20 Accurate Observations Aussies Made Of American food

Published 1 year ago

When it comes to food, we already know that America is pretty well-known for its ginormous portion sizes, and if you want to see it to believe it, you can check out our previous article on the subject here. 

However, there are certain other things that Americans just proudly claim as being, well, totally American, and honestly, the Aussies have some pretty funny things to say on the subject. Candy corn for example; it’s a candy that looks like a tooth but is ironically so sickly sweet it’s surely rotting your teeth the second you look at it. While the whole world is pretty familiar with American food, which are actually good and which are disgusting? The question was posed on an Ask An Australian Subreddit and they sure did deliver in ruthless outback style!

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Image source: Schedulator, Jamie

Anytime I think of American food, I think, high sugar, high corn starch, hormone fed livestock and that weird orange plastic cheese thing.

Oh and excessively large portion sizes.

That said, nice to have occasionally, but certainly wouldn’t want to be having that too often.


Image source: viper9, Willis Lam

candy corn is straight up terrible. I honestly don’t get it’s appeal at all.

I do like old bay. I know it’s regional, but it’s amazing.


Image source: Kyle_Robinson623, Mike Mozart

I know it’s not really addressing the question, but CocaCola soft drinks such as coke and sprite are actually better in Australia as they use cane sugar as opposed to the high fructose corn syrup of the US


Image source: Schedulator, Kanesue

One other thing that most Australians don’t get about American food tastes – Starbucks. WTF makes you guys consume that c**p?


Image source: iilinga, Mike Barry

Your chocolate is vile. It tastes like bile. Sorry for the rhyme haha

I’ve never understood the popularity of Oreos. Also Reese’s peanut butter cups. I was so excited to try them because id read about them but I think I almost had a vom, they were so BAD.

Chipotle flavoured things are starting to be popular here, sometimes that’s really nice. But hit and miss


Image source: spacemonkeypantz, Sheila Sund

Hershey’s chocolate. I ate a Hershey’s kiss once and it was like literal vomit. Then I tried another one just in case it was an acquired taste. It. Was. Worse. I’m never one to pass up chocolate but damn those things were so foul I had to give them away.


Image source: 12ed11, Mike Mozart

There’s a store not far from me called USA Foods so I have had a fair bit of US snacks and your chocolate tastes not like chocolate. And I have read about why that is and it has to do with milk regulations and so on but it’s just not pleasant to eat.


Image source: Sweets-Paradise-1234, Jose and Roxanne

I’ve tried a few of your cereals, like cookie crisp and those lucky charms things. I used to think coco pops were sugary. You guys take sugary to a whole new level.
As for what I think tastes good, milk duds. Love milk duds.


Image source: Needmoresnakes, Michael Kmak

Biscuits and gravy. They served it to my Mum when she was in Texas on holiday. What the hell you guys.


Image source: PoglaTheGrate, switz1873

I tried your “biscuits”. As I suspected, really bad scones. Milk in gravy is tantamount to a war crime, too


Image source: eniretakia, Jim, the Photographer

Good: Pumpkin pie. I thought it was a bizarre idea. My fiancé fell in love with it whilst he was eating from a USAF mess for a few months. I found a recipe online and talked it over with an American friend and made him one during a covid lockdown baking spree. It was amazing. We got a pre-made one from our local Costco a few months ago. That one was trash. I’ll stick to making my own.

Also good: everything I managed to try at the Cheesecake Factory.

Also good: Barbecue.

Disgusting: basically everything else. “Minnesota salads” spring to mind right now.


Image source: MarvinTheMiner, Joe Goldberg

Seems like most of the things mentioned are packaged food and drinks that they only disliked so I’ll go the other route.

American barbecue, Buffalo wings, and the Cajun type of stews were my favorite.


I’m a sugar fiend, so I had the culinary time of my life when I was in the states. Sweet tea, Kool Aid, Cinnabon, Count Chocula, Halloween candy from Walmart- all fantastic. However, I seriously don’t understand how people can eat biscuits and gravy.

Image source: funkyibis


Been a long time since I have been but I still have no idea why you broil steak. Couldn’t wait to get home to get a properly cooked steak!

Image source: MuddledMum09


Image source: ventyourspleen, Rex Roof

I struggled with the butter and eggs, the colour and taste was a lot different from what I am used to.On our last day in America after holidaying for 4 weeks I was craving a home cooked meal and the meal I ordered had green beans in it. I was surprised to see they had battered & deep fried the beans, rather than just cook them.
The best food I had was some brisket nachos at the drags, absolutely delicious.
The free soft drink refillls (brought to table without me asking for more) were hard to get used to, I had to say no a few times and the servers weren’t able to accept that I didn’t want it just because it’s free.


Image source: anon, supcece

Your soft drink (Soda) sizes are f*****g ridiculous, no one needs that much sugar.

Turducken should probably be a crime.


Image source: anon, Mike Mozart

Dr Pepper is nectar of the gods!


Image source: yabloodypelican, Under the same moon…

American breakfast cereals are awful. I tried cinnamon toast crunch and lucky charms once and it was just bizarre. Why do you people eat candy for breakfast? Breakfast is supposed to be a slow release food to give you long-lasting energy to get through the day, not just sugar and marshmallows…

American coffee is awful. It’s either stale, burnt drip coffee or a starbucks bucket-sized monstrosity with a ton of sugar. I always cringe when I see people talk about a frappuccino like it’s a normal thing for a human to consume on the regular.


Image source: iusedtobefamous1892, sf-dvs

Twinkies are f****d. I tried kool-aid (tasted like medicine) and capn crunch (wayyy too sickly sweet; high fructose corn syrup?). Butterfingers are weird, it’s like a peppermint crisp texture, very strange experience. Hostess donettes were weirdly not sweet enough. I don’t get the ranch obsession, and hersheys chocolate is vile.

I’ve never tried that white lumpy gravy, but I don’t think I’d be able to eat it, its so off putting visually.

Enormous foldy pizza is great, pop tarts are really good (I think toast em pop ups are better). Chips ahoy bikkies are good. Takis are awesome, I’ve only had the fuego ones which were spicier than I expected, but really good. I love Krispy kreme.


Image source: boredhistorian94, Coralie Ferreira

Your food is tasteless high in grease and sugar and horrible. I have been to America and was desperate to return to Australian food.

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