5 Things You Need to Know about Medial Epicondylitis

Published 8 years ago

Medial epicondylitis, or commonly known as golfer’s elbow, is a condition that is generally characterised by pain in the elbow. If not treated immediately, the symptoms associated with this condition can be debilitating and may even prevent you from going to work or taking part in activities that you usually enjoy. Here are some key information you need to know about golfer’s elbow that would certainly help in the prevention and treatment of this condition.

Golfer’s Elbow Facts and Info

1. Repetitive arm movements cause golfer’s elbow

As with any disease or condition, golfer’s elbow doesn’t just pop out of nowhere. This painful condition is often caused by the overuse of the muscles in the forearm. Gripping objects with your hand, rotating your arm, and/or flexing your wrist for a significant amount of time on a regular basis can cause tiny tears in your tendons. If you don’t refrain from doing such activities, these tiny tears could lead to golfer’s elbow and cause excruciating pain in your elbow.

2. Anyone can get golfer’s elbow

One common misconception about golfer’s elbow is that only golfers can get them. Well, this isn’t actually true because anyone can get golfer’s elbow. If you play tennis, bowling, baseball, and other sports that require to you to move your hand, wrist, or forearm the same way can have golfer’s elbow. People who use tools like screwdrivers, hammers, and paintbrushes as part of their job are also susceptible to medial epicondylitis.

3. You can take a test to determine if you have this condition

If you suspect that the pain you’re experiencing in your elbow is caused by medial epicondylitis, there are certain tests that you can take to verify your condition. Taking a test will help ensure that the symptoms you are experiencing are not caused by a bone fracture or compressed nerves. By having a proper diagnosis, it will be much easier for you to identify the most suitable treatment for your condition.

Let’s Talk about Treatment

4. There are different ways to treat golfer’s elbow

There are different ways to treat golfer’s elbow, but the most effective method usually depends on how serious your condition is and when the treatment is applied. This is why medical experts are encouraging patients to consult a doctor or physical therapist and seek immediate treatment as soon as symptoms of golfer’s elbow manifest themselves.

5. Exercise helps with recovery

There are exercises for golfers elbow that you can perform to speed up your recovery and bring back the flexibility of your arm muscles. Before you perform any of them, it’s best to consult your doctor or therapist first. This is to prevent re-injuring yourself or making your condition worse.

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