10 Hilarious Reactions From Women That Prove Bathtub Tray Designers Have No Idea What Women Do During Bathtime

Published 5 years ago

If you’re more of a shower person and aren’t really familiar with what a bathtub tray is, it’s pretty much what the name suggests – a piece of wood or plastic that goes across the bathtub where you can place your multiple phones, tablets, undressed salads, rose petals and small lattes. If you’re kind of confused about that last part, you’re not the only one – after someone on Twitter pointed out that bathtub tray designers have no idea what women do during bathtime, women began pointing out the hilariousness in the way they are being advertised.

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It was pianist Sharon Su‘s post that drew attention to this hilarious “problem” and more women quickly chimed in.

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In an interview with Bored Panda, Sharon said she prefers showers and only uses the bath ‘once in a blue moon’ when she needs to relax.

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Sharon says she first stumbled upon the hilarious ads when looking up bathtub trays on Amazon. “Eating salad, painting nails, feasting on massive cheese platters. I thought it was funny and then closed the tab. This weekend I remembered those funny product photos and thought some of the people I know on Twitter might get a kick out of seeing them too. I didn’t think the thread would go viral the way it did; clearly, it struck a chord.”

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She even had to mute the Twitter thread due to the overwhelming amount of notifications she was getting. “A lot of women were asking where the razors, loofahs, exfoliators, etc. were. I also don’t know a single person who would paint their nails or apply lipstick and perfume in the bath,” joked Sharon. “Cheese is great but it would get really gross from the heat and steam. A lot of women chimed in saying that their cats or children would definitely come into the bathroom and knock the trays into the tub.”

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“Honestly, I don’t know if anyone even needs these images,” said Sharon. “Everyone has their own bathing rituals and most of the time it’s not going to look super glamorous (I just need something to rest a stack of printed-out articles and a dry washcloth for drying my hands, but I know a pile of paper and a tiny towel resting on a board doesn’t look marketable).”

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Sharon thinks women just want to live their own lives with products that work.

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In the end, she actually ended up not buying a bathtub tray: “The one feature I was looking for was something that would keep the tray from slipping off and falling in the water. After I looked at all these images of laden trays of beverages, meals, candles, electronics, etc. I thought ‘I actually don’t do any of this, I guess I don’t need a bathtub tray.'”

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More people commented on the ridiculous advertisements

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