20 Things That Are Just As Tasteless As They Were Awfully Executed

Published 2 years ago

Last time, we showcased some items that look weird, but are quite useful. Truly, the Odditymall project brought out the most creative of creative suggestions about how we’re going to make our lives easier through innovative inventions. Plus, their creations were remarkable for looking too bizarre!

Today, we’ll dabble in the opposite of that. Presenting, Awful Taste And Awful Execution (ATAAE), the gallery for horrible ideas that went horribly wrong! Below, we compiled 20 images that are so bad, that they’re quite cringy, and will make you ask, “What were they thinking?” Scroll down to see our gallery below!

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#1 The Maskinator

Image source: KhrisBKream

#2 Originally Posted On Atbge, But Definitely Belongs Here

Image source: aupdegrove24

#3 Don’t Actually Wear This

Image source: Americana84

#4 100k And He Still Doesn’t Look Like The Biebs

Image source: yomamasamilf

#5 When You’re Trashy But Also Complex

Image source: SarcasticBarbie96

#6 Poor Thing Needs To Be Put Out Of Its Misery

Image source: wolfie360

#7 Maga-Themed Wedding Dress

Image source: Dim_Innuendo

#8 This Is Disgusting

Image source: Kyomei-ju

#9 This Hairway To Heaven

Image source: Fifi_Leafy

#10 Yeah Nice

Image source: bymikebaker

#11 Getting A Bad Tattoo Of An Egirl Might Be The 2021 Version Of Hitting Rock Bottom

Image source: john_fckinwayne

#12 Lil Uzi Vert Pierced His Forehead With A $24 Million Pink Diamond

Image source: chagin

#13 Guess Which State

Image source: dogsdawgs

#14 Both Of These Look Like Cow Shit Mixed With Dog Vomit. I Pity Their Poor Family

Image source: reddit.com

#15 What Exactly Is On Her Face

Image source: reddit.com

#16 Found Outside A Xiaomi Store

Image source: Slamduck

#17 Curves

Image source: reddit.com

#18 She Will Totally Not Regret That Tattoo

Image source: butt-sniffler

#19 Awkward

Image source: SoftDreamer

#20 Camp Auschwitz

Image source: SnuggleMeister

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