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Industrial Design

14 Clever Ideas by Gogelmogel

Meet Gogelmogel, an independent artist from Lithuania, who creates unexpected and witty artworks from funny street art installations to photo mashups.

10 Of the Strangest Homes In the World

From a 1 square meter portable house to a reconstructed water tower or a church, here are some of the most unusual home examples.

25 DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas

Now that you've made one of the 33 DIY Christmas Trees we posted few days ago, it's time to decorate it with DIY Christmas ornaments!

5000 Gummy Bear “Candelier” by Kevin Champeny

New York-based artist Kevin Champeny must really be a sweet tooth to want to decorate the living spaces with candy, and has created a chandelier out of 5000 hand cast acrylic gummy bears. His creation, called "Candelier" (get it?), comes in two different sizes: an 18-inch diameter one that's made out of 3000 bears, and...

33 Clever DIY Christmas Tree Ideas

Even long after you stop believing in Santa Claus, a gorgeous Christmas tree remains the centerpiece of the holidays. Check out our list of some clever DIY Christmas tree ideas and get creative!

3D Photo Booth Prints Personal Miniature Figures

Today you don't have to be a Batman to have an action figure of yourself created: the Eye of Gyre gallery in Japan offers you to use a 3D photo booth, which instead of photographs will print out a miniature action figure of you.

20 More Creative Product Packaging Examples

It is said that packaging is a combination of science, technology and art, and the latter ingredient has been gaining more and more importance over the recent years. Check out our compilation of 20 superb packaging ideas: how much would these influence your decision while shopping?

Creative T-Shirts by Luft und Liebe

They're nothing like you've seen before! These award-winning t-shirts by Luft und Liebe are made to be worn together with necklaces.

Liquid Rainbow Machine by Edwin Deen

If your walls are white, and you want to add more color to your life - take a look at this rainbow sprinkler by Edwin Deen. Netherlands-based artist transformed an ordinary garden sprinkler into an amazing rainbow machine!

22 Creative and Unusual Rings

While most people put rings on any finger they feel comfortable, others believe that ring placement represents different personality traits. However, no matter what side you're on, young or old, male or female, you are going to love these 25 creative rings!

Musical Wine Glasses

The fact that you can play music using wine glasses isn't a new thing. However, not everyone can tune an instrument by ear, not to mention a wine glass! If this is the case, then you might wanna take a look at these Musical Wine Glasses from UncommonGoods.

DIY Drum Kit Chandelier

To pay tribute to the former restaurant on the site, The Drum, Charlotte-based restaurant JJ’s Red Hots asked a long time friend Matt Ludwig of Ludwig Metals to install a fully functional drum kit chandelier for the center of the restaurant.