20 People Who Tried To Sell Their Trash On Facebook Marketplace

Published 1 year ago

The Facebook marketplace is filled with many interesting things that you might want to buy. Whether you are looking for something to buy or not,  entertainment is sure to be found there.

There are so many bizarre things people try to sell on Facebook that someone actually made an online group named “That’s it, I’m FB marketplace shaming“. Scroll below to see some of their funniest and weirdest posts.

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Image source: Myka Moultrie


Image source: Katie Franceschine


Image source: Kryztal Wilson


Image source: Gabrielle Morton


Image source: Elora Wright


Image source: Janet Campbell


Image source: Sofia DeJesus


Image source: Zoë Clark


Image source: Abby Glidden


Image source: Amy Jones


Image source: Addie Leach


Image source: Makayla Hooper


Image source: Alexis Deuel


Image source: Hayley Brown


Image source: Louise Williams


Image source: Kaitlynn Marie Wright


Image source: Aaron Miller


Image source: Bailey Cellars


Image source: Mads Grace


Image source: Emma Mette

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