35 Magnificent Wooden Artifacts That Were Posted On The “Woodworking Ideas” Facebook Community

Published 8 months ago

Woodworking is a timeless craft that has captured the hearts of artisans and hobbyists alike for generations. It’s a discipline that marries creativity with craftsmanship, resulting in stunning pieces of art and utility.

In today’s digital age, woodworking enthusiasts have found a platform to share their creations and inspire others, and one of the most vibrant communities for this purpose is the “Woodworking Ideas” Facebook group. Check out some remarkable works of wood that have earned their place on this esteemed platform.

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Image source: NIKAA

Kim Kermes : “Wow. Just wow.”

Debbie Skaaden : “Looks like something that came out of the movie Alice in Wonderland.”


Image source: Opal Lucyka


Image source: Amazing Woodworking Ideas

Mrs Irish Mom : “Thiis looks so cool, never seen anything like it before”


Image source: Always Ready

Bears Smiff : “Absolutely awesome!!!”


Image source: Woodworking kingdom

A C : “Perfect little cat cozy!!”


Image source: Avadh Rani

Tracy Wallick : “The lack of a railing makes me nervous”

Iamlisa : “Simplistically gorgeous.”


Image source: Avadh Rani

cerinamroth : “That poor tree doomed to watch its own people burn with no one even around to enjoy the spectacle!”


Image source: Keegan Dunnings

Michael Fuhry : “We-he-he-eell, aren’t we the clever one!”


Image source: Sey Parak

Passerby : “My dad has something like this. So many bird poops.”

Emberlynn Peterson : “I love showering outdoors. It sounds weird but like of ur in the mountains or forest and have one of these then it’s so nice and peaceful especially when ur alone”


Image source: Mr. Inventor

Kim Kermes : “Very nice! The stairs are drawers, right? And a closet at the end, or a bookcase?”


Image source: Channarin Vann

Sandra Morison : “Stunning so much skill”

judy_longcore : “Young Man, you should be so proud for what you have accomplished! Skills at the highest level. I feel honored just to see a photo of your work!”


Image source: Adesh Kumar

cerinamroth : “Anyone else want to sit and bounce on the end nearest the camera?”


Image source: Avadh Rani

OhnoI’vebeencensored : “This is the first one I’ve seen that I think I could achieve. It’s lovely. I wanna have a go. Edit: imagine it with colour changing LEDs”


Image source: Jo Jo

OhnoI’vebeencensored : “This is too much. Sometimes the best taste is somewhat restrained!”

A C : “I want to like it….”

Hiro Lee : “Can’t imagine in a kitchen setting trying to keep it clean. But it is beautiful.”


Image source: Adesh Kumar

cerinamroth : “Ron Weasley’s moved out of the family home”

Blue Bunny of Happiness : “Love the matching birdhouses!”

Tracy Wallick : “That is so f*cking cute, I need to hire this person if I ever get enough land to warrant a shed.”


Image source: Vla Voka

Rebelliousslug : “Just a little weekend project huh? It is beautiful”


Image source: Amazing Woodworking Ideas

Kim Kermes : “I could live there. Screen in the porch for a catio.”


Image source:  Rajesh Kumar

nonesuch : “I wonder if they used wood samples for this.”


Image source: Avadh Rani

Kim Kermes : “I would have to come sweeping down this wearing a long, filmy gown, several times a day.”


Image source: Avadh Rani

cerinamroth : “What does it say? (I can’t read Arabic.) It’s not yeslamu eedaik, is it by any chance (bless the hands that made this meal)?”

xolitaire : “what I see is “if you walk past this table to quickly, there’s a chance it will stab you in the stomach””

marianne eliza : “The first time someone spills a beverage….”


Image source: Astria Putri

BstnGnr : “Those are awesome!”


Image source: Adesh Kumar

Robert Bashford : “Pixar lamp thinking about the “i” it just killed”


Image source: Avadh Rani

Powerful Katrinka : “I love the way the shape mimics the curl of the wave.”


Image source: Vla Voka

Mrs Irish Mom : “Love this, kick the kids out and enjoy a good book and a glass of wine in peace”


Image source: Sey Parak

WindySwede : “Cool, but could be larger place to strutt around on?”


Image source: Annie Zura

Libstak : “The only thing I’d do differently is make each stair a draw too.”

Karen Philpott : “Third step up could be built so as to be a bedside table when pulled out.”


Image source: Jabier Molina

Tracy Wallick : “Where is this and how soon can I move in”


Image source: Palet Design World

xolitaire : “I don’t know, this looks like something you would want to put outside, not inside?”

Wild weather weekend : “My small dog would have so many hidey holes where he puts stolen food and toys..”

Sacha Sikora : “Beautiful! Even better since its made from recycled pallets! Guess that makes it Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rest.”


Image source: Dau Thanh Binh


Image source: Mr. Inventor


Image source:  Mohammad Shahzad


Image source: Avadh Rani


Image source: Adesh Kumar


Image source: Amazing Woodworking Ideas


Image source: Sey Parak

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