This Facebook Group Is Dedicated To Fascinating Vintage Things People Found In Thrift Stores And Here Are 20 Of Them

Published 1 year ago

Thrifting has become more than just a budget-friendly shopping option—it has transformed into a treasure hunt for unique and vintage items. With a keen eye and a little bit of luck, people stumble upon remarkable finds that transport them back in time.

In this digital age, social media platforms like Facebook have become the perfect space for thrifters to share their exciting discoveries. In a dedicated Facebook group, members have been showcasing their coolest vintage finds, ranging from clothing and accessories to home decor and collectibles.

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#1 Claudia Cape And Dress – Vintage 1950s Inspired Outfit

Image source: Milly197

#2 I Love This Community! Okay Here’s Another 70s Bell Bottom Jumpsuit. It’s Nice To Share Pieces Here With People Who Appreciate Vintage!

Image source: throwawayelmao

#3 A Vintage “Starry Night” Costume, 1926

Image source: Milly197

#4 My Boots Arrived

Image source: ohsodelightful

#5 I Suffer From Depression And When I´m Down I Try To Cheer Myself Up By Wearing Nice Clothes. Today I Put On This Thrifted Outfit Just To Go And Get Some Milk. It Felt Really Good Wearing It So It Stayed On At Home As Well

Image source: the-mindful-pipe

#6 Too Cold For This Dress But I Still Love It

Image source: xandrachantal

#7 Jacqueline Kennedy Wednesday Addams Core ??????

Image source: Atomic-Angel

#8 What Does Anyone Think Of This

Image source: Civil_Sprinkles_6761

#9 My 1940s Red Cross Uniform + Nurses Cape!

Image source: barbiedolldress

#10 My Outfit Today For High Tea!

Image source:

#11 Cape Weather

Image source: psychedelicvelocity

#12 Photo On The Left Of My Great Grandma In Her “Roller Skating Outfit” That She Sewed And Embroidered Herself As A Teenager. Me, On The Right, Wearing Her Same Outfit 70+ Years Later

Image source: yoshiscrappyworld

#13 Very Vintage Look! How’d I Do?

Image source: BritneyNYC

#14 Everything Is Vintage Except The Boots. Still On The Hunt For A Yellow Purse But We Make Do With What We Have ?

Image source: Im_actually_satan

#15 Wore An Incredible Gown From The 60s Last Night

Image source: anjschuyler

#16 The 50s Style Dress I Made For My Final Homecoming!

Image source: barbiedolldress

#17 I’m A Sucker For Stripes

Image source: velevetsupernova

#18 I Got A Wedding Dress From 1924 From An Estate Sale And I’m In Love

Image source: sammiraeart

#19 Dior “Junon” Fall/Winter 1949/1950. One Of The Most Stunning Dresses Ever Created

Image source:

#20 I Finally Got To Wear This Beautiful 1950s Ceil Chapman Dress – Aka The Crown Jewel Of My Collection!

Image source: forestanoire

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