20 People Expose The Craziest Things That Happened At A Bachelor/ Bachelorette

Published 1 year ago

We know a bachelor/bachelorette party can get a bit raunchy and wild. It’s the last hoorah for the couple before getting tied down to one person for life, so some level of naughty trouble is to be expected. However, it seems that sometimes just like in the Hangover movies things can go totally and utterly out of control. 

Redditors came together to share memories of the craziest things they witnessed at these parties. From tales of broken bones to broken promises of fidelity, people shared their recollections of the wildest bachelor/bachelorette parties they’ve ever been to and we’ve shared a few of the most shocking tales for you below. 

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Image source: BywardJo, JK

Guys buddies took him out and got him stone drunk night before wedding. Thought it would be funny to put him in a sleeping berth on a train. Guy woke up next morning 10 hours away. Wedding never happened. Buddies not buddies anymore.


Image source: HardRick, Mélanie Villeneuve

Groom got drunk and slept with his best man.



I kicked a stripper across a hallway and she bounced off the wall.

I am a very large man. 6’6″, 325lbs. Been a construction worker my whole life, corn fed AF.

My hetero-life-mate proposed to his girl, TIME TO PARTY. We rent a bus, hit Baltimore like a hurricane. Bars, strip clubs, the whole thing.

We’re at a strip club at like 130am, I’m chilling at a table, had a few drinks, enjoying a cigar, and decide I need to take a leak. So, I get up walk me giant a*s down the hallway to the head. Finish my business, wash up, walk out bathroom door.

Here’s where it goes sideways. Just as I step out of the doorway and turn in to the hallway a stripper was hustling by to get to the dressing room. Not just any kind of stripper. A little person stripper. I catch her SQUARE IN THE CHEST WITH MY THIGH. She goes completely airborne and hits the wall. I AM MORTIFIED. I start apologizing profusely and helping her back up. The bouncer comes running over because all he’s sees is my big a*s putting hands on one the girls. She was super chill about it, tells the bouncer it’s all good. I offered to buy her dinner, she accepted. Her name was Michelle, she had a great sense of humor about the whole thing. I never saw her again.

My homeboys have never let me live it down.

Image source: anon


My husband prepared me for weeks leading up to his bachelor party that his brothers were going to get him strippers, and there was going to be wild drinking and associated shenanigans, etc. He assured me repeatedly nothing would happen, and he would be on his best behavior. I was never worried, but he seemed very nervous about it. After the party, I didn’t ask any questions beyond, ‘Did you have fun?’ And he went on to describe all these crazy drinking games, strippers, jumping off the roof into a pool, crashing a golf cart, etc. His ultra-macho brother later told me in confidence that he and the other brothers knew my husband wasn’t into all that, so they organized a Magic the Gathering tournament for him instead, with beer and pizza.
Apparently, his brothers were so embarrassed to be enjoying his ‘geeky’ game, that he told everyone they had a crazy night to preserve their manly egos. The story was his decision, because that’s just the kind of thoughtful guy he is. He eventually told me the truth, but not until many years later. It’s the most heart-warming and adorable lie I’ve ever been told.

Image source: anon


Worked at a few bars as an axe throwing teacher. You see all types but we get A LOT of bachelor/bachelorette parties who swing through for the novelty. The highlights:

Bride found out a bridesmaid had slept with the groom in highschool. Had to confiscate the axes.

Two bridesmaids made out and the bride’s mother flipped the hell out. Had to confiscate the axes.

Watched a best man take a sip from his axe and threw his beer. The beer did not stick to the target and he was sad. Water was provided.

Probably the one I felt the worst for was a groom who did not drink putting up with his drunk friends. I paid for his sodas for the night.

One groom got left behind after a disagreement about a strip club. He wouldn’t go due to being a decent f*****g human. The staff came together with a few regulars and we threw him a party and bar hopped together after we closed. One of the most fun nights I’ve had in my life and he invited me to cookouts until I moved away.

One groom taught me how to body roll in exchange for me teaching him to throw axes. I did not ask him if he could body roll or how to do it. He just taught me completely unsolicited. Comes in surprisingly useful at parties.

We had special axes at one bar that grooms/brides got to throw. Massive fire axe. Cool as hell. One groom wouldn’t throw it. He just wouldn’t. He just wanted to hold it. It was kinda funny and we put the blade cover on it and just let him use it like a tote. We couldn’t get it back from him until he passed out. I thought it was funny, but it mortified his friends.

One bridesmaid almost hit the bride throwing when she wasn’t supposed to. I caught the axe at the cost of almost losing a finger. Major badass points and a massive tip, but I did have to superglue my hand shut and go home early. Pretty sure the blood traumatized the bridesmaid. She definitely went into shock and my coworker had to calm her down.

Image source: very-edge-of-space


When I was 18 my 24 year old brother was getting married, and I was a groomsman. The entire wedding party still lived near our mom’s house, so his best man decided to have the bachelor party in her living room because, in his eyes, it was both convenient and hilarious. Mom is totally cool with it and decides to hide out in her bedroom all night watching tv.

The stripper shows up and does her show. At one point she asks who wants to get spanked. My brother’s friends, who I’ve known since I was a kid, instantly volunteer me. I’m on all fours and this stripper is smacking my ass with a riding crop and I look up to see my mother in the hallway.

We lock eyes briefly. An entirely new level of embarrassment washes over me. She looks like she’s trying not to laugh too loudly and goes in to the bathroom. This was in 2005, and we never spoke of it again.

Image source: shokker


Image source: a_bachelors_dust, Jackalope West

Not mine, but my uncle had his bachelor party white water rafting. His best man was in remission from stage 4 cancer and was feeling well enough to join. S**t hit the fan and he fell out of the raft and died in the water.


Bachelor party and Bachelorette party was in the same town (road trip) at the same time.

Towards the end of the night, after all the drinking and strippers, the two groups merged in drunkenness well past closing times of any bar or club.

I hooked up with the maid of honor while the two to be married had a drunken screaming match about strippers and some guy who apparently talked to the bride-to-be and she tried to invite him to her hotel room.

They did get married (the wedding drama was nuts, too) but it’s one of those marriages where you’re wondering how long until it cracks. They do *not* have a healthy relationship and now there’s meth involved in their lives. I don’t talk to either of them anymore.

Still with the maid of honor, though. We bought a house last year. So that’s cool.

Image source: Tokzillu


Image source: Pennertrator55, cottonbro studio

Not my story but heard about it. Groom was on his last hurrah, banged a stripper. Got an STD, didn’t know about it. Nuts swell up to the size of grapefruits, left him unable to have children. His bride to be was looking forward to having kids so parted ways with him, he plead his case that it was the C19 vaccine. And to make it worse his friends semi-famous cousin tweeted about it for the whole world to put the pieces together.


Image source: anon, Dmitry Zvolskiy

Bride snuck in to see the groom after the party, he was being breastfed by his mother. She was in her sixties and he was late 20’s

The bride called off the wedding and didn’t keep it a secret why, I was relived as I didn’t want to attend the wedding. I honestly wish I was joking.


Not mine, but a friend of mine was invited to a bachelor party where they had planned to rent an RV and drive from Minnesota to the Kentucky derby. They rent the RV and get on thier way. Near the border or Iowa they pull over to get some food and use the restroom. One of the guys goes to find something in one of the bags and opens the lower storage compartment only to see a blackened foot sticking out and a horrible stench. They immediately realize it was a dead body and call the police. The entire crew spent the whole time being questioned by the police. Turns out the body was that of a young man who had been drugged up and possibly mugged one night in the middle of winter. He found this RV and decided to get in the storage compartment in an attempt to get warm. He passed away and was missing for months. I believe it was in the paper and all over the news at the time.

Image source: Trappdaddy


Image source: Foz-man, Maurício Mascaro

I stupidly offered to host a bachelor party of a friend at my house. 2 strippers were hired, best man became grabby with them and was acting like a drunk douche. I told him to stop and he slapped me, so we started to brawl. 90% of the people there knew him and didn’t know me, so when the brawl broke out, everyone was defending him, you know, because “that’s my bro!”. I ended getting kicked out of my own house violently, and they locked the door behind me. I went in through the basement and shut off the breaker then screamed for everyone to get out. Took about 2 hours and the cops showing up to get everyone to leave.

I didn’t go to the wedding.


Obligatory “I wasn’t there”… but a good buddy of mine I met later in life had his bachelor party in Vegas, per usual.

All the attendees were in a group chat. Some of the guys were being “less than faithful” to their SOs, and were bragging about it in the group chat.

Welp, one dude left iMessage open on his iPad back at home, and his fiancee (not the groom, this guy was also engaged) was reading everything that was happening in Vegas.

Long story short, when he got home, all his s**t was in the yard. His fiancée had also contacted another Bach attendees’ wife, and his s**t was also outside. Immediate break up for one couple, and divorce for the other.

The bachelor (my friend) is a stand up dude and kept his d**k in his pants, so he’s married with 2 kids and doing great.

Image source: Check_Ya_Later


Image source: mox44ah, Drew Rae

Bachelor party in Las Vegas. Nobody knew that the groom had a problem with gambling. First night we’re there, we’re all in the casino having drinks and playing cards. Groom gets up to “get a drink” and never comes back to the group. After hours of searching for him we finally find him sitting on the bathroom floor of his hotel room crying his eyes out. He lost over $10,000 in just a few hours playing blackjack. We were there for 3 more days and he pretty much didn’t even leave his hotel room and was terrified to go home and tell his fiance he lost gambled away most of their savings.


Image source: cinimodza, Jonathan Borba

A friend of mine’s mom got remarried to a much younger guy. We were 15 at the time, the step-dad to be had just turned 21.

For the bachelor party they just had a night of drinking games and a BBQ. The groom go black-out drunk, and while drink his friends dyed his pubes bright orange, thinking it would be funny for the honeymoon. Unfortunately for the groom, he was uncircumcised and some of that dye got into his foreskin. It got seriously infected, and instead of going to the doctor, just tried to treat it himself.

The infection got so bad that he ended up having to get circumcised a few days before his wedding.


Image source: anon, Meghan Hessler

Was at a bachelor party with a pair strippers doing their show.

We were 15 minutes in, guys all sitting around in a circle while the girls made their rounds and did individual lap dances.

Anyway, one of the girls crawls across the floor and sticks her face in a guys crotch and motorboats him over his jeans. Then she looked up to make eye contact, realized the guys was her cousin and then started crying and ran out of the room.

She eventually agreed to come back after her cousin agreed to leave and not watch the rest of the show.(girl on girl)


Image source: whuebel, Eric Nopanen

Went to a friend’s party, local cop buddy hired a stripper. Long story short, got a lap dance from my ex girlfriend’s mom…didn’t realize it was her til later because she was so out of context and I had never seen her naked with all her stripper make up glory…


Image source: Shmeein, Lindsey Erin

Rafting trip on Cherry Creek of upper tuolomne river. Groom underinflated his boat and when he hit the first big drop it taco’d, he got launched forward, ate the spare paddle tied to the boat and lost a significant portion of his front tooth. A week before the wedding. ?


Image source: jbr2811, Paul Kramer

Friend of the groom was talking s**t at a bar, groom intervened. Fight ensues. Groom ends up getting his jaw broken in the fight.

Had to eat through a straw at his own wedding.


Image source: anon, Adrian Swancar

I went to one of my cousins buddies bachelor parties. It was a fun pub crawl trying different beer. Had a large suite rented for the night. We all sat around bulls**tting telling stories. He linked his phone to the tv. Showing us pics and vids from his last fishing trip. Then he gets a FaceTime from his fiancé. He answers it but it’s pretty dark. You hear moaning then it comes in clear. 4 guys going to town on her. Not sure if she called or accidentally hit her phone. But he freaks which I don’t blame him. She made him promise no strippers. He is drunk mad screaming I don’t know if she was ignoring him or her phone was muted. He took a while to turn it off. We finally get him to shut it off. He demanding his keys. It was going down at his house.

We all disperse my cousin and the guys close friends went to his house. He tossing her thing out.

They didn’t get married. I don’t know why she did it. If it was a last night freedom kind of thing or she planned it to get out of the wedding.

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