40 Times People Spotted An Absurd Sign That Deserves The Spotlight

Published 8 months ago

Though we see so many signs in public, we don’t always take the time to look at them or read them. However, the folks at the ‘Absurd signs’ Facebook group have clearly used their observational skills quite well. 

This is quite handy for us because we now get to enjoy the most ridiculous, comical, sarcastic and witty signs from the comfort of our chairs. So scroll to check out this useless and confusing but utterly hilarious collection of signs in the gallery below. 

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Image source: Deja Davila

PlatinumThe8-BitCat: My mind went somewhere


Image source: Kay Tee

Cyber ReturnsI can see the planning department laughing their heads off when they came up with this one and yes, all of them are dads


Image source: Dotty Jo Kruse VanPelt

Antoniamade me spill my coffee


Image source: The Real Man


Image source: Melanie Fetty

HseedWe need more people like this


Image source: Donna Rubin


Image source: Bill McKinley

EmberI feel you Roger

#8 When not to use quotation marks

Image source: Todd Wilbur

PlatinumThe8-BitCat: It’d be worse if it was great “food”


Image source: Kay Tee


Image source: Bill McKinley


Image source: Bill McKinley

Multa NocteI like this one. :-)


Image source: Kay Tee

Multa NocteI sometimes have the emotional integrity of a three-year-old, but this is funny!


Image source: Kay Tee

ToastedFroggy: This one is great! 🤣


Image source: Dale Buchanan

Mini grizzlyI can relate 😀


Image source: Barbie Colorado

BoredPossumYeah, some of our own billionaires look pretty alien to me.


Image source: Kay Tee

Caffeinated HedgehogKeep location secret – $15.00


Image source: Kay Tee

PlatinumThe8-BitCatA dog wrote this


Image source: Bill McKinley

Multa NocteWTF indeed!


Image source: Barbie Colorado

Yvonne Dauwalder Balsiger (edited): 🤣🤣🤣 Plus most humans are not organically fed and consume too much sugar, coffee and alcohol, so they are not a balanced diet for the gators anyway. 😉


Image source: Christine Fuelling


Image source: House Vaughan Livingston

Bruce StarkShark Valley (don’t know why it’s still called that). You haven’t lived until you’ve bunnyhopped your bike over one of those logs sunning themselves in the middle of the road.


Image source: Bill McKinley

Yvonne Dauwalder BalsigerI wonder under what influence that sign was written, does anyone have a clue? 🍄😉


Image source: Robert Gemini Omari

EmiTheEpicEl Arroyo has the best signs!


Image source: Bill McKinley

MarkA picture speaks a thousand words


Image source: Kay Tee

ToastedFroggySomebody showing their sense of humor. 😁


Image source: Bob Scott


Image source: Dale Buchanan

Shannon Hawkslove the sense of humor


Image source: Kay Tee

EmiTheEpicIt’s that new month, it’s a mix of February and September and is 58 days long


Image source: Bill McKinley


Image source: Ross Lance Mitchell

UncannyThankfully! I’d hate to cark it choking on a banana bone. I just know people would be sniggering at my funeral.


Image source: Vince the Sign Guy

sbjI keep on living as I can’t afford the cost of dying


Image source: Bill McKinley


Image source: Steven Acree

JayaThis is impossible. Not the hearing loss in their eye, but reaching day 12.


Image source: Jason Scott Rainville

PlatinumThe8-BitCat (edited): Shouldn’t you be able to tell just by holding it? Also why are you even eating an apple in a store?

#35 When the manager at Home depot speaks fluent redneck.

Image source: Pat Reble

CaptainFluffy: Oh dear…


Image source: Pat Reble

BoredPossum: Love it! If it’s for free, it’s for me, I’ll take three.


Image source: Artly Snuff

KiwiTriviaKween (She/Her)Why thank you! Cause I unfortunately have that gene.

#38 A pub in Edinburgh, Scotland. Do it quietly, other people are concentrating

Image source: Bill McKinley

Poké Man“Hole in cubicle 3 for peeping only. Violators will find out the hard way.”


Image source: Pat Reble

PlatinumThe8-BitCat: Too much work, just throw the whole thing out


Image source: Ian Phair

Undercover: Good advice!

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