20 Of The Coolest Things People Found While Thrifting, As Shared In This Facebook Group

Published 1 year ago

Anyone who has ever been to a thrift store or a garage sale will tell you how awesome it is to explore things and find hidden treasures.

If you’ve ever found some awesome secondhand item, you can share your precious finds with this Facebook community- “Weird (and Wonderful) Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared“. However, if you just want to look at other people’s amazing finds, scroll below to see them. And if you wish to explore more such stuff, check out our previous posts herehere, and here.

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#1 I Found This Brass Walnut Rolling Around In A Drawer Of Stuff At A Tiny Antique Shop By Me And Had To Have It, Quick Internet Search Says It’s An Estée Lauder Solid Perfume Locket!

Image source: Katy Broquard

#2 Just Picked Up This Piece From Facebook Marketplace. The Detail Is Absolutely Stunning!!!

Image source: Roxanne Wolfe

#3 Look At This Couch. She’s A Beauty

Image source: Holly Bloom

“Found at Funky Finds in Lemoyn PA
I only bought stickers at the store and my friend bought a carousel horse and the owner wasn’t selling his California raisins even though he had like 50 of them on a shelf. But anyway! I wish I had this couch!”

#4 I Have Wanted A Lenox Spice Village For 3 Or 4 Years Now But The Online Prices Skyrocketed So I Held Hope I’d Stumble Upon A Set At A Thrift Store One Day

Image source: Lisa Eff

“But one popped up on my local FB marketplace this week. There was a lady with the set and no listed price so I reached out on the longest shot ever and was like hey I have wanted a spice village forever, by any chance would you be interested in a trade or partial trade for some of my art? TOTALLY expecting to be shot down but to my shock she said yes and we did a *straight trade with no money* and I am still in shock that she agreed and this went down and my dream village is now minneeeee. Other artists will truly get it – sometimes it feels like nobody sees the value in you and what you do. But she was so into all of it and was also so happy I was going to use it and not resell it.”

#5 I Found This Sue Wong Dress At An Antique Store In Hagerstown, Md Last Month

Image source: Alanna Cristin

“Not exactly antique, but definitely vintage. My eldest child fell head over heels for it. Her dad and I decided to buy it for her birthday, when she noticed it was gone from the shop she was so sad but said she was glad someone would get to love it instead of it wasting away on display. She had no idea that someone was going to be her.
I fixed up the minor repairs that it needed on the centrepiece before giving it to her. Her reaction was worth every bead re-stranded.”

#6 I Found This Beautiful Glass Flask Thrifting. Apparently It’s The Face Of Bacchus ? Bacchus Was The Roman God Of Agriculture, Wine And Fertility

Image source: Aylin Justice

#7 I Think He’s Meant For Kitchen Sponges But I Haven’t Decided What I Want To Use Him For Yet. My Husband Says He Belongs In Something From Jim Henson

Image source: Ashley Anderson

#8 For All Of You Goblin King Fanatics

Image source: Benjamin Elliott

#9 Saw This At A Yard Sale Yesterday

Image source: Vicki Rayfield

“Today was discount day I got it for 9 dollars. I am retired and would love to be dancing on the beach. Maybe with bellbottoms and a halter top.
Note yardstick laying at bottom of picture.”

#10 Found This Really Cool Stool At The Goodwill In Lake City, Fl! Paid $5 For It

Image source: Kyle Green

#11 Some People Inherit Jewelry – Others, Ginormous Sofas!

Image source: Deborah Bossen Lorber

“In 1958, my grandparents moved into a beautiful, new mid-century modern home. To make the best use of the cavernous great room, my grandfather designed this gorgeous sofa with matching tables and three stools. If you look under the table on the right, you can just see one of the stools. When the time came to pass it along, I was the only one with a just-barely-large enough living room!”

#12 My Late Mother Bought These At An Estate Sale In California And Then She Gifted It To Me. She Wasn’t Sure It Had Any “Value” But They Made Her Happy, So They Are Valuable To Me

Image source: Kerrie Reid

#13 Not Weird, But Certainly Wonderful!!! I Found These 2 Beautiful Stained Glass Pieces At Goodwill For $35 Each! I Nearly Died When I Turned The Corner And Saw Them!

Image source: Rennie Bond

#14 I Am A Librarian So I Encounter Fun Patrons And Items All Of The Time

Image source: Mary-Kate Haxton

“I inherited a new work cabinet when I switched branches and we found this cleaning out the junk drawer. No one knows which predecessor left it but I like to imagine that it’s the same beautiful soul who also left Jeff and that we would be friends.”

#15 I Found This At Savers For 13 Dollars Today! I Don’t Know Much About It But I Thought It Was Pretty Cool

Image source: Taylor Pratt

#16 This Weekend Fleemarket Find

Image source: Christer Grindhage

#17 I Couldn’t Resist This Black Velvet Painting Of My Cat Phillip I Found While Thrifting Today

Image source: Kelley Jacobson

#18 A Weird And Amazing Secondhand Find

Image source: Shy Norton

“My dad passed away when I was 7. He left me most of what he had, but it wasn’t much even still. My favorite part of what he left me was his record collection. I didn’t have a turntable as a kid so I never got to listen to his prized vinyl. Unfortunately, when I was 21, someone stole all of his records from me. My heart was broken.

Fast forward 7 years, I finally get a turntable to play vinyl and start building up my own collection. My boyfriend and I go to vintage stock to look for different cards and to scope out the used records sometimes. One day recently we decided to go again. I’m flipping through the records and I see something written on the front of an album cover but it doesn’t click. I literally thought, “surely not.” And I kept moving. 3 flips later, I see another. And clear as day I read it. My dad’s name, Steve Norton. He wrote at least his last name on every record he owned, if not first and last. I immediately burst into tears and ran to find my boyfriend.

He helped me search through every record on the shelves. The only two we found were the originals I came across. But now, like I always dreamed as a kid, I get to listen to my dad’s records. What are the odds?”

#19 The Best $2.99 I’ve Spent In A While. Someone Made This, And Sadly It Found Its Way To Goodwill. But It Found Its Way Into My Hands, And I Love It!

Image source: Libby Nye

#20 My First Wonderful Find Of The Year. Found This Little Beautiful Turkish Set For $5 At A Garage Sale

Image source: Lori Erickson-Wick

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