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The “2000s Y2K Childhood” Group Is Dedicated To Fun Pics And Memes That Show What Life In The 2000s Was All About

Published 2 weeks ago

When you think back to your childhood what comes to mind? There are so many core experiences that live rent-free in our heads, it’s a veritable house of memories. If you can’t focus on some of the details of the good old days, the following pics might help you out a little. 

Found on the Facebook group ‘2000s Y2K Childhood’, their content is just the stimuli needed for a little trip down memory lane. So let the rain wash away the problems of yesterday but let the good times shine brighter than ever. 

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#1 Yes

Image source: Kayla King

#2 Fighting Over The TV

Image source: Lydia Holcomb

#3 I Loved Those Pens

Image source: Lydia Holcomb

#4 Wow

Image source: Collin Schoenfelder

#5 Damn Not Even The Fast Charger

Image source: Leon McJunkins

#6 Nobody Knows

Image source: Bebo Osorio

#7 We Had No Idea

Image source: Makenzee Jade

#8 These Speakers

Image source: Nostalgia Video

#9 New Fresh Play Doh

Image source: Nostalgia Video

#10 The Most Iconic Four-Way Call To Ever Exist, Prove Me Wrong

Image source: Tracey Earlam Cook

#11 Having Cell Phones In 2000s

Image source: Silvia Marie

#12 I Use To Love This Game!

Image source: Bebo Osorio

#13 Yasss

Image source: Jazmin Sutton

#14 I Remember Coming Home From School Every Evening To Watch The Best Lineup

Image source: Anonymous participant

#15 Do They Think Kids Don’t Use Paper ?

Image source: Masøn Vautøur

#16 The Man Who Had A Piercing On His Thing And Got Electrocuted

Image source: Silvia Marie

#17 Out Rockin My Jeans From 2004 Today!

Image source: Mark OM

#18 Mentally I’m Here

Image source: Nostalgia Video

#19 Petition To Bring This Mcdonalds Back

Image source: Stephanie Nicole Jones

#20 Grandparent’s Secret Handshake

Image source: Nostalgia Video

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