35 Posts From ‘Awful Everything’ Illustrating How Awful The World Can Be

Published 10 months ago

We all want everything to be perfect around us but none of us is unaware of the reality that things are not all rainbows and sunshine in our society. The folks over at ‘Awful Everything‘ are all about shining a light on the not-so-fun side of life. They’re all about sharing the most annoying, unfair, and downright ridiculous stuff that happens in our everyday lives.

They dive into a whole bunch of topics, from the challenges of our modern society and issues with the powers-that-be, to healthcare headaches, and even the overall state of the world today. The subreddit’s mission? To point out what’s not working as it should and get everyone talking about it. Check out some of their posts in the gallery below.

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#1 63 Yearl Old Pastor Marries Pupil The Minute She Turns 18

Image source: ItsOnlyMoney03

Michael P (Perthaussieguy) : “So. Many. Religious. Groomers.”

#2 Choose

Image source: likerofgoodthings

Sarah Kathrin Matsoukis : ” I choose a necklace sturdy enough to choke everyone who planned my wedding”

#3 Something Something Worst Timeline

Image source: theguynekstdoor

Sum Guy : “This is not as clear cut as people think it is… it might not be fair (what is?), the employers will most likely never hire a disabled person if they will have to pay them the same and in a lot of cases a disabled person won’t be as productive as an abled person. Its sad, but it is true”

Marcos Valencia : “In Spain, employers receive different advantages by employing people with disabilities, but the employer’s wage is the same for everyone, and is based on the job position.”

Did I say that out loud? (he/him)cis/het : “This should not even be a question. If you can do the job, then you get property paid for it. Regardless of your personal circumstances.”

#4 You Had One Job

Image source: AristonD

Corvus : “Yeah, the proverbial “good guys with guns” failed to show up. Again.”

#5 This Mindset Is How So Many Boys Grow Up Emotionally Stunted/Violent, Let Them Feel!!

Image source: EmptySpaceForAHeart

Anton : “Megha stupid”

Aboredpanda : “This is why suicide rates for men are much higher than for women. Go ahead and cry whenever you need, boys and men. It’s fine, it shows you’re human. Everyone needs to vent out the pressure sometimes, life is hard!”

#6 Today, This Russian 16 Year Old Was Sentenced To 5 Years In Prison For Recreating Fsb Headquarters In Minecraft And Planning To Blow It Up In The Game, Back When He Was 14

Image source: BigDaddy0790

Pa4040 : “Hope he gets to do it IRL when he gets out”

#7 Insurance Denies Nausea Medicine To Chemotherapy Patient

Image source: Freezer12557

Csaba Hegedűs : “US healthcare is pure evil.”

#8 The Taliban Strikes Again

Image source: shah_mazing

Snow_White : “Even animals get medical treatment. WTF. And yet UN does nothing.again.”

#9 Awful Boss

Image source: RIG_0059

troufaki13 : “There’s a saying in Greece “no-one’s more ungrateful than the one who was benefited”

#10 So Cruel

Image source: imawreck0

Headless Horseman : “I’ll take it and care for it 🥺”

#11 American Men “Picking Up” Ukrainian Teen Refugees

Image source: Hurbahns

Hawkmoon : “Right after the war started, I started getting spam emails to meet “beautiful Ukrainian women.” As I worked at the reception of the first refugees (who arrived in Belgium), it made me sick to witness the human misery of these refugees and receive in the same time emails from these sh*** scavengers.”

#12 This Is Just Horrible

Image source: [deleted]

Corvus :  “Had to be strong” – “well, sometimes you just can’t be strong because you’re only human and your mind is just as fragile as everyone else’s.”

#13 A Typical Night For Millions Of Ukrainian Kids After Russian Army Came To “Liberate” Them

Image source: Similar_Ad9227

Pa4040 : “What can be said that people don’t already know? This is a historic tragedy unfolding live before our eyes. Entire towns and villages ground to dust because of another nation’s greed. I feel for the normal Russian population that doesn’t agree with the war but in the end, they will end up paying the bill, while those responsible for all the death and horrors will live comfortably on some island or in a private mantion with a small army of guards till the end of their days.”

#14 Someone’s Desperate For Internet Fame

Image source: WoofWoofPin

StumblingThroughLife : “Child shaming on a whole (vile) new level. Rather than criminalising free speech, how about criminalising shaming/videoing children?”

#15 Not What You Want To See At The Dentist

Image source: froggydoob

Tom Hardeveld : “Hi, yes, could you please change the gloves since you have been petting your tapeworm with them before putting it in my mouth? Thanks”

#16 *bruh*

Image source: SuperNovaAHCK2810

Ameera (Amy) : “What the f#ck?? As a girl, I apologise on the behalf of all women with this mentality-“

#17 Teachers Need To Understand Students Don’t Always Sleep In Class Just Cuz Of Laziness

Image source: Phantom_Wolf52

LegendsNeverDIE : “Poor dude :( that a nasty teacher”

Madster : “She should have had a quiet word with him in the first instance. Basic Safeguarding.”

Pittsburgh rare : “One of the first things you need to learn as a teacher is to NOT ASSUME. Don’t assume anything about any student because you don’t know what’s happening at home. Every time I see something off l speak with said student privately before anything else.”

#18 People Are The Worst

Image source: tandyman234

troufaki13 : “So sad… 😥 Why are people like that???”

#19 F**k Drunk Drivers

Image source: ybloC_1

Corvus : “There’s been a huge uproar and protests against drunk drivers in my country after a series of accidents over the last few months (the most shocking of which was a 15 y.o. boy run over by an intoxicated jerk, while crossing the street). About 9 years ago, there was a really nasty accident in my hometown where a careless driver backed straight into a 2 y.o. kid (in a pedestrian zone). Alas, he didn’t make it…”

#20 Where The Sun Don’t Shine No Longer Applies

Image source: [deleted]

RandomX123 : “Apollo would probably be enjoying the view”

#21 Damn

Image source: Co0lbean563

PeepPeep the duck : “What a trooper ❤️ he never gave up hope. “The immobile replicas had been put in place by conservation officers who used the sound of gannet calls broadcast by solar-powered speakers in an attempt to lure a colony to settle on the pest-free scientific reserve. Nigel was the first gannet in 40 years to make his home on Mana, arriving alone in 2013.”

#22 A Tale From Disney Land

Image source: Kezzva

Mis Stake she/her 🇫🇮🇬🇧 : “That pore man. he will probably never forgive himself. Thats terrible”

#23 This Coffee Shop In My City In Canada

Image source: velvet74

Madster : “I thought all Canadians were polite. My day is ruined.”

#24 How Are People So Lazy

Image source: AllianIsBizarre

Michael P (Perthaussieguy) : “Disgusting behaviour by those people. One would hope they comprehend what they did though I can imagine they’ll just throw the next bag over a different hedge”

#25 Seriously? She Risked Her Own Life To Save Them And Gets Treated Like A Criminal?

Image source: Dragoner_online

Pa4040 : “As if the laws in U.S.A. weren’t dumb enough already”

#26 Beyonce’s Pseudo-Feminism Is Letting Her Keep The Evil Practice Under The Shroud

Image source: uraeds

troufaki13 : “Αgain… why are these people idolized?”

#27 This Just Sucks

Image source: Soccer_Vader

Mrs Irish Mom : “FU(KING HELL the poor kid, he should of moved countries and he still be alive because most countries dont charge thousands to help you stay alive 😥”

#28 Someone Said This Belongs Here?

Image source: ifuckedyomama2

Pa4040 : “Why can’t they just be like the rest of the civilized world and make insulin free? The guy who invented it didn’t pattent the cure so it would benefit mankind, but this big pharma still chooses to make billions of it? The audacity!”

#29 When The High School Has Too Many Pregnant Teenagers That They Had To Add A Breastfeeding Section In The New Building

Image source: genius23sarcasm

#30 A Father Holding The Hand Of His Deceased 13-Year Old Son Who Was Killed Today Whilst Waiting For A Bus By A Russian Missile Attack In Kharkiv

Image source: hottodoggu2

#31 Jesus Christ

Image source: [deleted]

#32 Health Insurance In America

Image source: MyNameGifOreilly

#33 There’s No Retirement In The Us

Image source: [deleted]

#34 The Average Human In An Industrialized Country Uses About 1% Of That Per Month

Image source: 3colorsdesign

#35 Smell Check

Image source: DMbuttstuff

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