30 Terrible Landlords That Made People Regret Renting Their Homes

Published 4 years ago

Anyone who has ever rented a place will tell you what sweet-talkers some landlords can be. “Oh yeah, the neighbors are quiet and heating bills are low,” says the landlord with a sly smile on their face. And it’s only after you move in that you realize your next-door neighbor loves playing the trumpet in the middle of the night and that the heating bills are low only because the thermostat is permanently set to 60°F.

If you’ve ever encountered a landlord from hell, don’t worry – you’re not alone. People online are publicly shaming their terrible landlords and the pictures really speak for themselves. Spy cameras, mushrooms growing from the ceiling and crappy amateur repair work – check out all of the times landlords made people regret renting their homes in the gallery below!

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#1 So My Friend’s Landlord Thinks This Is No Big Deal

Image source: simgecko3

#2 My Landlord Pretended To Do Work In The Flat But Ended Up Installing This 360° Wifi Surveillance Camera Which Also Records Audio Without Telling Me About It

Image source: lachsox

#3 That Awkward Moment When Your “Thermostat” Is Actually Just Hanging On A Nail, And Doesn’t Control The Temperature Whatsoever. Shout Out To The Best Landlords Ever

Image source: Waja_Wabit

#4 Landlords Didn’t Believe Me When I Tried To Tell Them We Had A Slug Infestation. Said They’ve Never Heard Of Such A Problem

Image source: tndvdson

#5 This Is How The Landlord Fixed The Leaky Ceiling

Image source: Unknown

#6 My Landlord Finally Installed A New Gated Entryway. I Feel So Much Safer Now

Image source: gnarlyj

#7 Landlord Charges Residents To Use The Elevator

Image source: MeGusta1110

#8 My Landlord Sucks

Image source: JonjakobJinkleHymer

#9 I’ve Been Arguing With My Landlord About Water Seeping Into My Apartment For 2 Months Now. Found This Little Guy Today

Image source: BluePuma

#10 A Leak My Landlord Refuses To Fix. Is This Mold? Is It Dangerous?

Image source: shaysoy

#11 Landlord Decided To Turn Down The Heat Today In My Mn Apartment As It Reached -40°. But The Idiot Must Have Forgotten He Pays My Electric And Doesn’t Realize That I Value My Comfort Over Safety Or Energy Conservation

Image source: JohannReddit

#12 Landlord Responded Right Away When I Sent Him The Second Pic

Image source: gargameljr

#13 My Landlord Is Super Serious About Fire Safety

Image source: DeuceActual

#14 My Ceiling Caved In And The Landlord Said They Won’t Fix It Until It Rains Again And They Can Find The Leak

Image source: mstPenguin

#15 Welcome To Renting In London! My Landlord Has Just Put Our Thermostat In A Cage

Image source: alexmilsom

#16 Landlord Ignored Me For Two Months About My Sparking Outlet, Got Worried About A Fire And Did It Myself And I Find This

Image source: _ilovetofu_

#17 Landlord Promised To Install A Cat Flap In Our Back Door After Some Security Issues. Came Home To This

Image source: jimmyevil

#18 Each Time We Ask Our Landlord To Fix The Shower They Just Add A New Nozzle

Image source: TheFoolman

#19 Told My Landlord That There Was A Drip Coming From My Ceiling About Two Weeks Ago. They Did Nothing About It And I Woke Up To This This Morning

Image source: _deathgrapes

#20 My Friend Asked Me If This Message From Her 53-Year-Old Landlord Was Creepy

Image source: vocatus

#21 Landlord Fitted A Shower Head Holder, Perfect For When I Finish My Shift At The Chocolate Factory

Image source: jbrgn

#22 Our Landlord Fixed Our Deck

Image source: danger_is_fat

#23 I Told My Landlord To Fix The Leak In The Ceiling. She Ignored Me

Image source: hellsoundsfantasticrightaboutnow

#24 My “Oh So Awesome” Landlord Quit Cleaning My Pool Cause Kids Who Weren’t Living Here Were Playing In It

Image source: abendlichter

#25 Our Landlord Installed The Locks To Our Front Door Backwards

Image source: In7erted

#26 My Landlord Said There Was A Pool, He Failed To Mention It Is Closed. Forever

Image source: Velosoul

#27 Landlord Hung The Microwave, This Is As Far As It Opens Before Hitting The Wall

Image source: etchasketch4u

#28 The Landlord Decided To Get Rid Of This Tree For No Reason, Additionally Killing Newborn Birds In The Process

Image source: Darkcomer96

#29 We Asked Our Landlord For A Bigger Table. He Built Us This

Image source: redditmarmot

#30 My Landlord Promised To “Redo The Bathroom Floors.” This Was The Result

Image source: tinderinbrooklyn

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