These Avengers Figurines Are So Bad They Got Sold Out Immediately

Published 6 years ago

Infinity Wars were released recently and it seems that everyone has got Avengers fever! And when a movie like this is released there’s more to the package, we’re talking video games, cosplay costumes, and of course… the action figurines.

But these particular action figures are a bit different. Created by Jeff Wysaski as part of the Obvious Plant project, they are another example of the fake flyers, signs, and products placed out in the world to give a little whimsy and absurd humor to us all.

“I was somewhat bored with these more traditional humor avenues, so I started looking for something new,” Wysaski told Fast Company. “Late last year, I hit on the idea of ‘street humor’—for lack of a better term. I’d done a bit of this in the past, but the more I thought about it, the more ideas I had, so I felt the project warranted it’s own name and website.”

These action figures have taken over the market selling out quickly despite a $30 dollar price tag for ‘Fedora Ron’ (it comes without Ron and is therefore just a hat). Scroll down to see thes absurd and hilarious action figurines yourself!

More info: Obvious Plant (h/t)

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After the release of Infinity Wars, a project called Obvious Plant decided to create fake action figurines that look absolutely absurd

The collection includes such hilarious figurines like ‘The Incredible Fella’

‘Fedora Ron’

‘Token Girl’

‘Knighty Knight’

‘Regular Raccoon’

Here’s how people reacted to the action figures:

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