25 Things That Are Worth The High Price You Pay

Published 1 month ago

Nobody likes to feel like they are overpaying for their purchases. In fact, we often try to find the best value for money when buying things or think of ways we can cut corners on our expenses. 

However, netizens recommend considering spending a little bit more when it comes to certain things when Reddit user Salut_eti_serpent posted online looking for products and services that are 100% worth the money. According to most people’s experiences, the high price tag of the below items are definitely worth the quality of life it provides. 

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#1 My dog. Every vet bill, every toy, every trip. He saved me.

Image source: Sempul, cottonbro studio/pexels

#2 Had an ex that was acting weird, making accusations against me. I purchased a security camera system around memorial day last year. June 18th last year she showed up to my house with a shotgun. Worth every penny for that security system. There was no he said, she said.

Image source: lassitudecd, Pixabay/pexels

#3 My shelter dog. He’s the best!

Image source: XRaysFromUranus

#4 A quality and comfortable sofa/couch. Good dental care and braces is well wroth it to me. But for safety I would say quality tires is a must.

Image source: RicardoSalvio, Monica Silvestre/pexels

#5 A good PC.. I buy a new gaming PC once every 7-10 years? Maybe a part or two to extend its life somewhere in the middle. But when it comes time to get the new one.. I spend so much time on my PC.. I have zero regrets spending for a near top of the line one (I still want a good deal so I’ll shop around.. but I don’t mind getting the best parts).

Image source: Jaxonian, Alena Darmel/pexels

#6 Paying movers when moving into a new place.

Image source: CRO553R, Artem Podrez/pexels

#7 A good pillow and a comfortable mattress.

Image source: Private-therapy, Andrea Piacquadio/pexels

#8 Custom anything

Image source: g323cs, Ono Kosuki /pexels

Because why buy from a big box store when you can support the local economy/artisans

I was faced with this dilemma back in 2021. Wanted a new bed frame and everything I saw at a store was $2500+ and they were 20% real wood, 80% MDF

Went to my local Mennonite carpenter and charged me the same, in REAL MAPLE WOOD. Now I have a bed that would last us until we die.

#9 My bicycle. I’m not a serious cyclist but do like long rides several times a week and the happiness I get is worth every penny I balked at.

Image source: judgymom

#10 A private ADHD diagnosis and therapy for CPTSD. Spent thousands, every spare penny I have, lived at home for months so my parents could support me. Would have gotten it for free on the NHS but would have waited in purgatory for years. Instead, I’ve spent those years being happy.

Image source: TheSucculentCreams

#11 Lending people money I know I’ll never see back. Giving these people 20-30 dollars was worth having them actively avoid me.

Image source: Status_Medicine_5841, Karolina Kaboompics/pexels

#12 Travelling! I have learnt so much from other cultures by moving all over the world.

Image source: xxAurorax4, Catarina Sousa/pexels

#13 As a guy, hair transplant. didn’t do much research was just In India for work and had the money. Legit see myself in the mirror and smile when i see my hair.

Image source: radiopelican, Hiển Nguyễn/pexels

#14 Divorce.

Image source: craigo_strustle, cottonbro studio/pexels

#15 Angle grinder/Dremel. You can do or make most things necessary to accomplish most any projects with that combo. Soldering iron too. Heat gun. Most rework and fabrication tools really. Brazing/welding rods….

Image source: anunofmoose

#16 I got some good advice from my grandfather when I was young. Never skimp on the things that connect you to the earth. Dont skimp on shoes, tires, and bed. There are obviously others in those categories but I agree. Quality tires will save your life, good shoes will save your feet, and good bed will help you sleep. I’d also throw desk chair in that conversation.

Image source: PINHEADLARRY5, Los Muertos Crew/pexels

#17 Lasik. Went basically blind at 6 years old and now have 20/20 at 31. Never having to worry about contacts or glasses again is a game changer.

Image source: sloLols, Ksenia Chernaya/pexels

#18 A library card.

Image source: Playful-Incident-424

#19 Tailored clothing. Growing up, I had unusual measurements and no off-the-rack clothes every really fit me, and it greatly affected my confidence. In adulthood I was surprised to learn just how big a difference it makes to wear clothes that actually fit you.

Image source: TheGreatMalagan, cottonbro studio/pexels

#20 Ketamine therapy. $400 a session but my psychiatrist just has me on a payment plan with 0% interest so it’s no stress. Despite the price it’s the only thing that has helped me get rid of my self harm thoughts and live life as “normal” as possible. 100% worth it.

Image source: MrsCyanide, cottonbro studio/pexels

#21 The adoption fee for my cats.

Image source: fatcat111, Arina Krasnikova/pexels

#22 Paying to have my apt cleaned.

Image source: xertz3

#23 My polarized prescription sunglasses. Pricey but so worth it, especially since I love to fish. Feels like I have xray vision when I look at the water.

Image source: apollo_jay, Kindel Media/pexels

#24 I spend the little bit extra for quality garbage bags.

Image source: throwawaythisuser1

#25 Impacted wisdom teeth out.

Image source: russwestgoat, Tima Miroshnichenko/pexels

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