very happy. As a birthday gift, she bought him a plane ticket so he could fly out to see me.

While he was with me, he would talk to her every so often. Every time he got off the phone with her, he would tell me something just wasn’t right. His spidey sense was tingling. He came home to find evidence that she had someone over at their place. She initially denied it but eventually she admitted to having a male coworker in the house. Her buying the ticket was just a way for her to have the place to herself for a 3 day sex romp.

My buddy was devastated and heart broken. It took him years to recover.

Edit: This was many years ago. My buddy is doing just fine and is in a happy, healthy relationship. The woman in the story….not so much. She bottomed out in life. Drugs and alcohol eventually took over. Last I heard, she was quasi homeless and had to shack up with a much older, controlling man just so she could have a place to sleep.

Everyone got what they deserved in the end.


Image source: aasania, cottonbro studio / pexels (not the actual photo)

A woman I knew suspected her husband was cheating on her, but he was very good at hiding his tracks and she couldn’t get proof. (She was trying to get evidence to divorce him.) Then one day the mistress shows up at the door to confess everything. Turns out he’d cheated on the mistress with a third girl and gotten that girl pregnant. Divorce happened very quickly after that.

#9 She cheated on me while I was out of town for work, with her cousin’s fiance. This fiance had also cheated on his partner with her own mother. My foolish self tried to move past it. Only to find out shortly after marriage that her and someone I had thought was a friend for over 12yrs were f*****g around. Moral of the story; trust and listen to your gut.

Image source: FarmerSoggy69

#10 Maybe not the worst but my husband confessed to cheating on me while we were in the car AFTER my mom had a stroke and I had just seen her in the ICU not knowing if she would live or die. We had an hour car ride home and I had to keep it together when all I wanted to do was freak out.

Image source: fubar4lyfez, https://www.pexels.com/photo/bokeh-lights-67088/ / pexels (not the actual photo)

#11 Happy relationship for about 18 months. She got pregnant. Baby comes, girl starts acting weird. He finds out she’s been sleeping around the entire relationship. Gets a DNA test for the baby: they’re related, but it’s not his kid. It’s his little brother. Girl had been f*****g dear old dad for 2 years.

Source: Me. Dad’s dead now. Good riddance.

Image source: mcenteej95


Image source: Felaia, Vitaly Taranov / unsplash (not the actual photo)

My friend’s husband hired a prostitute for 40 dollars when my friend was a few weeks postpartum with their baby. He invited the prostitute over to their house while taking care of their baby and had sex in their bed. My friend found out later because he was missing from the school where they both worked and she found out he had been arrested or detained or something (I forget exactly) because he had gone to the police to report that he was being blackmailed. The prostitute had started blackmailing him and he went to a loan shark to get 1000 dollars to pay her off and, when she demanded more money, I guess he decided he couldn’t keep paying and tried to report her to the cops and tried to lie about his involvement. The cops obviously were suspicious and found out he had hired her. He was fired from his job at the school and it crushed my friend. To add insult to injury, her mother-in-law blamed her saying that she hadn’t slept with her husband during some of the pregnancy (it was causing her a lot of pain at the end of her pregnancy and she physically couldn’t).

She’s still with him. I hate his guts so much and it makes me so furious that she’s still with that gaping a*****e.


Not me, but a friend of a friend’s wife (soon to be ex-wife) faked having cancer and getting treatments at the hospital for 4 months to be with her lover. She went as far as shaving her own head and telling my friend that she was going in for chemo therapy and blood work but no one else could come because she was “Immuno-Compromised”.

She was caught when my friend’s Uncle, who himself had cancer, said something sounded fishy and told her to call the hospital she allegedly was getting treatment at. They called the hospital and were told that she wasn’t in the system. Girl came half clean when confronted but didn’t tell the whole story, incredibly s****y person.

Definitely one of the most f****d up cheating stories I’ve heard.

Image source: FeistyFrank


Omg, listen to this one.

A friend of a friend ended up dating her uni professor for a bit. He was older than her but it was getting serious and they were making life plans together.

On weekends he would regularly go visit his “mother” in another city.

I can’t remember exactly how she found out but it turns out that the “mother” was indeed his wife and that he was married and that his wife was really, really sick.

When our friend found out, she confronted him and he said that he loved her and wanted to have kids with her but he wanted her to be patient because he was just trying to put his wife in a hospice so he wouldn’t have to deal with her anymore and could be with our friend.

She obviously dumped him on the spot and the dude continued to try and pursue her, sending her the most cringe worthy love messages and videos. Mind you, this was a university professor in his late 40s lol.

Image source: Sad-Stick-3114


Had a coworker, married, start having an affair with a customer, also married, at our work. Including sneaking out to make out with her in the parking lot on his breaks. And texting her nonstop while he was supposed to be working. The whole store knew about it. He would tell us gross details about their sex life. Including showing us the deep a*s scratches on his back, or the time he had to take her to the ER because they failed butt stuff and he ripper her. We all knew they were both married.

Finally they both decided that they were going to break if off with their spouses. He broke up with his wife. She, on the other hand, decided to work things out with her husband. So he went from two ladies, to no ladies. This was years ago and I do not think he’s been in another serious relationship since. And on behalf of all women, am glad.

Image source: AmandaExpress


My ex-husband cheated on me while I was going through cancer treatment, then divorced me after it progressed to Stage 4. F**k that guy, I hope his d**k falls off.

Edit: Just wanted to say thank you all for putting “d**k falling off” vibes out into the universe. I really do appreciate it.

Image source: CatGotNoTail


The day my brother was born, my father was in the hospital with my mom for the delivery, told her he wished she wasn’t the mom, and then went and spent the night at his girlfriend’s house, while I (5 years old) stayed with my grandparents.   He was a long haul trucker and was back on the road immediately after, so my mom brought my brother home from the hospital alone, had 5 year old me to take care of, and a dog as well. And it was a C-section birth. No idea how she did it.   Anyway, my brother and I are both well adjusted adults (I do get pretty sad when thinking about my childhood) and I’ve never cheated on a partner, and I’m a good father to a wonderful 2 year old with another baby on the way.

Image source: Picklesadog


Image source: Classic-Row-2872, Rosemary Ketchum / pexels (not the actual photo)

When I was a police officer a co-worker found his wife in bed with another police officer from the same district.
Wife would tell the lover about husband’s week schedule and lover would have his changed in order to have sex with the wife while husband was working.

Problem was one day husband got dismissed 3 hours early and went back home without texting his wife first (he had some suspects but could never imagine about another police officer).

No shots were fired that day , luckily


My ex told me that he was hanging out with his cousin, who he’d reconnected with, a bunch. I found out he was cheating on me with her. He told me he had lied to me and that she was just a friend and not his cousin. As if that made it any better. Like, thankfully they aren’t cousins, but yes, he still admitted to cheating on me. Turns out it WAS his cousin. He was cheating on me with his cousin. I was so disgusted and disturbed, I vomited all over the floor. And, my grandpa died the day I found out.


Ex partner let me raise her kid for 4 years while cheating on me with his father the whole time. Let me propose (to which she said yes), then one night after me paying up his month of private nursery fees and putting him to bed, I came through to her telling me to leave or she’d call the police and tell them I had broken into the house and never to contact them again.

They’ve bought a house together now and are seemingly doing well, while I still haven’t fully recovered and don’t know my own self worth.

That’s a shortened version of events.

Image source: anotherwill


Image source: Creative_Yogurt3242, Alexandre Debiève / unsplash (not the actual photo)

my boyfriend of seven years cheated on me while I was home saying goodbye to my dying dog and visiting my mom in the hospital. I was also in the thick of an accelerated nursing school program and it was finals week. My car had ALSO just broken down in the drive through of a Whataburger that same weekend

The girl he cheated with? a very close friend who was getting married in a month and she begged me to not tell her future fiancé (I told him).


Image source: FeaturelessFloof, Jonas Leupe / unsplash (not the actual photo)

Former colleague of mine in his mid thirties. Was living with his long term girlfriend and they had been shopping for engagement rings. He comes to work one day and early afternoon receives a text from her telling him she’s seeing someone else, has packed up the house and moved out to live with the other guy. No apology, no further explanation. She then immediately blocked him and left him to deal with the rent and other bills on his own. He was a nice guy, it was horrendous to see that happen to him.

He’s now happily married! (to someone else of course)


Image source: chelletastical, Julia M Cameron / pexels (not the actual photo)

My dad cheated on my mom with my best friend’s mom who was also married. I was a teenager at the time, and unfortunately found out before my mom did. Guess who had to tell her?
My dad told me I “owed it to him” to not say anything. The massive amount of guilt I dealt with for “outing” him and destroying my mom’s life haunted me for years.


Image source: Telesto1087, Jonathan Borba / pexels (not the actual photo)

A good friend of mine was a doctor who took over his father’s private practice when he retired. His wife was a med student when they first started dating, 10 years younger than him, one of the most intelligent and beautiful person I ever met. When she graduated they became associates and under her management the practice grew to 4 associates and 6 contracted doctors. Truly an amazing person, highly competent, born leader, funny, the list goes on. But my friend no longer felt like the centre of attention so he quit being a doctor to become an influencer, you can imagine how that went. When that failed he went and started an affair with a 19yo nurse in training who worked for his wife, she learnt of the affair when the girl’s mother knocked on her door.

The man could’ve been happy, doing one of the most well regarded jobs in the world while appreciating that his amazing wife was making everything around him better, but no he had to make this dream of a life a nightmare because of his overinflated ego.


Image source: opuscule_cat, Jeff Trierweiler / unsplash (not the actual photo)

I had a roommate in college, who was a big cheater. He had a gf from high school at another college and she would come to visit on the weekend sometimes. He cheated on her all the time.

One weekend, she came down to visit and he was not home. The rest of us had taken a taxi home from a bar, but he went home with a girl. His very cute gf was wearing an overcoat and it was obvious that she had driven a couple of hours from her college in special lingerie to come see him. He knew she was coming.

She hung out with me, watching TV and waiting for him. We’d known each other a couple of years and were friendly. She started out excited for him to come home, wanting to show him the lingerie. Then she got really down when it was obvious he was not coming home.

She actually flashed me the lingerie briefly. I think she just wanted someone to see it. She was a hot blond and she had on black bra and black panties with a garter belt and stockings. She looked great. She ended up changing out of it into sweats and sleeping on the couch. They broke up when he came home in the morning.





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